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Thursday we went to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital (next town over) for Matt’s cancer ops. In the end they took about 30 minutes, she even did an extra one which we had discovered on the side of his face. Before we left the surgery I noticed blood seeping from the dressings so sent for help. A nurse came and ended up giving us some gauze and saying it should be OK. Should is a good word. We had trouble with oozing blood all day long. I managed to add more dressings to the area and we more or less stopped it by the time he went to bed. We did the "put pressure on for 10 minutes" thing twice and it still didn’t really stop it. Having phoned the Surgery office they told me if necessary to go back to Emergency at Cambridge Hospital. That was a fairly long trip to do again and we had already shelled out $12 for their parking lot once. Anyway, it seemed to be OK and in the morning it had definitely ceased to bleed. He had been told he could shower and get the dressings wet on Friday. We made sure he did NOT get his dressings wet. Leave that til Saturday if things are OK. Poor Matt wasn’t too pleased with all this. Luckily however, he did not have any pain once the freezing had worn off, so that is something to be thankful for. The one we had found also bled but by the time we noticed, it had already dried up, thank goodness. After all that, I think I found another spot just under his hair line, will ask next week when he goes for a check up. Update: Matt is now without bandages and is looking pretty good I’m pleased to say.

I was not a happy camper on Friday. A wind storm had been predicted for late at night with winds up to 100 Km/hr. In fact it started at around 1 in the afternoon (we had the window open in the exercise class and it was already blowing up a gale) and it gradually got worse. Around 4:30 (I think) the power flickered then came back. Ten minutes later it flickered again and finally it completely went out around 4:45 ish. I was just about ready to put our supper in the oven so I was not very pleased. The power didn’t return til around 8 or a bit after by which time we had made do with crackers and cheese for supper. Not very inspiring. By that time, also, the wind had stopped blowing and by 10 it was totally quiet. Of course nothing worked in our home with the exception of my cell phone.

Something wrong here, apart from lots and lots of cookbooks which I seldom use, I have Living Cookbook on my computer and print recipes from it. However, obviously I have lots of recipes which are favourites, so I keep the printed copies rather than keep wasting paper and ink. Fine, but I am now in possession of a folder with lots of recipes, admittedly split into food groups, but nevertheless there are a great heap of them which seems to defeat the whole object of having a recipe programme!!!

The farmer assures me the asparagus are now about 2 inches high and thinks he will have some for sale by the end of the week. Apparently the main problem was, because of the weather in April, the ground has been too cold. So, in hopes that he is right, here is an Asparagus Recipe which I think looks absolutely delicious.