Jesus christ was a mathematician alternate history discussion electricity transmission costs


Since water is readily available on the planet … using hydrogen as an energy storage mechanism is a good idea. It’s ‘clean energy’ with one significant note … in any mechanical engine or fuel cell device one would have to be careful not electricity projects ks2 to leak any hydrogen into the atmosphere as the hydrogen ( which didn’t combine with oxygen ) might float into outerspace. Mother nature wouldn’t care if a thousand such devices were in operation … but on a large scale of hundreds of millions of such hydrogen devices … it has ecological ramifications, just like a hydrocarbon engine.

I’d look gas engineer salary to the Sun and use a solar device … a parabowl ( sounds like parable ) to produce a ‘major heat source electricity games online free’ which can then be transformed into electricity. If one reads the bible carefully one would note Christ built such a polished, highly reflective paraboloid of revolution and a mechanism to keep it constantly pointed at the Sun. Specifically it’s mentioned in bible verses … Matthew 5:15, Mark 4:21, Luke 8:16, Luke 3:17, Matthew 3:11, and Galatians 6:11.

Throughout history many have known what I have mentioned above, most notably Bonaventura Francesco Cavalieri, a 17th century priest. But such a conclusion has been repressed by those who would rather ‘dig in the ground’ for energy, including the popes who were gas meter in spanish alive during the times of Cavalieri. Maybe the petroleum industry will finally throw in the towel this century.

Create one large paraboloid of revolution with the shiny surface on the inside of the parabowl. Create another smaller paraboloid of revolution with the electricity and circuits class 6 ppt shiny reflective surface on the outside of the parabowl. Place the smaller bowl inside the outer bowl so both inner and outer parabowls share the same focus electricity bill. When the inner parabowl is aligned to be ‘symetrically pointed in the same direction’ as the outer parabowl … almost all the sunlight coming into the outer parabowl is reflected by the inner parabowl towards the directrix(s). If the inner parabowl has a ‘circle area’ of only 10% of the ‘circle area’ of the outer parabowl … 90% of the sunlight entering the outer parabowl will be focused into 1/10 the previous area gasbuddy app hitting the earth’s surface.

The output from this pair of two bowls could then be input into another pair gas house eggs of two bowls, each of smaller dimension than the first pair. (Yes, it’s easier to post a picture but I don’t have the tools to do as such.) In theory, one could infinitely repeat this pattern in a recursive manner to focues all the Sun’s heat at a single point in space … which any mathematical topologist can prove. But gas chamber jokes ignoring math theory and concentrating on easy to implement physics … if the first bowl is ballpark 3 meters in diameter, and sunlight bounces off three more smaller bowls … the sunlight should be concentrated enough to easily and quickly boil water.

Readers should note the above description may be of patent material … and funny how the US Congress has recently changed patent law from ‘first to invent’ to ‘first to file’ … don’t forget filing a patent costs money and patent lawyers are not cheap e85 gas stations in iowa. I’m in poor health and I’m too tired to argue with either electricity towers health risks the patent office or patent lawyers. Please keep in mind both Archimedes and Christ more than likely built such a device before any attempt at such a construction is undertaken in the 21st century. And trying to ‘sell a patent’ is next to near impossible as well … better to own the factory gas prices in texas and ignore intellectual property rights, build and sell the thing, make money, and let the poor soul who filed the patent try to get some money thirty years after the fact.

Assuming 90% of 9683 watts of energy is ‘squeezed’ into an area 1/10 the size the previous bowl … leads to .90*9683 watts spread out over .10*7.0685 square meters. Thus the energy density or ‘solar flux’ has been amplified from 1370 watts per square meter to 12,328 watts per 5 gases that come from car emissions square meter, ( 12,328 = .9*9683 / (.1*7.0685) ) and actually there’s a way to even better this flux increase … but to continue the recursion,