It’s war! midcoast council community rally to stop masters acquisition the manning community news k electric bill


So they mailed out colourful if confusing leaflets announcing a series of community meetings to hear what we all think of the Masters/Biripi plan. Direct mail campaigns can be effective. But Council’s leaflets were misleading. They were not sent as direct mail so looked like junk mail thus many were tossed away. electricity per kwh The survey form gave little space for answers and is and unclear if you had a negative opinion about the Masters move, you had to write a separate piece to say so.

Says Karina Pearson, “Whereupon Mayor West leapt to his feet, and began a tirade that this (a council de-merger) would never happen! But his tirade seemed rehearsed, as he’d given the same “performance” at the previous meeting in Taree which I also attended. Anyway, there were 26 people present at the Forster q&a and 26 were against the whole thing.”

“The anger in the room at the refusal of the council staff to even listen was shocking. I raised three queries about what certain reserves were and the information forwarded to the consultant for peer review, and I was told at that meeting answers with details would be forwarded to me by email. gas x breastfeeding side effects To date I haven’t received any reply. The GM wasn’t there at this meeting, this was the word of Steve Embry and he’s failed to honour his commitment. So I’m going to advise the Office of Local Government. There is such a lot of confusion over the numbers Council are trotting out, we need more information, or, at least Council should take on board what we as a community can see are possible dangers into the future for our community. The staff however, do not want to listen. gas 1981 Councils in the past have gone down this path and been severely punished as a result. When the staff have the idea that they can do what they want and not worry about us, the plebs, I say we should be wary. Dodgy figures that go out into the public arena will be jumped on now as there are people with financial expertise watching Council carefully.”

This is a recurring theme from members of the community. Adds Hogan, “The staff at Council aren’t keen to let a truly independent auditor verify their procedures and financial statements, so why not let us get someone external in to check it all out? Why don’t they want the books looked at?” he asks rhetorically. “Also, if this Masters’ exercise is just a fit out, as they tell us, why can’t the community see what they’re planning? Why is it all confidential? What are they hiding? Surely this is not a way to involve the community. electricity bill nye Having secret meetings amongst themselves and then leading the councillors which the GM and Embry seem to be doing.”

Adding to Council’s overtly secretive behaviour Cr. Kathryn Bell notes, “I am disappointed with the minimalist coverage from the local media such as the MRT, Chronicle and consortium, as this is the biggest single spend this council will make. The matter has polarised opinion and there needs to be more information for discussion in the public arena.”

Meanwhile Councillor Epov has been reading through hundreds of pages of evidence from the massive case brought against Port Macquarie Council in 2002, trying to learn lessons to avoid MidCoast Council falling into similar pitfalls. electricity dance moms full episode The end result of the Glasshouse furore saw the Council dismissed, the GM dismissed and an Administrator installed.

So, was a move to “centralise” council offices ever mooted as a plan in the first place? No one knew about the idea until Masters went on the market, and, if you recall, a huge bunfight ensued after the Macksville trucking company people made an offer, had it accepted and were moving ahead, only to find that then GM Handford had gazumped them. Before the community knew buying it was even an idea!

In the ensuing turmoil, the GM resigned December 20 a year ago in a shock move that stunned staff, other than his inner circle, of whom the key remaining figure is Steve Embry. Mysteriously some key staff slipped out the back door, leaving confidentiality documents in their wake, never to be seen again. However several have cropped up apparently working with Handford in his company associated with notorious Tea Gardens developer, Philip Dong Fang Lee.

There is spreading anger in the community, that is from those who are waking up to the enormity of this Masters/Biripi Way shambles. There’s fury that we’ve all been played as patsys and will end up paying heavily for this debacle. Council are putting a positive spin on it, but it will be too late by the time we see what we’re really in for unless we stop it now. hp gas online booking mobile number Council are treating it as a done deal. It’s not.