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Hi, I made a booking online in advance for my daughters 21st birthday. On Thursday night we had dinner with our family and friends at Colcaccio and then we watched a movie, had popcorn, gambled and had such a great time with 20 of our family and friends. We spent a lot of money. I paid online for accommodation for a weekend getaway as we work and only got Saturday off from the 5th May. We were really disappointed. We never got to go to the casino at all because no one could find payment for accommodation. It was strange that only one room was given. We only got to check in at 23h45. We wasted so much time trying to check in from 19h30, we only had booking for one room instead of 2 even though my own proof of payment showed payment for 2 rooms. We got late for our show at 8pm and missed half the show. The booking that was done on line said we could get discounted tickets to the show mix masala but we couldn’t get those tickets too. Very late… We eventually got to check in after paying an additional R500 which was promised to be refunded the next morning. When we checked out the next morning, we were delayed once again. Was told that we can’t get our R500 refund and had to give bank details to get it refunded. I made a fuss and then she told me to have our breakfast and she will see what she can do. After breakfast, we managed to get our money back. While we were at reception there was a huge scaffold machine over our heads. Doing work while we were right there. It was kind of freaking as my wife was so close. The whole experience was a disaster as I disappointed my wife and my 2 daughters. Please check why payment was not on your system. It was embarrassing to disappoint my wife and my daughters. Please check sid 5036132. That was our ref. Hope to hear from you what went wrong

While the rooms at the Peermont Metcourt Hotel at Emperor’s Palace are lovely, our experience was not. I prebooked a Family Room for four, but when we checked in, we were given a room with one double bed. I went back to reception, where the wait was quite long. We were then given another room with the extra beds. Not long after unpacking, we discovered that the balcony sliding door, which was next to our kids’ beds, would not lock. It was very easily opened onto the balcony, which was shared with the room next door. The railing had quite large gaps, and we feared that our kids would want to explore while we were sleeping. So I went once more to the reception desk, waited in the queue and asked for a key to the balcony door. They gave us another room on the ground floor instead. So we packed up our things again and moved to the new room. This room had the right number of beds, no balcony… and no WiFi. The kids, who were watching YouTube on our iPad were quite annoyed, but we didn’t want to try for a fourth room, so just stayed. When our two year old battled to sleep in the single bed, we went back to reception to request a camp cot. I was told there was only one left, but no bedding. I said that was fine, and that I’d use the bedding from the bed. They took our room number and told us it would be there shortly. A very painful two hours later, with a very tired little girl, the camp cot has still not arrived. When we try to call reception from the room it just rings and rings. (It also did this the day I tried to book, after no less than 8 calls not picked up). Our latest room is on the ground floor, near a popular lift which beeps and chimes each time it opens, also next to the noisy ice machine and across from the gym which, at 10:30pm is still blaring Jacaranda FM from the TV. My husband has since walked over and turned it down.

I stayed for 3 nights while having meetings in the Johannesburg area Positives: Front staff very helpful Breakfast is excellent Shuttle service from the airport comes in very nice Other facilities on the premises are on walking distance (theater, restaurant) and can be reached through an indoor passage Guarded parking Location is great when flying in and having to drive in and out of Johannesburg However, the status of the room & service was not up to standard 1. Shower leaked loads of water into the room. I reported it and someone was sent to fix it (thanks!), but this wasn’t from 1 day build up in drainage 2. Safe did not work. I was told by the duty manager no other rom was available, and to leave things at the reception where they would be placed in the hotel safe. I came back after hours only to find my valuables still lying on the counter behind the reception! 3. The rooms are very noisy. My neighbor got up at 5.30 am to take a shower and the noise of the water & pipes woke us up and made it impossible to sleep. 4. Odd housekeeping service; I came back after breakfast and noted 2 of my towels were gone, the shower water-leakage was mopped, and the windows were open. The bed was not made. I figured they’d come back to finish the room but they never did. Had to go get new towels on my own 5. Second day I came back from a morning meeting just to find all my bed linen gone. The room had not been cleaned. Came back after 4 hours and still no bed linen. Had to ask reception 6. Found staff member laying on the floor in the staircase, taking a break. I had a room on the 4th so they probably expected ppl to use the lift instead. But still, stairs are not a staff-relaxation area. 7. No bottled water in the room, only a cooker and tea bags 8. Rooms are very small. Due to bathroom shielded of by curtain instead of wall you don’t notice it that much, but there really is almost no room around the bed. Shower leakage reached the bed immediately Based on location, I understand why they can ask a price like this. Based on everything else that is offered I’d say a discount of 40% would be more appropriate.