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Knowing how unhealthy fat is, Jet Fuel does play on people’s health concerns. However, it also plays on the stereotypical belief that both women and men must adhere to a certain look, one that is skinny. Jet Fuel claims to hasten the metabolism and with its special mix of herbal ingredients, some active and some inactive, to blast your fat away.

The company claims that Jet Fuel does give you extra energy and stamina although, to be honest, all the herbs are stimulants, especially the caffeine, and so this is where the energy comes from. If you read the ingredients, you will get an idea about why mood improves and stamina increases. [1]

Jet Fuel also claims to give extra confidence, and this does happen when one feels more comfortable in their body. Losing even a pound or two helps you feel better, and as a result your mood is better. It is easier to meet new people, go to work, walk the neighborhood and do so-cial things when you feel thinner. And walking will help you to lose weight anyway, without side effects.

There are many ingredients in the Jet Fuel dietary supplement, all of them allegedly herbal and natural. Jet Fuel is formulated to be a stimulant that burns fat and gives extra energy while allowing the body to work to its maximum capacity. Here is the Jet Fuel formula, although not all the ingredients may be listed as there are many. You should check the packet too, on the leaflet printed by the manufacturer. Here are some of the ingredients:

It boosts the immune system, reduces stress and works as a sexual enhancer. It increases the libido in both men and women. It also increases energy levels. It is thought that Ashwagandha also works to bind all the natural ingredients together in diet supplements, helping them work more efficiently. [6]

If this sounds too good to be true, remember to always check on the ingredients yourself; check up on the manufacturer; read other people’s reviews; do a little research yourself and only take a diet weight loss supplement like Jet Fuel under the supervision of a doctor.

Some diet pills are purchased over the counter (like Jet Fuel) and some need a prescription. This depends on the ingredients but either way, you should always check with a nutritionist, dietitian or medical doctor when using weight loss supplements.

Exercise can be a daily walk, jogging in the evenings or joining a gym. Exercise is a very important part of weight loss, along with clean eating. You can take a supplement that suppresses your appetite, like Jet Fuel, but you do need to be consistent in your diet.

You should limit caffeine or not have any at all, and stop drinking alcohol too. The ingredients in Jet Fuel work as a stimulant – they stimulate the metabolism to allow the fat to burn – and you do not want extra stimulants like coffee or alcohol. [7] How Long Does it Take for Jet Fuel to Work?

Others spoke about insomnia. Any weight loss supplement should only be taken in the morning or at lunchtime. The high levels of stimulants do give extra energy and keep people awake so if you take Jet Fuel at night, you will likely not sleep. And you will feel unhappy, shaky and jittery.