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Jo did go off to school, but left after feeling she didn’t fit in. [4] Ellen doesn’t want Jo to go hunting, but she follows Dean and Sam on a case to Philadelphia. After this, Ellen tells Jo about the circumstances of her father’s death. However sometime after this, Jo leaves to go hunting on her own, sending her mother postcards as she travels around. [5] Her next encounter with the Winchesters is when she is attacked by Sam when he is possessed by the demon Meg. [6]

Ellen and Jo join up with the Winchester again, on a mission to kill Lucifer with the Colt. However, Jo is mortally wounded after being attacked by hellhounds under Meg’s command. While taking shelter in a hardware store, Jo suggests they build a bomb to blow up the hellhounds, using her as bait to lure the static electricity vocabulary words demonic dogs. Ellen volunteers to stay behind, too, so she can let the hellhounds in and set off the bomb while Dean and Sam escape. After a tearful goodbye with Dean, Jo dies in Ellen’s arms, who then blows up the building, killing herself and the hellhounds. [8] Episodes 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

Jo beats a hunter at an arcade game, as Sam and Dean turn to Ash for help. While Dean is waiting at the bar for Sam to get a profile on nursery fires, Jo begins playing I Can’t Stop This Feeling on the jukebox, much to Dean’s chagrin. She offers to help Sam and Dean in their hunt for which Dean refuses, citing his fear of what Ellen would do if he were to take her on a hunt.

Jo wants to go hunting on her own, but Ellen doesn’t want her to. Even though Ellen gives the case she has researched to Sam and Dean, flush with cash, having won it playing poker with hunters at the Roadhouse, Jo sneaks off and electricity 101 video joins them, getting Ash to help her cover her tracks. While hunting with the boys, Jo is kidnapped by the spirit of Dr. H.H. Holmes. Dean and Sam are able to rescue her, and she then helps them capture and trap Holmes by luring him into a ring of salt and sealing the chamber shut with concrete.

After Dean arrives, Sam turns his attention bp gas prices columbus ohio on him. Dean frees Jo as he pursues Sam. Jo finds Dean half-drowned after Sam has shot him. She patches him up, asking him if demons ever tell the truth. He answers that they do sometimes, if they think it will hurt the most. When they are done, Jo wants to come with him in pursuit of Sam, but Dean refuses.

Jo and Ellen are hunting together when they answer a call for help from Rufus to a town he thinks is under attack from demons. When Sam and Dean arrive she has been separated from her mother. When Ellen and Sam go looking for them, and find them, she thinks they have been possessed by demons. Jo calls Ellen a black-eyed bitch indicating she thinks Ellen is possessed. She and Rufus capture Sam, thinking he is possessed. Later, Ellen and Dean are able to break the spell War has over them.

Jo and Ellen join Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cas in a mission to retrieve the Colt and use it to kill Lucifer. Jo helps Sam and Dean break into Crowley’s mansion, and the demon gives them the weapon, claiming he wants Lucifer dead as much as they do. At Bobby’s place, the night before they take off after Lucifer, Dean hits on Jo with his last night on Earth line, but she turns him down.

Jo, Ellen, Dean and Sam arrive at the town they meet Meg, now in a new meatsuit. She unleashes gas up yr hearse hellhounds them after them. Dean kills one of the dogs, but he is nearly attacked until Jo saves him, shooting a dog, before she is attacked herself and is badly wounded. They take her to a store and barricade themselves with salt. After a while they realize that she isn’t going to survive, and they set up explosive pictures electricity pylons devices made from propane gas tanks and buckets loaded with salt and iron nails. Ellen didn’t want to leave her daughter, and she sits down with her, crying. Dean says goodbye to her and says he’ll see her on the other side, kissing he goodbye. Sam and Dean then leave, leaving Jo and Ellen to their grim-looking fates. Jo eventually dies from her wounds. The hellhounds then proceed to come inside the shop, just to be blown asunder after Ellen sets off the explosives, killing the hounds and herself.

Osiris puts Dean on trial to weigh his guilt. He call Jo’s ghost as a witness, and tries to get her to say it was Dean’s fault that she became a hunter and ultimately was killed. Under cross examination by Sam who is defending Dean, she agrees that it was her father who was the motivation behind her hunting. Later after finding Dean carries much guilt, Osiris sentences him to die and releases him.

Jo appears at the hotel where Dean is staying. He has protected himself within a ring of salt. Jo is being compelled to kill Dean in a manner reflecting how she died. Dean tells her he feels guilty for getting both her and Sam into hunting. Jo refutes this, and tells Dean he carries too much weight for things that happen. She turns on the gas on the stove and then breaks the window so that the salt line around Dean is broken. As she takes his lighter, and prepares to ignite the gas, she disappears, because elsewhere Sam has neutralized Osiris.

• The character was originally conceived as a love interest for Dean, but even the writers admitted that Jo came off more like a little-sister character. In hindsight, Dean wouldn’t be attracted to that character…(…) He’d be attracted to someone who ag gaston birmingham 120 walked in the door, slaughtered everybody and walked out, and then he would say, ‘Who’s that?’ ( Eric Kripke, S2Com, p. 15)