It’s friday electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers


Karen- If you could have seen Mike and me putting up our tree, you would have laughed your head off! That was Howard’s job and he wouldn’t let us near it or him while he was working on it. gas stoichiometry lab So it was like two bumbling idiots trying to figure out what he’d done. (He left the extra lights on it and shoved it all in the box. When we got it out… oh what a mess!)

Home school went well yesterday morning. Jonathan laid out the blocks for his little quilt (once he was done with his school work). I managed to get the blocks sewn in rows before Nandy came to pick him up. I guess next week we’ll get the rows put together. He’s already trying to figure out the back! Even better, he’s already planning on who he’s going to give it to!

Today, Mike wants to go to St. Augustine. We may not make it, the Enphase on the solar panels isn’t recording data. I want to make sure we’re making electricity and getting credit for it! The power bill came in yesterday, -4.83 that went toward the water and sewer. With all of the cloudy weather we’ve had recently, I’m surprised I didn’t owe them!

I finished the trinket boxes from my boo booed bowl cozies yesterday. Picked up buttons at Joanne’s on sale (buy three get three free). The lines were horrible, but we were there during lunch hour. After that, a quick stop at Publix for orange and pineapple juice for Mike’s Russian Tea. electricity outage chicago We stopped and had a late lunch at a favorite seafood restaurant. I had the lunch portion of their clams and shrimp. What a plate full of clams I had! The shrimp were fresh caught so they were so sweet. No need to cook supper last night, we were both still stuffed! All in all, it was a nice day out.

Tonight is Carols and Hot Cocoa at church. Jim is disappointed he won’t be playing or doing more but with him being sick earlier this week, and having to teach Sunday School this Sunday it’s just not possible. We’ve all been telling him he’s been doing too much, to learn how to say no. (Unfortunately, I know where he gets it from.) Getting sick was the only way to slow him down a little. Now, maybe he can see he has to take care of himself before he can take care of others. But, it will be fun tonight getting to sing Christmas Carols and have some hot chocolate with all kinds of fancy fixings!

Highs:I finally got the rest of xmas decorations up. We also switch up the paintings in the house for winter or xmas scenes. We have a lot of them, and no more walls. DH’s mom started painting late in life and we shipped back many of them when we were clearing the family home in Kansas. So the final push is for the tree. It’s beginning to look like xmas, but like you Anita, I am also not in the spirit of xmas. I will go through the motions and then it may hit me. We had delayed starting our annual newsletter, as we were not certain postal service would be back. electricity questions for class 10 It is.

Low: Before Pat got here, I was on Facebook. I don’t go often. A cousin posted an obituary for one of school girlfriends. I just started bawling, as I reconnected with her recently and was thinking I would visit her next time I went to my hometown. I knew she was not well, but she had ALS like her brother who died last year. electricity invented in homes That’s how we found each other. We chatted about the fun and good times we shared. She was a nurse, but too young. People my age don’t die. Yet this year, I have been to too many memorials. Her service is Saturday out of town. I want to go, but not certain I am well enough. I am still coughing, muscle aches, sore joints. I do a bit, and I am exhausted.

Highs: I received a package this am from M*. This one took 16 days. Another came this week – 14 days. A 3rd package from CT took 15 days. Not bad, given there has been a rotating postal strike, which is now over. 1 unit electricity cost in india Service may be there, but I suspect workers are at a slower pace, since this was a legislated back to work. Fabrics I ordered on Monday from M* are being cut. Yeah. Maybe it is beginning to feel like xmas.

Highs: As I was going through the 2 family genealogy books for my dad and my mom, I realized that I don’t have the information from my maternal grandmother (her siblings, their kids & grandkids). I think I have found a new project to do with my mom as she has excellent family history, memory and dates. My friend who passed away was married to one of my mom’s cousin’s DS or GS.

Good morning…. well it is almost afternoon now. Yesterday was a real rough day with Ray’s service and all. I have never been to a wake/viewing and then the mass later on the same day. It was a long, long day. So tired when we finally got home. We had to stop and get something to eat before we came home. We got home around 10 and were in bed asleep by 10:30. I was still tired this morning so after dh left for work, I went back and took another snooze until 8. I have been working on getting the Secret Santa box ready for mailing and also getting the gifts for Kathryn’s sprinkle tomorrow bagged up.

The weekend will be a busy one for us with the "sprinkle" on Saturday in the middle of the day and then since Sunday is supposed to be pretty nice weather, we are going to get the Christmas lights put up outside. electricity nightcore Then I will work on the inside a bit more and get the Christmas cards started. We have received a couple already. I’ve got the craft fair next Saturday so I will be a sewing/embroidering machine next week. I have so many things I want to make but there are just so many hours in the day and days in the week.