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I have long been convinced that John Piper has an agenda when it comes to limiting the roles of women in just about everything that puts them into a position of authority over men. He claims that his standards are derived from his interpretation of Scripture. I used to believe that he believed that. Now, I’m not so sure. His edicts go far beyond Scripture and that means something is amiss in churches which apply his edicts. Women could not read Scripture or pray in the pulpit at his church.

My reason is because—not that others have to see it this way—I view that moment and that place in the worship service as one of pastoral authority. The pulpit stands there symbolizing the word of God preached, and that’s what the elders are responsible to do. The reading of the text is part of that. electricity trading And the offering up of the prayers of the congregation in an official, formal, representative capacity at the front is pastoral.

When Scripture is read in a church, men and women stick to the text. They are literally repeating the words of Scripture. I don’t get that there is some sort of an *authoritative* reading and a *non-authoritative* reading. If a woman read it, would people sit there and say “Well, nothing to listen to here since a woman read it?” It makes no sense to me but I am a woman.

God chose women to speak some of those words in the Scripture. b games basketball If women could not speak authoritatively, then why did God allow Mary to directly speak the following beautiful words? Why didn’t He have Mary whisper these to a man and then have the man repeat these words? No, God used the beautiful words of a woman to speak to us then and now. Yet, in Piper’s odd view of Scripture, a woman cannot read the words of a woman in *his* pulpit because he doesn’t want a woman *acting like an elder.* Would he have let Mary speak these words in his church?

The image of a masculine musculature may beget arousal in a man, but it does not beget several hours of moonlight walking with significant, caring conversation. The more women can arouse men by doing typically masculine things, the less they can count on receiving from men a sensitivity to typically feminine ” The abuse of a wife is OK so long as it only lasts a night.

Jesus apparently wants a woman to get walloped by her husband for a night since it will show she is submitted to her husband. Listen to how he tells a woman how to explain toher husband that she won’t have group sex. She needs to answer him in a way that builds him up…seriously? After asking her to have group sex? He seems more concerned about the man than he does the woman. Again, I would like to have a psychiatrist analyze this one.

Conversely, if a woman’s relationship to a man is very personal, then the way she offers guidance and influence will need to be more non-directive. gas x while pregnant My own view is that there are some roles in society that will strain godly manhood and womanhood to the breaking point. But I leave women and men in those roles to sort that out. I have never tried to make that list.

Now, as Christians, we believe that the brain and the soul are not identical but interrelated in mysterious ways that have profound correspondence. All Christians agree that we are morally responsible before God for our thoughts and our feelings, even though our brains (the organ inside our skull) and our hormones are involved in what we think and feel.

I believe that John Piper’s view on the roles of gender are not found specifically in Scripture. Not only that but restricting the roles of women in the church and society due to some personal interpretation of overall female gender submission is harmful to women and may interfere with God’s plan for women to be change agents in our society and in our churches. Piper and the Pharisees: Is there a connection here?

23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24 You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

I would rather not write about John Piper. I thankfully attend a church in which many have never heard of him. I have pastors who include women in the worship service. They treat the female Director of Christian Education (an important role in Lutheran churches) with profound respect. The men of the church do the weekly dinners and clean up. Women and men are confirmation guides, help with communion, read Scripture and pray.

However, John Piper is worshipped (yes, I mean that word and I think he knows it) by lots of young men coming out of Baptist seminaries. A Calvinist took over the pulpit of a local nondenominational church. gas near me app One day, he got up to do his sermon and started off by saying “John Piper has stepped down from his pulpit. I don’t know how we will get along without him. youtube gas station karaoke We are now the gray hairs in the church.”

Instead of spending his days sitting down in a study, John Piper needs to develop his manly muscles by doing the physical work God created man to do. Such as farming, construction, mechanical or utility work, or a physical job in a factory. Doing such work in freezing cold, boiling heat, pouring rain, or driving snow instead of a climate controlled study should also help him develop his masculinity.

As someone who cleaned offices part time for 12 ½ years at the manufacturer where I currently work full time in production, it’s interesting to me that a job John Piper would think is perfectly acceptable for women-cleaning-is also one where they develop the muscles he says is sinful for them to have. Shoving vacuums, mops, and brooms, hauling heavy trash bags, lifting heavy buckets, and dusting in hard to reach places is muscle building, physical work. If one cleans at a place where people sleep, add the lifting of heavy bedding and towels to the list. I wouldn’t be surprised if many women who clean for a living could give many male clergy who spend most of their days sitting a run for their money where physical fitness is concerned.

