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Full referral union hall status is what affords our members the ability to be eligible for unemployment benefits without the weekly job search requirements. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits, you need to be a member in good standing and appropriately registered on the OWL. So don’t forget to register and/or re-register as the hiring hall rules require even if you have been given a return-to-work date. grade 6 electricity worksheets Failure to do so could result in you being required to pay back any benefits received.

Now that the ballots are out for the Third Tentative Agreement (TA) of the Western WA AGC Master Labor Agreement and you will soon be reviewing the offer and casting your vote I wanted to relay some thoughts and perspective on the offer. First, I want to refer you to the compensation packages for both this TA and the new Master Labor Agreement of Western WA (MLAWW). Both of these agreements reflect some of the most significant compensation increases we have had in as far back as I can remember. electricity hero names In addition to our significant monetary increases, we also negotiated for the inclusion of some critical language changes relating to double-time after 12 hours of work and special shift premium.

I realize that there is some confusion about the impact on the two rates and how that will affect the members working under these two agreements. Simply put, public work will be prevailed at the higher of the two rates and private work will be paid at the contract rate that your contractor is signatory to. The new Prevailing Wage law that we were successful in passing last year, provides: “For trades and occupations with more than one collective bargaining agreement in the county, the higher rate will prevail.” At this time, the new MLAWW includes a rate that is higher than the TA.

With respect to the TA before you, I believe this TA reflects the highest financial offer the contractors are willing to make without further concessions on the language and retro pay. I am proud of this organization and the membership for taking a stand! The way we came together was phenomenal and, with the support of the other crafts, we were able to come back with a final counter offer that is worthy of your thoughtful consideration.

A Third tentative agreement was reached on Thursday, September 6, 2018, for the Western WA Master Labor Agreement. o gosh corpus christi The ballots will be mailed soon along with a cover letter, a summary of the proposed changes, and a breakdown of the new economic proposal. The ballots must be received by the post office no later than September 27 th. gas works park seattle Ballots will be counted at the District 1 hall on September 28 th.

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In just the past two days we have signed over 30 contractors to the Master Labor Agreement of Western Washington (MLAWW) with more in the queue for discussion, voting, and implementation. These contractors recognize that this is a fair and reasonable contract for the work that our members do. We intend to publish the list of these contractors by Tuesday, September 4 th so folks know which employers have stepped up and are ready to get back to work after Labor Day.

Since September 5, 1882 , the date the first Labor Day was celebrated, this day has been in recognition and honor for the working men and women of this country. electricity bill cost With that, I want to say that I am honored to represent such a great group of men and women in the Operating Engineers and we are equally grateful and honored to have the support from the other crafts during this challenging time. We look forward to the day when we are all back to work.

I want to conclude with some rumor control. I’ve heard reports about questioning the lack of viability of the new MLAWW, our members’ strike reserves, and our general resolve in this effort. electricity usage calculator spreadsheet I can assure those that doubt any of these will be sorely disappointed. The MLAWW is taking hold and is continuing to grow. Our strike fund is very healthy and able to fund this effort As to our resolve, as any trades’ unionist knows, questioning our resolve is akin to insulting our mother. Not a good idea.