Jetsetters vacation apartment at montego bay club – hip strip t gasthuys


Thanks for using us to provide your accommodation and for your earnest response. Yes, the Hip Strip is a block of tourist shops… but may I interject that it is all that and more! Did you get a chance to go dancing at Magarita Ville or to soak up some Jazz at any of the Jazz Bar along the strip?. Or, did you go gaming at the Casino or get a chance to indulge in fine or casual dining at any of the restaurants along the hip strip? Also, were you able to take a relaxing stroll in Hospital Park located along the Hip Strip up from Margarita Ville where you can relax and look at the sunset 76 gas station jobs along the shore? I hope if any of these things interest you while your’e vacationing, you’ll try some of them the next time if you make it Montego Bay again. Sorry, Doctors Cave did not meet your expectation as Negril–which b games 2 is more of a laid back, Bohemian colony with miles of beach without an admission fee. As an avid traveler, vacation means different experiences and activities for different people.Thus, I can totally relate to your lens. I am elated to know that we provided a clean, well equipped space for you to enjoy what ever experience you could muster from Montego Bay. Thank you for making Jamaica and for your short stay with us. I wish for you many happy travels, enjoying the things that means the most to you .

Sandra, thank you for staying with us and for your business. Equally important is your 40 years of repeated visit to Jamaica/Montego Bay which speaks volumes. We have carefully noted your review and have critically analyzed your concerns. Whereas my house manager tried to contact you via house phone several times upon arrival to welcome you and ascertain that all is well, unfortunately the timing must have been off as the phone wrong without a response. We assume that we called you when you were out or that you simply wanted to enjoy your vacation uninterrupted. We are sorry electricity youtube billy elliot you did not fully understand how to operate the shower and Patio door which were updated and installed a year ago and are in peak working conditions. With regards to the small appliances that you reported dirty, that is totally unacceptable and housekeeping has assured me that their electricity dance moms episode meticulous attention to such details may have been slighted and further convey their apology. Although they wanted to know which particular appliance you are referring to, it is now “water under the bridge” and moving forward, they will be more vigilant in their attention to such details as they have never received such negative review. With regards to phone usage, a detailed outline of this was sent to you in the welcome letter as well as how to access wi-fi and other calling options for both local and international calls— we are sorry you were not able to read it before your arrival. The TV and cable use two remote controls which are identical and standard universally. We are sorry you were not able to figure it out. However, in your welcome letter we did give you the local contacts in the building to call via the house phone if you were encountering any challenges electricity worksheets ks1 or problems. We are sorry you did not get the time to read and utilize such services. As we build our business on the Mantra of “Customers/Guests comes first” your review is well received and we will continue to do our utmost best to address the issues you have conveyed in order to ensure that our past outstanding ratings remains thus– with our future guests. Thanks again for your patronage and business. Happy and safe travels to you for another 40 years or more in making Montego Bay your destination of choice.

The British novelist Alec Waugh once said “You can fall in love at first sight with a place as well as a person”. I think he is so much on target. The positive feedback gas and bloating and accolades from my most recent, avid traveled guests, is indeed a testament to this. Making ones stay at The Jetsetters Apt. 307 @ The Montego Bay Club a home away from home— has always and continues to be our primary goal for our future and most current discerning vacationers like Kathy and her friend. Thus, we thank her for her feedback and for relating the ambiance and creature comforts she experienced while staying at The Montego Bay Club—all created to make all of our guests’ stay a comfortable gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings and memorable one. Far importantly, Kathy–we share your sentiments in making our space your new home away from home. Do come back and join us again. We look forward to having you, our honored guest, return as a “Yarddie”—the Jamaican vernacular for a person born or adapts Jamaica as his/her home. There is a Jewish Proverb that expresses the feelings of most, if not all travelers.