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Object initialization is heavy process and you are expected to know the classes and objects, you create most of day. Java wrapper classes looks very easy from outside, just like primitives, but they are not. Learn how java surprise you with some inbuilt-tricks. How HashMap Works in Java

HashMap is probably most discussed and controversial topic, if you are appearing in any junior or mid level interview. You can encounter any interview question related to HashMap, if you know how it actually works internally. What all usecases may result in exceptions. Let’s end this debate for once and all. Design a Good Key for HashMap

So you know now that how HashMap works? Now, learn about designing a good key for HashMap. A good way to test if you correctly understood HashMap’s internal working i.e. why class fields should be final. And be prepare to face this your next interview question as well. More Questions on HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap

ConcurrentHashMap is advanced version of HashMap and you are expected to know it very well. There are plenty of concepts in this single class alone. This is also another good topic to learn while preparing for your next java interview. Collection Interview Questions

You can not skip it if you are still learning the basics. Don’t trust you already knew. I will show you the correct scenarios which will help you in cracking some complex interview questions as well as case studies. Also note that conventional differences between interface and abstract class does not hold true after introduction of functional interfaces in java 8. Guide for Enum

If you are preparing for java interview with a telecom company or any such domain who use serialization in their application flows, then you will highly benefit from this tutorial. A very good list of do’s and don;ts with serialization in java. Mini Guide to Main Method

I myself took a long time to understand cloning in java. It really seems simple; use the Cloneable interface and override clone() method. But wait; there is much more to tell and ask in an interview. Read it thoroughly. When to Use CountDownLatch

Java 5 bought a lot of useful classes in java.uti.concurrent package. CountDownLatch is one of those classes which are highly inquired in any java interview. In this tutorial, CountDownLatch is explained with example and concepts around it. Why Strings are Immutable?

A very popular java interview question for beginners. I wrote this post separately because the concept is so much important. In fact, immutability is itself a very important concept in java. Feel the tip of iceberg. How to Make a Class Immutable

Immutability is important in many design aspects and is recommended by all java gurus. Learn to make a java class immutable and be more prepare to encounter a interview question on it. Java Concurrency Interview Questions What is Thread Safety?

Defining thread safety is surprisingly tricky. At the heart of any reasonable definition of thread safety is the concept of correctness. So, before understanding the thread-safety we should understand first, this “correctness”. Learn to describe it when asked in a java interview question. Thread synchronization, object level locking and class level locking

At the heart of multi-threading and concurrency, there lies the concepts of locking. Locking happens at instance level as well as class level as well. Understand the whole concept in detail in this tutorial. Difference between “implements Runnable” and “extends Thread”

If you want to learn new ways to make concurrent applications, then you simply can’t ignore thread pools and blocking queue concepts. They are the building blocks of most multi-threaded applications in today’s world. You must know these concepts if you really want to learn multi-threading in java and want to feel comfortable before your next interview. Java executor framework tutorial and best practices

Above questions are must read before appearing any java interview. Still they do not provide complete coverage. You need to know more and more to perform better in interviews. I will suggest you to read more topics in following sections in given order: Best Practices Guides

These Spring MVC interview questions and answers have been written to help you prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts in general. I will strongly suggest you to go deeper into each concept if you have extra time. Test Your Knowledge Real java interview questions asked for Oracle Enterprise Manager Project

So far you have been learning all different concepts in java which can come in front of you in form of interview questions. It’s time to see whether you are prepared or not. Go through some real questions asked from Sri, in his interview with Oracle corporation. Java interview questions for mid-level developers