Jks wrangler jspec 2.5 in. lift kit 103k (07-17 wrangler jk 2-door) – free shipping gas in back and chest


Better Ground Clearance. If you want to gain stability and ground clearance on your 2-Door Jeep, you need to know that you can get it. With the JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit, you will be able to provide your Jeep with a 2.5-inch lift, which will allow you to accommodate tires up to 35 inches in size. With your new lift, you will be able to tackle any terrain that you feel necessary without a problem. Made from quality, high-tensile steel, you will find that the pieces included in this kit are corrosion free and built to last a lifetime. Quality FOX Shocks. The JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit comes with quality FOX 2.0 Evolution Series front and rear shocks. These shocks are designed to provide you with better ride quality and supreme control over your Jeep. Each one of these shocks comes with an internal floating piston and the shocks are charged to 200 psi for the best ride possible. Springs Included. When you purchase the JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit, you will find that the kit comes with both front and rear springs in it. These springs will help provide you with a comfortable ride and impact on the terrain will not affect you. Gain Control. One of the nice things about the JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit is that it comes with an adjustable front track bar that will allow you to stay centered. The track bar will make sure that you do not feel any type of wobble, even at high rates of speed. You will be able to take the track bar adjustable bracket and adjust your front track bar as needed to accommodate your needs. Included Kit Contents. In addition to the quality shocks and track bars included, you will find that this kit comes with brake line relocation brackets, front sway bar disconnects, and bump stop extensions too. 6-Hour Install Time. The JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit comes with a moderate level difficulty of installation. It is important that you do have some knowledge of mechanics before you install this kit. You can expect installation to take about 6 hours and all components/hardware are included in the kit for you. Application. The JKS Jspec 2.5 in. Lift Kit is specifically designed for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door models including Rubicons. Please Note. 2012-2018 models may need an exhaust spacer kit for installation.

Overall I am very impressed with the handling and ride from this list. Everything included is of high-quality and looks great. It would be nice for a few dollars more to include the rear sway bar ends instead of relocating the stock ends. I am also installing front lower control arms because I did not want to install the cam washers for this stock LCA’s. The ride is very solid, flat and my Jeep looks great. it is a little stiffer than stock.

Installation was straightforward. The instructions have lots of pictures and there are lots of videos online to help out on installation. I did the installation by myself in the driveway with two floor jacks and Jack stands which took about 5 to 6 hours. This was the first lift that I have installed. If I were to do it again I could probably take 1 to 2 hours off of that time.

I have researched many lifts for the last month when I settled on the JKS Jspec 2.5 While this lift may not be the cheapest but it is complete and has many great quality parts. You will not be disappointed with this lift kit. Overall the front lifted up just under 3.75 inches and the rear 2.75 inches over stock. I am running heavy steel bumbers.

I installed the JKS Jspec 2.5 lift kit on my 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I went with this kit because it comes with high quality components, including quick disconnect sway bar links for the front, fox shocks, dual rate coil springs, and a beefier adjustable track bar. I’ve had the lift kit on for about 2 weeks. It seems to have settled by now. This past weekend, I re-torqued everything down to spec. It drives better than stock on the road. The shock and coil springs combo work great together. My whole jeep used to have a lot of movement over speed bumps, pot holes, and minor off-road trails. The new shocks and coil springs make a noticeable difference in absorbing that movement. I’ll say that I don’t think longer control arms are necessary, but they may improve the ride even more, especially if you plan on doing any sort of wheeling. I plan on adding some down the road. I run a 33" duratrac tire. With this kit, there is plenty of room for articulation with that size tire. You could probably run a 35" tire, but you may rub on the trail. If you plan on installing this in your drive way, I recommend buying a cordless impact wrench. Makita makes a 3/8" drive that packs a ton of power. It can fit in most tight places. You’ll also need some good jack stands, and a floor jack. If you have these basic tools, installation is a breeze. However, you could certain get it done without the impact. After installing the track bar, make sure you re-align the steering before driving. If you don’t, the traction control sensor engages, and automatically applies the brakes.