Josh’s wisconsin high school basketball journal mad memorial and wisconsin dells get the w gasset y ortega filosofia


Took in a pair of games this past week and would of been three had the weather not been so bad Saturday night. Both games were chances to see a pair of teams that were completely different, having lost players from last years teams but, for different reasons. I also got a chance to see some smaller schools and bigger schools. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the D1 games that I really don’t give the smaller schools much attention but, I want to try and get to more smaller school games. electricity quiz ks3 I have to say atmospheres are completely different when talking big city schools and smaller rural schools.

Thursday night took in Madison Memorial verse Sun Prairie. Memorial is considered the favorite in the conference and Sun Prairie is making a transition since the transferring of Jalen Johnson and the graduation of Marlon Ruffin. Unfortunately for me Sun Prairie was without their top three returning players juniors 6’0 Colin Schaefer and 6’6 Delaware Hale, who both should have break out years, along with 6’5 senior Cooper Nelson who has a ton of experience from the last two years. With those three missing Madison Memorial completely controlled the game from go and cruised to a 40-14 half time lead. grade 9 electricity quiz Memorial will once again play a tough switching man to man defense and will dominate the glass on both ends. Those two things mentioned killed Sun Prairie as the couldn’t get any good looks at the basket and they were only getting one shot every time down. Memorial was able to play every guy on their team in the first half.

Mineral Point really seemed disinterested and lacked energy as they just kind of went through the motions. emitra electricity bill payment Patricularily their two stars 6’5 sophomore Brayden Dailey and 6’4 junior Isaac Lindsey. No maybe they just aren’t high emotion players or don’t let their emotions show but, they really seemed to lack energy. I would like to see Dailey look to score more and demand the ball. electricity and magnetism physics Dailey seemed content to stand in the corner and wait for the ball to come to him. Lindsey threw a lot of lazy passes which led to turnovers and just tipped balls that wouldn’t allow them to get their offense going. Lindsey also was aggressive enough and seemed ok to just set outside swing the ball and would occasionally hoist a three. Mineral Point seemed like the better team but, they let the Dells hang around. Junior Bryson Funmaker was extremely impressive despite his lack of height of a generous 5’10. Funmaker was able to get anywhere he wanted as he was just quicker then anyone else on the court. Funmaker hit some threes coming off of screens and then off the dribble he was able to get to the rim and finish in a variety of ways or he was able to pull up for the mid range jumper.

As the game came to an end I felt like I was re watching Mineral Points lose in the Sectional Final. Three straight times Mineral Point went to the line with a chance to seal the game up only one. Three straight times they missed the front end and gave the Dells a chance. If you follow high school ball at all you know how this ended. Dells had a chance for a last second shot and inbounded to 6’7 junior Sam Millard who pump faked once and then pulled up for the three that found the bottom of the net for the Dells win. speedy q gas station Losing the game was big but, the bigger thing was that Linsdsey turned his ankle pretty badly with about a minute and a half left and wound up leaving the gym on crutches.