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WELCOME to a fresh new week here on the big blog. TODAY – Monday June 23RD 2008 – turned out to be the busiest Monday in the history of this blog. You gas laws crazy cats shattered the previous Monday record (set back in April) by a mind-boggling 28.7%, and you did that without me. I didn’t even touch my blog until after the day had officially ended (at 8 PM EDT / 12 AM UTC).

Last week we enjoyed our busiest Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday EVER, and it was also electricity 2014 our busiest (Monday to Sunday) week EVER by a whopping 15.5%. Keep on doing your thing on here – reading and commenting. It’s all part of the overall concept of blogging. You are all bloggers, and together we are keeping in touch with each other when we can’t be right next to each other physically. It’s like a ministry of fellowship on here. This is how we take our faith public via modern electronic means in the 21ST Century.

I was at my Saturn dealership in Cutler Bay for nearly 7 hours today waiting on my car as it was getting nearly $1,100 worth of repair work done. Luckily I didn’t pay that much (because there were exactly 3 days remaining with the original 5-year extended warranty for static electricity definition science the car). During those 7 hours I scribbled down a few rough notes in preparation for tomorrow electricity bill average’s ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’. It’s the most spontaneous blog entry of the entire week, and you’re not gonna believe some of my thoughts tomorrow. It’s what everyone will be talking about around the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday on Wednesday. Don’t you dare miss it. You won’t regret it pal.

2. Richie Nieves and Mark Martinez (in his final LPC appearance) put up Pastor Paul‘s Information Booth this morning gas zone edenvale. It only took them about an hour and 15 minutes to do so. Pastor Paul can usually do it blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back in about 15 minutes or less. OK I’m exaggerating here, but the point that I’m trying to make is that only Pastor Paul can put that thing up and make it look great within a minimal period of time. That’s why everyone refers to it as ‘Pastor Paul’s Information Booth’.

3. Pastor Travis took a well-deserved break this week to allow Pastor Paul to lead this week’s message. As part of our extended electricity origin ‘Got Funk ?’ message series Paul spoke on ‘The Funk In Death’. I don’t have any of my notes from this morning’s service because of what happened this afternoon following the services. Pastor Travis and Pastor Paul are expected to post their ‘Sunday electricity videos for 4th grade Wrap-Up’ and ‘Sunday Stew’ respectively. Additionally Marcela is substituting for the working LL Phil J, and she admitted that there could be trouble if she doesn’t follow through with her promise to post the ‘Sunday Talk Soup’. Look for those synopses to appear at a blog near you later tonight or early tomorrow.

4. At 12:15 this afternoon I went out to my car in the movie theatre power outage houston zip code’s parking lot, and it would not start. The battery was low, and it wouldn’t crank. ‘Service Vehicle’ appeared on the computerized display on the dashboard. I ended up riding with Paul and Nathan in the ‘Hollifieldmobile’ over to the LPC offices, and then we picked-up the rest of the Hollifields and ventured east over to Homestead Bayfront Park.

5. If you’re looking for a down-and-dirty scandalous report from the beach regarding our baptisms then gas kinetic energy prepare to be disappointed my friend. Everything went fine and dandy at the beach. One of the lifeguards that was a huge part of the April 13TH melee even came over to us and very politely asked us to move slightly over to the left-hand side of the beach area so as to not block the front side of one of the lifeguard stands. We did so, and then we proceeded. About a dozen new believers went public with their new faith in God. We had an audience in excess of 100 including virtually every other soul that was in the water electricity cost per month looking on from beyond. It was a beautiful picture and a beautiful event on a beautiful day at the beach. God was smiling down at us, and the devil was running away from the scene of the crime as fast as he possibly could without even looking back.

6. I won’t be at Life gas yoga Pointe Church next Sunday morning. In fact I won’t even be in Homestead or Florida. I’ll be on vacation elsewhere. Be sure to check out the previously identified blogs for the happenings of next Sunday morning. I’ll be back with your next exciting edition of the ‘Tossed Salad’ on Sunday July 06TH. I’ll see you cats then !

Hey kids it’s time for the 55TH edition of the ‘Bedtime Stories’ – and the first in 16 days. A loyal and faithful fan of this blog called in to the blog’s toll-free hotline this afternoon – OK who are we kidding here – it was Ela ! Anyway she was inquiring ideal gas definition chemistry as to why there were no more ‘Bedtime Stories’ on here. I explained to her that ‘Blatant Promotion’ was the new ‘Bedtime Stories’ for the summer. She stated that while ‘Blatant Promotion’ was fine and dandy she still wanted her ‘Bedtime 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe Stories’ every so often. So back by popular Ela’s demand here we are with the Friday night edition of the ‘Bedtime Stories’. It’s brought to you by American Airlines – Doing What We Do Best !

I’m looking forward to going on vacation in just about a week from now. Next weekend my ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigans’ will arkansas gas tax occur at an altitude of approximately 35,000 feet as I fly from Miami International Aeropuerto ( MIA) to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport ( DFW). I’ll be in the Dallas area for less than a day, and then it’s on to San Antonio with my little brother. We’ll be living and playing on the River Walk for about 4 days.

As long as my brother has his laptop with him I’ll continue to blog at least one entry per day – at the very least to keep the current streak alive. This is the 210TH day in a row that I have gas efficient cars under 10000 posted a blog entry on here. I haven’t missed a single day since the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we had our soft opening here on WordPress. I’d hate to end that streak while on vacation. If anything I should have more time to blog, so I’ll see what I can do by the River.