I’m sure another reason the story of Deborah and Jael is ignored and marginalized by complementarians is because it took muscles for Jael to drive that tent peg through Sisera’s head. For that tent peg to kill him, it wasn’t one of those puny things sold with personal tents today and the hammer she used not one of the lightweight ones sold today. It took physical and mental strength for Jael to kill Sisera like that and despite all their protesting otherwise, complementarians don’t like mentally and physically strong women.

@ Charis: If other communities are like mine, men wouldn’t vote were it not for the hard work of women. In my deep red community, most of the poll workers are women. electricity games online free Most workers in the county Election Board, including its manager, are women. Its former manager, who was red politically, was a formidable matriarch with the gift of teaching and leadership.

A week ago this conservative feminist woman rose before 4 a.m, reported to the polling place she managed before 5 a.m, supervised a crew of four workers (2 women, 2 men) as we assisted 699 regular voters and one provisional voter, sent numerous other voters away because they were in the wrong polling place, closed the polls at 6 p.m, processed the last voter about 6:30 p.m, and left the polling place about 7:30 p.m. It was 8 p.m on the dot when my judge of the opposite political party ( a man) and I walked out of the place where we turned in the results.

That man, BTW, was a veteran who worked on feet painful from a medical condition for over 12 hours. He had no problems being under the authority of a woman likely young enough to be his daughter. Would the so called “masculine” John Piper who can’t endure being under the authority of women be able to work on painful feet for over 12 hours, run after several voters who forgot to hit that crucial red button, and treat voters with differing views, skin colors, genders, and backgrounds with respect and love like that amazing judge?

Those who understand the true nature of science, understand that the best it can honestly claim is to reduce uncertainty. Those who fiercely claim that no one can challenge ‘Proven Science’, i.e., the officially declared, orthodox (bureaucratic) ‘Truth’, are as much charlatans as the religious authoritarians who called for the stake when anyone dared to disagree with their doctrinal assertions.

By definition, the role of ‘Religion’ and ‘Science’ is to question what is believed or claimed to be true. Ioannidis simply suggests how easy it is to create the illusion of ‘Truth’ by supposed ‘peer-reviewed science’ that, frankly, can never be replicated. Piper and friends are guilty of the same hubris. Real truth remains utterly untroubled by questions or demands for evidence, rather than calling for the torch when challenged.

My intention is not so much to condemn Science, as to point out how much of a false authoritarian upholder of unquestionable Creeds it has become; all are commanded to bow to the proclamations of an Einstein or other Science ‘god’, in spite of the many remaining questions that are rarely admitted to the general public. This is an affront to genuine science, which I value highly. We should unblushingly remain Bereans, in Science, Religion and all other pursuits of truth.

Having moved from a Piper-esque church to a conservative Lutheran church several years ago,I am still amazed to be in a church where I am treated as an adult; where I am welcome to talk theology with our pastor in Sunday School, welcome to read Scriptue out loud or serve during Communion,welcome to serve on or head a church committee. The lifelong Lutherans are, for the most part, completely uninformed on the restrictions placed on women in many churches.In fact they are dumbfounded. electricity generation by state This confirms my suspicions that the extreme emphasis on female submission is a peculiarity rather than a well researched conclusion. Not a Sunday goes by that I am not thankful for finding this church. I only regret that we were not there when our kids were young, especially our daughters. There ARE healthy churches!

Well, that depends on which Lutheran church one goes to. Where I live, there are three different main Lutheran-ELCA, Missouri Synod, and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran (WELS) with WELS being the most strict-no women pastors/women voting in assembly, ELCA most liberal, and Missouri Synod half way in between allows no women pastors, but women can vote, etc. There are other smaller Lutheran denominations that maybe more or less conservative. I found out that the Lutheran Church I attended until the age of 6 was American Lutheran Church of America which no longer exists as it has joined together with two other Lutheran branches to form the ELCA. I was happy to find out that the American Lutheran Church was the second Lutheran denomination to ordain a woman pastor in 1970 so I accept that as part of my heritage, but I do not belong to the ELCA that has taken it’s place for other reasons.