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Just returned yesterday from YNP. Our kids are similar ages with yours. During your stay at OF, max your time to see all the geysers there. Morning glory is the last on the loop, with stops along the way, it could take about an hour. Go to OF visitor center. On the tv monitor above the rangers desk, you will see the prediction of eruption for nearby geysers, plan your walk on the boardwalk accordingly. We spent half a day with lunch and ice cream.

On the way b games car from OF snow lodge to mammoth, visit some geysers along the way. Come early before 9-10ish am if you can, the parking is very limited. Around Norris, stop by to see steamboat geyser, a very short walk in black basin area, walk to the left from the museum. It sprayed water up to about 6-7 feet high continuously. If you still up to walk some mire, go back to the museum, turn right to porcelain basin, the porcelain spring is gorgeous for a family pic.

Road construction between norris to mammoth. We went water rafting in gardiner, 5 miles north from mammoth, cheaper than grand teton wikipedia electricity consumption, only $40/pp compared to $85. Good rapids, rolling water. We love pizza at yellowstone pizza restaurant on the shopping plaza after the Roosevelt arch. Huckleberry ice ream at the high trading post store, the 1st store on the same shopping plaza, offers real huckleberry in the ice cream. Other places mixed it with fudge which is too sweet or at OF Inn, no speckles of any real huckleberry.. double scoop is $4, huge

I already posted an answer about food options in Yellowstone Park in your other thread in the Teton forum. ( Over the years, all of us have frequently answered questions about both Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton Park in the same thread no matter which forum it was posted to but apparently someone didn’t agree with that so I will copy and paste my suggestions on this thread.

With a family that includes kids, I would highly recommend stopping somewhere before you get to Yellowstone to buy a small cooler along with items for snacks and/or easy lunches. While there are eating options in every village, it’s good to have something to eat if you get caught up watching something really cool and everyone is getting hangry. There are are lot of picnic areas all around the park.

If you happen to get out to the northeast entrance, be sure to stop at the Stop the Car Trading Post in Silvergate (just 1 mile from the entrance). They have 16 flavors of Wilcoxson’s ice cream and npower electricity bill make the most delicious hand-made shakes with any of the flavors they have on hand. The scoops they use for their ice cream cones are the most generous in the entire park.

—This looks good. I’d stop in Rexburg or Idaho Falls and pick up a cooler and some beverages and snacks. I’d have a grocery list so you can be efficient and not succumb to the *shopping in a new store so everything looks good* syndrome, hahaha! You’ll want to be to OF before dark so make this a quick stop. IF your time/daylight is running OK when you come by Midway geyser basin and the parking lot is emptied out, stop and walk out to Grand Prismatic Spring. This area gets very busy during the day.

—Walk thru the Upper Geyser Basin. Get the eruption times for the predictable pass gas in spanish geysers and see which ones are set to go this morning. My favorites are Riverside and Grand but there are many more that erupt frequently without a pattern so you’ll see a number of them as you go thru the basin. Pop in to the Old Faithful Inn to look at the lobby of the largest log cabin in the world (I think that’s what they say!). After lunch in the OF area head north to Madison stopping at Fountain Paint Pots if you can and/or driving Firehole Lake Drive. Head toward Norris. If they are burned out on geysers, skip this basin altho it has the geyser called Steamboat that erupts infrequently but has gone 10 times la gasolina cancion since March! This is the tallest in the world. The parking lot here has been crazy so skip if you can’t get in. Head north thru the road construction to Mammoth. Walk the Lower Terrace Drive, if there is an interest do the Ranger walk of Old Ft Yellowstone late this afternoon. Stop in at the Albright Visitor Center (free wifi on the porch).

—Finish up the Mammoth area. Head east stopping along the way to wildlife watch. At Tower Junction, take a left out toward Lamar Valley. Drive at least to Pebble Creek Campground. Stop where you see people with spotting scopes and ask quietly what gas works park seattle they are seeing. Maybe stop at Roosevelt General Store (very small) to pick up some sandwiches for lunch and have a picnic out in Lamar. If you want to try a short hike, consider Trout Lake which is near Pebble Creek. You should have bear spray for this hike. You could also try Wraith Falls which you will pass back closer to Mammoth. It’s flatter and has a nice waterfall at the end. Be back to Roosevelt in time to do your check in and safety demo.

—Head east again. At Tower Junction, go south. Stop at Calcite Springs, Tower Fall and then go up over Dunraven Pass. At Canyon, if the traffic isn’t too bad, do the views on the North and South Rims of the Canyon. IF there is traffic back up, skip these now and come back to them around supper-time when the day visitors and tour buses have left. The advantage of in-park lodging! Go south thru Hayden Valley (watch for wildlife), stop at Mud volcano (boys will probably revel in the stinkiness of this area – fodder for lots of potty jokes, hahaha!). Walk across Fishing Bridge. If you want to do a Ranger Hike, consider Storm Point. As indicated in other threads there is a bridge out but if the water level is low you gasset y ortega filosofia can cross. Talk with the Rangers at Fishing Bridge. There is also Natural Bridge which is on an old road bed so relatively flat if you want to try that hike, plus the bridge is cool. If you’re interested in historic hotels, take a look at Lake Hotel while you’re in this area.