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Quote: "American Township Fire Department was dispatched to Elida High School to investigate a foul odor Monday afternoon. The odor prompted school officials to evacuate the high school. At approximately 1:07 p.m. firefighters arrived and after conducting tests the results indicated that there were no hazardous chemicals or gases released inside the facility."

Quote: "A man, who suffered severe burns on most of his body after he caught on fire while pumping gas in Georgia, died on Monday. The man, whose identity has not been released, was pumping gas around 12pm on April 25 at a Texaco when the incident occurred. Witnesses said they couldn’t see exactly what happened because the man caught on fire so quickly."

Quote: "Plumes of thick black smoke were visible for miles after the fire broke out at the disused recycling plant in Sunderland around 6pm last night. More than 50 firefighters were called to Deptford Terrace to tackle what has been dubbed ‘the great fire of Sunderland’. More than 20 remain on the scene this morning, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said, with no end in sight."

Quote: "The ‘Marshal Vasilevskiy’ suffered an explosion of one of the six regasification boilers during trials off Ulsan on May 14, 2018. The boiler, produced by Mitsubishi, was destroyed in the incident. The delivery date will be postponed. Reportedly, there were other damages besides the destroyed boiler."

Quote: "The 15-year-old pulled from an Overland Park pool Sunday afternoon has died. Firefighters were called to the Meadowlark Hill Apartments near 91st & Foster just before 1:30 Sunday afternoon. A male was reportedly pulled from the indoor pool, and crews began CPR. He was transported to an area hospital in critical condition."

Quote: "The Attleboro Fire Department is mourning the loss of Thomas Cannon, who died after collapsing while on-duty, officials said. Cannon, 63, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest while performing truck and equipment checks at the beginning of his shift on Sunday at the Twin Village Fire Station. Fellow firefighters revived Cannon and got him to the hospital. The more than 30-year veteran of the department died Monday."

Quote: "A young techie working in the Cognizant company in Pune died after he collapsed at his workplace inside the company on Senapati Bapat road on Monday night. Satish Ratanrao Musale who was in his late 20s was a native of Washim district but he was staying in Pashan-Sus road area. He was working as a software engineer at Cognizant’s Senapati Bapat road office."

Quote: "Former state lawmaker Johnny Ellis was flying home to Anchorage from Seattle on Alaska Airlines on Monday when a naked man ran down the plane’s aisle, yelling. Two large men, one possibly the man’s relative, followed and ultimately restrained him in the bathroom, Ellis said Tuesday by phone. The plane started to descend into Anchorage right after the incident occurred."

Quote: "A man who stripped off his clothes and locked himself in a bathroom forced a Seattle-bound flight with 178 passengers to turn back for Anchorage in February. He was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. A United Airlines flight also diverted to Anchorage in January after a disruptive passenger began smearing feces in the bathroom."

Quote: "Richmond police spokesman Gene Lepley says the incident began when an officer witnessed a hit-and-run at an intersection at 5:33 p.m. The officer pursued the driver, who drove on the ramp on Chamberlayne Avenue. Once upon the ramp, the fleeing driver hit two other vehicles and struck a tree. It was then reported that a naked man was ‘running around crazy’ on the interstate. Officers attempted to use their tasers and say one officer resorted to using his gun when the man charged at officers. The man was shot twice in the abdomen, according to WRIC."

Quote: " A 41-year-old Seattle man was found dead in the Nooksack River. The State Patrol received reports of a naked man near Mount Baker Highway and Cornell Creek Road before noon on Saturday. Authorities say he was in a serious mental health crisis and that he believed he was affected by demons. A trooper spotted the man in the river attempting to drive a stake into his mouth."

The White House and the Environmental Protection Agency under Scott Pruitt sought earlier this year to stop the publication of a study on toxic chemicals that have contaminated water nationwide, Politico reported Monday, citing emails that were recently disclosed. The effort to block publication came after a Trump administration aide warned the study would spark a "potential public relations nightmare."

ATSDR refers to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which had been preparing to publish a health study about toxic chemicals that have polluted water supplies near chemical plants and military bases, as well as other locations in the United States.

The study addresses chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS that are contaminating water systems nationwide. Politico reports that, according to the emails, the study would convey that the chemicals pose dangers to health at a much lower level than the EPA previously deemed safe. [more]

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley on Tuesday said Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt must scale back the use of biofuels waivers for small refineries, or else he will join other lawmakers calling for Pruitt’s resignation. [more]

It is a cannibalistic, fist-sized frog covered in a noxious mucous secretion that burns your eyes. Its affinity for human structures leads it to clog drains and short-out the utility switches in which they lurk. They are spreading through the U.S. and we can’t stop them.

As a generalist predator, the Cuban Tree Frog will eat anything it can get in its mouth, including native tree frogs and even the occasional snake. This could potentially disrupt the food supplies that sustain other animals. As prey, one study suggests they’re not nearly as nutritious as Louisiana’s native tree frogs, meaning that native predators, such as garter snakes, could unknowingly apply the same amount of energy for a lesser meal. They could also carry diseases that threaten native amphibians. [more]

Viacom has laid off about 100 employees as the company looks to reduce costs and transform its business operations. The job losses impact those who work in support services like information technology, finance and human resources, but not those directly involved in content creation. [more]

Republican state Sen. Scott Wagner, the party establishment’s pick, prevailed in the Pennsylvania GOP governor primary election on Tuesday, and he will now face Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in one of 2018’s most important gubernatorial races. [more]

[you can simply get some fentanyl laced heroin and wave goodbye; you can get in your car, parked in the garage, turn it on and listen to the radio as you pass out – or drive it too fast into a bridge support – we don’t need no steeenking loss, mine!]