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I love to write fiction with my niche being domestic scenarios (often with a cp bent). Family dynamics fascinate me, and conflicts between relatives I find meatiest of all, especially if the conflicts are between father and son and result in a good old-fashioned spanking over Daddy’s knees. Romance is not my forte nor does it sustain my interest, so I will very rarely produce and post ship-centric stories. Mostly, you can count on me for family drama, possibly the occasional angst. Definitely no comedy or sci-fi or soap opera-type lovey-dovey pairings.

What other type of writer am I? In a word: slow! Unless I’ve pre-written (and vetted) all sequels in advance, additional chapters to a story I’ve posted (especially if I mark the status as "complete") will take weeks, months or even years to get online depending on my interest level and my workload at home, etc.

• 4 more chapters to "A Family Day at the Beach" covering the actual growth of the Scott family from 4 members to 8. As per my current plans, Lucas & Nathan will be 6 years old in the first sequel, 7 years old in the second sequel, 11 in the 3rd and 12 in the 4th. Will contain the occasional spanking but not in major detail compared to several of my other stories. Chapters are all in the very early stages of production so none will be ready to post for many months yet.’

• a book-length "What If" set at the end of Season 4 wherein Dan succeeds in scaring Abby Brown and her mother out of Tree Hill before Lucas can learn the truth about Keith’s death. Will contain the odd spanking mention plus an actual (but brief) spanking for one character. Seven chapters are now 95% done, an eighth is currently being worked on and the remainder are in the very early planning stages so same as above. None will be posted for many months yet, probably more like a year, if not longer.

• Another ‘What if" with Luke & Nate at age 15-16. In this story, Karen’s out of the picture, Luke lives with Dan and Nate lives with Deb. The brothers are close; they’re just living with separate parents. This story will definitely contain spanking since it’s all about Lucas angling for one in lieu of remaining grounded for 2 more months. This fanfic too is in the vetting stage, but since it’s been in that stage for at least a year now, I can’t honestly say when it will be published. My interest in cleaning it up fluctuates from week to week since I keep allowing myself to get distracted by working on other OTH stories.

• a spankfic featuring Ryan and his adoptive daddy after Ryan gets caught partying at a honky-tonk near the beginning of the movie. Story was completed in September 2017, but I refuse to post it under "Miscellaneous". I tried reaching the site admins so they create a proper category for the movie title, but no luck so far. I’ll probably try again at some point, but it’s not a priority anymore. I’m much more focused on my OTH stories.

• 2 sequels to "Want Me Please". In the first, Lucas and Nathan will finally enjoy some quality time with each other and their dad. In the second sequel, Lucas will get a spanking for something and run away from home. Will he be found? Will he get hurt? No idea. I haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

To all reviewers period, I thank you very much as well. Please know that I welcome your comments, criticisms, requests and suggestions. Positive or negative, I relish everything since each one teaches me something about you, my readership, about me as a weekend writer, or both. If you want an answer to your questions and suggestions, though, please don’t leave anonymous feedback. Either that, or send me a PM so we can chat and exchange ideas!