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The selection of a vice president is one of the most substantively important decisions a president makes. You want to draw from the broadest possible talent pool, and making the selection early grade 9 electricity questions is antithetical to that on a whole number of levels — most importantly because a lot of key talent won’t necessarily be willing to embrace your cause so early. (Including the rest of the field running for the nomination.)

Locking yourself into the relatively narrow category of “politicians who are willing to make an early Joe Biden endorsement” ends gas monkey up excluding a huge number of people, could prove tactically disadvantageous during a general election, and would be a blown opportunity to improve governance if Biden won. Joe Biden’s plan would have made his vice presidency impossible

Biden probably thinks his selection was a pretty shrewd decision on Barack Obama’s part. It brought to the table a contrasting campaign style that was better-calculated than Obama’s personal story to appeal to a crucial bloc of white working-class Northerners. But it also offered assurances to the party’s veteran congressional barons that Obama’s operation was legit. Last, Biden was a better-known figure than Obama to the international community — providing a reassuring signal to allies around the world.

And in an important sense, adding Biden to the ticket electricity edison earlier could have helped Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the electricity a level physics 2008 primary for many of the same reasons that he was a good general election pick. But Obama couldn’t have picked Biden early because Biden was running for president too. And even once Biden dropped out, he wasn’t prepared to immediately back Obama over Hillary Clinton for the nomination. And, indeed, the fact that Biden wasn’t squarely in Obama’s corner from day one was part of what made him a good pick, helping to expand his coalition beyond what it could have been at an earlier time. Many of Biden’s best options are off the table for now

But the supersize 2020 primary field is essentially 3 gases in the air the opposite of that. Someone like Beto O’Rourke, whose charisma and campaign skills are a key rationale for his candidacy, would be a very live possibility as a Biden VP choice were Biden to secure the nomination. So would Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who are currently running for the nomination themselves. Biden also might want to reconsider Clinton’s approach to the Bernie wing of the party and consider a unity pick like Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), who electricity lesson plans 4th grade’s one of Sanders’s national campaign co-chairs. Other potentially appealing options like Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) likely won’t want to endorse anyone at all.

Taking the standard tack of deferring any running mate selection until Biden gas 93 octane hypothetically wrapped up the nomination would, of course, be boring. And the desire to make a big splash is understandable especially because, as best we can tell, Biden’s policy agenda is not especially flashy. That said, sometimes standard boring conduct becomes standard and boring because it is the correct way to proceed.