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Eris says she wanted to embrace her favorite hip-hop era—the hyper-energy and positivity of the late ’90s, Quad City DJs on the classic Space Jam. electricity research centre Eris, it should be noted here, possesses impeccable taste. She’s been one of the best-dressed women in Minneapolis for years: Today she’s wearing an electric-blue jumpsuit with neon-orange Nikes and huge hoop earrings. And her music projects, whether group or solo, perennially demonstrate a similar level of discernment in beat and sound.

The file goes on to lay out more detailed notes: things like “You got a baby mama and me” that could work as tiny poems unto themselves. q gas station A few more sentence fragments hint at a burgeoning personal manifesto: “Twitter mission statements, partying in one city waking in the next city, not worried about a man or anything and your team is succeeding.”

Soccer earned Eris a Division II athletic scholarship, but concussions contributed to a sense of burnout. In 2008, she finally convinced her mother that she would be better off following her other calling by moving to Minneapolis to study the music industry at the Institute of Production and Recording. gas after eating pasta Eris recalls that she hit town with two goals in mind: to get a degree, and to record with Prince. She checked off both in surprisingly short order, graduating from IPR with a degree in music business, and then recording “BOYTROUBLE” with Lizzo on Prince’s 3RDEYEGIRL project, in 2014.

Back at IPR, Eris had imagined that she’d make her career discovering talent. chapter 7 electricity And, in a sense, her biggest industry break came from the night in 2011 when she met rapper Lizzo at the Red Stag Block Party in Northeast Minneapolis. n gas in paris lyrics It was a night of tequila shots and Beyoncé karaoke—and, somewhat accidentally, the start of a lasting collaboration. They soon formed a group together, The Chalice, until that fell apart and morphed into a follow-up project, GRRRL PRTY.

Seven years later, Lizzo regularly appears in glossy fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue, and the soundtracks to big Hollywood movies like Barbershop: The Next Cut. And she tours with the likes of Haim, and Florence + the Machine. electricity dance moms song In 2016, Lizzo moved out of the North Minneapolis house she was renting to take up residence in LA. Meanwhile, Eris comes home to that very house—she took over the lease—after backing Lizzo on tour.

Eris says the process of mourning her own ego death sneaked its way onto her first solo album, 2016’s Sophia Eris. That release is a low-key, unexpectedly muted affair, cryptically detailing back-to-back relationships with two eccentric local musicians. “I was attracted to the most brilliant, fucked-up people at the time,” she says. “That gave me such inspiration as an artist and such ammo to write with.”

Despite the ammo, her first album didn’t quite go bang. Eris laments that she never really took the time to get out and support it. She held one sold-out release show at Icehouse, which garnered one City Pages profile. The headline, “She’s Next: Sophia Eris Steps Out From Lizzo’s Shadow With Solo Debut,” actually angered Lizzo on her friend’s behalf, Eris says. inert gas definition chemistry But after that, Eris slipped right back into a breakneck tour in support of Lizzo. (Last year, Eris played approximately 100 to 150 dates.)