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We had an amazing time in Iceland and one of the highlights was this trip! It’s a full day with lots of highlights. Its well organised and originally booking I had got the wrong day (no longer trusted to do bookings lol). Extreme Iceland were fantastic at making sure we could change the gas in oil briggs and stratton engine dates so we didn’t miss out and were really kind about it all. The day itself was amazing and well organised, with our guide making sure we didn’t miss out on anything but flexible enough for us to stop and see the Icelandic horses, or other views the group wanted to see. All the way through our guide, Thor, made sure we knew the itinerary and where we were q mart gas station headed next as well as giving us choices about how much time we wanted to spend where and when. Telling us wonderful tales about the folklore and the Icelandic culture in general along the way. Finally we didn’t get to see the northern lights that night, but Thor made k gas oroville sure we all had loads of details about where and how to find them, this meant that we were able to see them the following night down by the harbour in Reykjavik. Which was amazing!!!Thanks Thor!! I loved it and would really recommend booking with these gas up asheville guys! Planning my next trip back now 🙂

I took the 3 day tour to Jokulsarlon with an ice cave tour and a glacier hike with two friends, and it was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done! Our guide, Jung, was so great. He had relentless energy and was so friendly and patient, and packed in so many sights in 3 days. Our first day we were picked up at our guesthouse and then transferred to a different bus outside of Reykjavik. We drove up to the Golden Circle and saw the Geysir, Thingvellir and a few gas vs diesel cars different waterfalls. At each stop, we had at least half an hour to walk around and take pictures, longer if there was a nice hike to take. If people wanted more time to hike, Jung was very flexible. Take every hike you can, the views are unbelievable! We also stopped at the Fludir hot baths, which were beautiful, but it was not part of the tour to swim. I hope they add this in the future, or you should ask your electricity dance moms guide if you can add it, the baths were so lovely. That night, we stayed at the Katla guesthouse, which had an outdoor hot tub under the stars. The next morning we stopped at the black sand beach near Vik and saw the basalt columns around a giant cave. It was pouring snow, which was beautiful on the black sand. We did the ice cave tour that afternoon. We drove nyc electricity cost per kwh for about 20 minutes up onto electricity quiz ks3 the glacier and then hiked into the cave. It did involve crawling through a tunnel that was about 3 feet high and 8 feet wide for about 20 feet, but it was pretty easy and we took it slow. Inside the cave, you can walk around under the blue light through the ice. So amazing! After the hike, we stopped at the Jokulsaron lagoon for about an hour. One of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been. If you walk around the lake towards the mountains, there were seals swimming and sunning themselves. The cafe by the lagoon has soup and sandwiches and is open until 5, so you might hp gas online refill booking status want to grab something before you go to the hotel. We stayed at the Gerdi guesthouse, which had nice new rooms. That night Jung drove us out to the look for the northern lights at the lagoon. Unfortunately the lights were very faint our entire trip, which was out of Jung’s control, but I really appreciated that he tried to give us so many opportunities to see them. On our last day, we started back at the lagoon to see it at sunrise (about 9:00 in February hair electricity dance moms), and then we went for our glacier hike. There just are no words for how amazing this was. We did a very gentle hike for about an hour with another guide, with plenty of stops to drink water and take pictures. On the way back current electricity examples to Reykjavik, Jung stopped at a field of volcanic rock, took us to the info center at Skaftafell to watch a short film about the surrounding nature, and electricity per kwh calculator stopped at someone’s request to photograph the sunset at the beach at Vik. We also pulled over around 10 to try to see the northern lights again. There is no wrong way to take this trip, but there are a few things I wish I had known: the hotels are very isolated, which is beautiful, but it means that the hotel restaurant is the only option for food and they were both very expensive and not that exciting. I wish we had brought more food with us, or been more careful to buy food at the rest stops. It would be great if the guides would announce when the last stop is before the hotel so you could buy food. The breakfasts that are included are great gas chamber jokes. Overall, this trip was incredible! Go for it!