Johnny smith’s amps m gastrocnemius


“So the first amp that I used for many years was not a guitar amp—it was an Altec-Lansing amplifier with an Altec-Lansing speaker. And then Ampeg’s Everett Hull built me an amp I could use, and I think they called it the power per kwh Fountain of Sound as it stood up on its legs and pointed straight up. But it had a much flatter frequency response than the commercial amps, such as the Fender which mp electricity bill payment online bhopal were much more suited to solid-body electric guitars.

“I like an amp that has a pretty flat frequency response, without too much gain in the treble or bass. The best way I could explain it is forget the treble and forget the bass and concentrate on the midrange, which is where, speaking only for myself, the guitar really sounds. I’m not criticizing anyone; your sound is a very personal thing, and whatever sounds the thermal electricity how it works best is the way it should be. To give you an idea, Gibson made the amp I used for many years (which I latter gas efficient cars gave to Chet Atkins’ son), and even with the bass control full on, it still had less bass than a Fender amp did with the bass full off. And the Fenders seemed to have too much of a treble sound, instead of a rounded sound in the high registers.

“Finally, some years later, I asked gas 101 these folks from a company in Denver called M-Rad to make me a transistorized amp with the same flat frequency response as the one Gibson had made, and they were nice enough to humor me and design the circuitry. And I used that on the Verve things. And in latter years when I traveled with Bing Crosby, I had a little cabinet built for electricity 101 just for the amplifier part, and then I would have gasbuddy va them furnish me with a speaker on the gig, so I could just plug my amp in wherever I went instead of hauling around the whole enchilada. In fact, when I was still performing, I would keep my settings on that amp exactly the same, all the time, and could get my sound to project just the way I wanted it whether I was accompanying a singer in a small room or on stage with a symphony. Isn’t that something?”

I think electricity lyrics Johnny Smith was onto something with his fountain of sound amp. I became curious about the concept, so I decided to try it out ortega y gasset with my RE Stealth 10. It’s not possible to put it directly on its back, because of the plug on the speaker cable. That’s the case with almost every cabinet, and most combos, too. But I dug out a small moving dolly that was doing nothing, and put the cabinet on that electricity journal, with the cable connection inside the frame, and it fit well enough, with the cabinet raised 4 or so off the floor. Turned it all on, and it sounds really great, better than with the cab tilted, and the sound isn’t so directional. With the speaker facing forward, the sound all goes straight ahead, and there isn’t much volume off to the sides. Firing at the ceiling, the yoga gas relief pose sound is dispersed evenly, and the tone is excellent. With a rear ported cab, I think the dolly gets the cab high enough off the floor for the ports q gastrobar leblon to work, although I don’t have one of those to try, only the sealed back RE cab. But I think I’m going to leave the dolly in place, and play with my own fountain of sound setup. I like it.