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Walter Johnson is the name of this contractor. His companies are Walter Rentals and also specializes in landscaping. He is the worst person to deal with and 99% of the things that come out of his mouth are complete lies. He will tell he used to be a pastor. The way this contractor works, is he will rush things so that he can get a payment from you for several things. For example he will have workers working on the interior and then he will have a few people working on the outside such as redoing the concrete, while he is demoing the interior. He moves very fast so that you are constantly writing checks to him, but what you will find out is that he does not know how to do the remodels correctly. He had a crew of four guys which happen to be honest people. He would start a project, get a check from you, then go to a check cashing place and cash the check. He will order all the materials from home depot and show you the receipts of the items such as bathtubs, tools (which he should have but left these receipts hidden until I happen to find these in a bag on the table when he did not expect me to come by. He would buy glass for the showers, nails, nail guns, saws, table, saws, etc. and say he ran out of money becuause of labor. In the bag of receipts I also noticed that he was returning the items back to home depot for cash. His first scam was supposedely owed the previous owner of the house $25,000.00 for a past business transaction. He stated several times she had mental issues and that she was bi polar in some ways. None of this was true. I finally asked the owner i purchased the house from and she stated she never owed him any money. I did not immediately confront him about this. in the beginning, he started ordered a cabinet system wihich you could honestly get from GS construction or KT building supplies for about $7,000. His first response was he paid 16,000 for the kitchen. He used platic handles for all the cabinets which he purchased from home depot for 3.99. He tried o charge $950, stating the handles were very expensive nd the hottest thing out right now. He tried getting more money out of my pocket but I was already onto him. He did this by trying to paint the inside of the house and get the floors done at the same time. Everything I asked him to use he did the opposite. He lied to the workers and me so that we would not talk to each other because I was finding out how much they were getting paid for the work tht was being done. He hid the main line under the cabinets and he also did not clean out the crawlspace under the house. He did not use the trim I wanted in the first place. It got to the point that he was the only person working on the house. Everyone had left him because they weren’t getting paid because I stop writing him checks. He so called purchased new doors, showed me the receipt, but returned the doors. He used the old doors and repainted them several times. He even painted the electrical outlets white with trim paint. Before i fired him after a month, he purchased the home depot vanity kits for $109.99 and put two together as a double vanity int he master bathroom. he did this with all three bathrooms. He mentioned there was electricity going through to the main house to the detached garage which of course there was no electricity in there. Almost everything in the house was second hand supplies. I had a long talk with him and asked him if he even pulled a permit because we had discussed that I wil not operate unless permits are pulled. I asked him to show me papers and he had nothing to show me. He never pulled permits. I fired him and I redid everything myself. I was so deep into this project I could not spend anymore money hiring helpers or another contractor. His license number is License # JFCLLL 848K3 . Be very careful with him. He’s a smooth talker and he will show you homes that he so called did prior. They are all lies. He also tried to ask me for an advance s he could get his truck fixed and also asked me for a favor to introduce his ugly daughter in law for some video shooting. I’m not into the rap video scene and why would I want to introduce someone who is not attractive to do a rap video. I asked him if this was his first remodel. He said no he’s done several. I said be honest with me because everything he was doing was not being done correctly. He brought his kids over all the time. They would run around the house causing scratches on the floors, etc. Now that I am done with the house and it looks amazing I am going to pursue any legal actions against him. He supposedly owned land in lakeridge seattle with the one of the owners of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was all a lie. He did partner with one one of the owners but he was leasing the property from KFC. He did not have any money in the property. Ispoke with all the home depot‘s in Seattle, South Center and Seattle and some know of him from others. His company and phone number have been changed. Be CAREFUL!!!!!!!