John ramil looks back at 40 years of helping grow teco energy, tampa bay economy _ tampa bay times

The electric utility would eventually boast with pride that it relied 100 percent on cheap and abundant coal to power its plants, generating affordable electricity for customers in Hillsborough and several nearby counties.

This is now. Gas stoichiometry Coal has become public enemy No. Power in costa rica 1, an environmental curse rapidly disappearing as a viable fuel in the United States. Gas prices under a dollar A few years ago, TECO tried desperately to sell off its coal subsidiary, eventually nearly giving away what was once one of its most touted assets.

Now more than half of the mix of fuel Tampa Electric uses to run its power plants is natural gas, cheaper and cleaner than coal. Gas after eating fruit Ramil says changes under way at its Polk County plant will soon raise its natural gas reliance to near 80 percent.

What’s next? Ramil says most, if not all, new-generation plants will be “nonemitting” — industry-speak for solar power or other renewable energy sources.

Ramil, 60, steps down as TECO’s CEO — the last of that breed — later this summer in the wake of the Tampa power company’s sale to Canada’s Emera Inc. Gas density formula That $10.4 billion deal, announced last year, was formally completed Friday.

In a recent interview, Ramil talked at length about what has changed at TECO and in the Tampa Bay area over his long career. Z gas ensenada telefono The Tampa native cited such longtime business leaders as John Sykes, founder of Tampa’s Sykes Enterprises and a major area philanthropist, and Tampa’s Bob Martinez, former Florida governor and past mayor of Tampa, among the core of people who have stood the test of time and influenced him.

They were, Ramil says, all mentors during his long career at the company. Electricity distribution vs transmission Culbreath stressed giving back to the community, something Ramil clearly took to heart.

Guzzle taught discipline. Quadcopter gas engine “If you came with an idea, Guzzle would dismiss it twice,” Ramil said. 4 other gases in the atmosphere “On the third time” — if managers had the resolve to try again — “he would pay attention.”

And Hudson was adept during a tougher era at TECO at finding the best talent in the company. Grade 6 electricity experiments “He was a fantastic cheerleader,” Ramil recalled.

Ramil’s career was no picnic. Electricity notes class 10 pdf The darkest days for TECO arose in the early 2000s, a time of half-baked industry deregulation, dominated by the collapse of fraud-riddled energy power broker Enron. Gas mask bong review That’s when an ill-fated attempt, by a different CEO, to diversify by building independent power plants in other states nearly bankrupted the company. Gas variables pogil That experience forced Ramil and other TECO execs to cut costs, jettison business units and contract a business unaccustomed to shrinking.

Friday’s formal completion of TECO’s sale to Nova Scotia-based Emera means TECO units that include Tampa Electric, Peoples Gas and New Mexico Gas are now subsidiaries of the Canadian power company. Electricity voltage in norway TECO will no longer trade as a public company under the familiar ticker symbol “TE” and the Tampa Bay area loses a headquarters of one of its 10 largest and locally based public corporations. Maharashtra electricity e bill payment Ramil will join the Emera board of directors.

Once Ramil steps down, there will be no local CEO. Gas vs electric dryer Instead, Emera will operate here by both a team of senior managers and a local board made up of area Floridians. Storing electricity in water That, Ramil says, should come together in the coming months.

While the TECO Energy name will continue to exist, it’s doubtful it will remain the company brand in Tampa. M gasol nba It’s still early, but it’s likely “Tampa Electric” may be marketed for electricity and “Peoples Gas” for natural gas products. Arkansas gas tax Parent company Emera is not expected to become a household name here.

When Ramil started at Tampa Electric after graduating from USF, Tampa was a far cry from the city of today. Electricity voltage in india The market had no professional sports teams, Ramil says, and lacked any presence beyond its borders.

“I do not know if we were on any radar screens 40 years ago,” he said with a laugh. Gas news “We have made great strides. Elektricity club This is a great place to run a business.”

He cites the contract decision made just days ago by Tampa Bay Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos to stick with the local NHL team for years to come as just the latest barometer of how far this metro area has come.

“Here is someone who could have taken any number of offers but chose to stay here because it is a great place to live, and where the tax structure is not over the top,” said Ramil, referring to Florida’s lack of a state income tax.

“We have some real community treasures that drive our economy,” he said, pointing to MacDill Air Force Base, the bay and beaches and USF — his alma mater and one of his true loves. Electricity electricity schoolhouse rock “They are all connected to our quality of life. Geothermal electricity how it works We must take care of them and make sure they get their fair share of resources so they can keep growing.”

What isn’t working yet is a plan to improve Tampa Bay’s longer-term transportation needs, Ramil says. 2 chainz smoking on that gas Until a plan emerges and is endorsed by the community, it will remain a “headwind” to the area’s prosperity.

Beyond TECO’s walls, Ramil remains one of USF’s biggest boosters. Industrial electricity prices by state He has served many years on the USF board of trustees and chaired that board from 2010 to 2014. Electricity production in chad He is slated to remain a member until 2021.

To Ramil, USF is a major force driving Tampa Bay’s economy, improving its quality of life and raising the bar for the next generation. Electricity laws uk He salutes USF president Judy Genshaft for her vision and hard work.

He recalls back in 2001 or so when he and board members working on a strategic plan for the university listed one goal of USF becoming one of the top 50 research universities in the country. Electricity dance moms episode “There were chuckles from the back of the room,” Ramil said. Save electricity images for drawing But now that goal has been met.

One of USF’s toughest goals remains the growth of its endowment. Gas water heater reviews 2012 The university, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, is competing against many schools that have been around much longer and have had the luxury of more time to build their endowments.