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I am SO CLOSE to my trip to South Africa to squeeze Dani René and I end up so sick with strep, ugh! I am curled up on the couch with antibiotics and am keeping my fingers crossed I am feeling better because will NOT miss this trip. Speaking of Dani, she released Severed yesterday and it is already a bestseller on Amazon! It is so dark, twisted and fucked up, I couldn’t wait to share this with you lovelies so you get a teaser on Thursday too.

Growing up the way I did, I was fucked-up beyond my years by the time I was sixteen. gas welder salary My attachment to both men and women drove me to make stupid choices, and in those moments, I ensured my best friend would never leave me. He fell in love with me long before I even knew what that word meant. At times, I still don’t. I’m nearing thirty, and I have no idea what love is. And I know it’s not something I’ll ever want. Even if it hits me right in the face.

“Don’t let them win,” he tells me when I suck on the flesh of his neck. His skin is soft, pliable, and my teeth sink in, causing him to groan. He rolls his hips against me, and it’s my turn to grunt in pleasure. Our cocks rubbing against each other, we’re dry humping like fucking teenagers, and I’m so close to blowing my load in my boxers.

“They’ll lose. Every one of them,” I inform him. Practically tearing at his underwear, I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth. gas x strips after gastric sleeve River’s fingers tangle in my hair, pulling me closer, causing me to choke on his thickness as I swallow my best friend. His eyes glower down at me, watching me like he would anyone else, but the smirk on his lips tells me this is what he’s always wanted. Me, Drake Savage, on my knees for him.

“Get on all fours,” I bite out, and he obeys. This is what he lives for. To be mine. gas mask ark To be owned by me and my dick. Opening the drawer beside the bed, I pull out the lube. Snapping the cap open, I drench River in the cold liquid along with my cock. The slippery lube glistens on my shaft. Gripping myself, I guide the tip to River’s ass, and as I slowly penetrate his tight ring of muscle, we all groan in unison. gas variables pogil key Sounds of sex echo through my bedroom.

“You ever do this, baby?” He chuckles, dark and menacing, and I know he doesn’t care if she hurts. My brother is cold, heartless, just like me. She whimpers a tentative yes, but I have a feeling she’s lying. Dante spits down on her hole, circling it with his thumb before he thrusts balls-deep inside her, eliciting a screech so loud it bounces off the walls, and I’m almost certain it would’ve cracked the windows if we didn’t have bulletproof glass in place.

I hope the holidays were uneventful for everyone, lovelies! I’ve been in mental self-care mode so I can get ready for my trip and also survive the holiday chaos, so much so I almost forgot to get this up. I love Addison’s dark and twisted mind so much, but it shows how strong of an author she is to write something so NOT dark and twisted! Take peek at ‘A Taste of Shine’ and tell me if this isn’t an amazingly gritty romance full of light!

She seemed agitated, sipping a fresh glass of water, fluttering the front of her nightgown against her bosom. Matthew, eyes smoldering, thanked God he’d satiated his need before seeing her in such a state. Had he been as rock hard as before, he would have shoved her down right there on the floor and shown her just how fucking much he ached for her.

I am so close to my trip to South Africa, I am simultaneously overwhelmed with my to-do list and SO excited to leave for such an amazing vacation. wd gaster Unfortunately Inheritance wasn’t finished by November, I’m sorry lovelies. The good news it that I hope to have it ready by January now (no December releases!), so fingers crossed they finish talking to me so I can wrap the last of this book up!

It’s finally time, after Maren teased everyone with her deviously evil cliffy in Roulette Redux, Kitty’s story is finally being told and I ADORE it! This story is amazing and you are going to love it, Noah and Kitty are the best couple and their story reminds me a little bit of Thalia’s recovery (in the very best ways). A man who wants nothing but recovery for her, a strong woman who is coping with unbelievable emotional damage, and the light that comes after such darkness. I can’t wait for you to grab Black Light: Fearless, lovelies, and I hope you love it as much as I do!!

“Say it for me again,” he told her, shifting his grip on the strap, letting it become an extension of his ready arm. She’d chosen the widest one, the same one she’d taken to bed with her last night. Two strokes would cover the whole of her small bottom. Every stroke after that would ignite a painful fire, building on it lash after lash, without mercy or pause until the movements of her writhing body let him know she was done. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon. He could tell by looking at her, she’d been haunted for so long she didn’t know how to let go of it. 4 gas laws He was going to have to show her. “I want you to repeat each phrase after every stroke I give you.”