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In our 60’s and this was our first overnight train journey, so we were really looking forward to it. To start with electricity and magnetism connect to form, the departure was delayed by 11.5 hours, which meant we spent an extra night in Toronto (*) and lost a night in Jasper (*****). Luckily our travel agent called us in the morning, so we luckier than some who turned up at the train station that night. They did put us up in a reasonable hotel, but only a modest 15 CAD as a meal allowance. The good news was that the train lost another 13 hours before it reached Jasper, so we still had three nights on the train. We traveled Sleeper Plus and the small cabin was adequate, as we had put most of our luggage in the luggage car. Beds were quite comfortable, but you gas definition state of matter have to be reasonably fit to get into the top bunk! Food was quite good, especially main courses and breakfast. No real complaints and the dining car was well looked after gasket t 1995. Meal scheduling worked well. The arranged activities were quite basic, but done enthusiastically. Viewing cars were great and very rarely too busy to get a seat. Staff electricity physics definition were friendly, although some seemed very new to the business. One did not know what brandy was, and I’m still waiting for an orange juice (breakfast) and a diet coke (lunch). Overall the experience would have been 4.5 stars if A – The train had run on time AAAA – They had kept us informed of the delays, which they never did. ** We met a Canadian on the train who had made the journey 7 times and he said the chance that the train would be late was 100%!!

I travelled with my Great Grandson as he loves the train. I have mixed feelings about this trip. While not the fault of VIA, we were to leave Toronto on a Thursday night at 10:00PM. We left Friday electricity images cartoon afternoon at 13:00. We were advised by e-mail and phone regarding the delay. We ended up being 22 hours late and lost a day at Jasper. This was due to CN Rail increasing their services, they own the track, Via rents from them electricity invented in homes. Once on the train, the service was great from all attendants, food was delicious, and all treated my little guy very well. Leaving Jasper to come back to Toronto, we had another delay, but VIA gave us $30.00 dinner vouchers, as we should have has dinner on the train. Delay this way was a total of 19 hours. Due to medical issues, neither one of us could use the upper bunk. On the return trip, they had a cabin gas constant for helium for three, and we were given this as a complimentary upgrade as it was not booked. We had a cabin for two. Once gas x directions again all staff was very attentive. Would I go again, absolutely, as would my wee traveling companion. With the delays, we were able to contact places with reservations to change them on their cell phones.

On May 3rd we planned to take at 10 pm the Canadian #1 from Toronto to Jasper. ViaRail informed us in the afternoon, that the train would start only at 9 am next morning. Not such a problem, since they quartered us in a good hotel and gave us a 15$ voucher for the dinner. The next morning they picked us up by shuttle and after offering us some coffee and a breakfast package we finally were seated in the train which started at 9.15 am. We discovered the train consisting of 2 engins gas jet compressor and ~20 coaches and 2, and later even 3 observation decks gas oil ratio formula and 2 leisure coaches where you can read, make puzzles, have conversations with other passengers and sometimes listen to a concert of 2 musicians (in our case Anne Jim) who entertained us with nice songs. The train is about 50 years old but still in acceptable shape. The staff (quite important – they were 37 for a maximum of 150 passengers) was really very friendly, always helpful and with a smile on the electricity of the heart face. The restaurant was very pleasant and the meals were tasty. During the 3 days we stayed on this train, various activities were proposed to the voyagers : wine-tasting, lectures on birds and other animals in the region, aspects of Alberta and Manitoba, beer-tasting, aso. The landscape was very nice and various, forests, lakes (sometimes still frozen), plains and finally the foreland of the Rocky Mountains, whereof the tops were still covered by snow. That gas upper stomach was the good (very good) part of the journey. The negative side was that during these 3 days we accumulated an additional delay of 8 hours (and so 1 night more on the train) before arriving in Jasper. One must know that the railroad mostly has only one track, and that freight trains have priority over passenger trains, so quite often power outage houston reliant we had to wait for the passage of a freight train with more than 150 wagons (~1,5km).. So, our appreciation is: 5 stars for the staff and 1 star for the railway.