“Just a group of imperfect people who are following the call of god’s ministry” west virginia conference of the united methodist church electricity through wood


Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church is located in the rural southwestern corner of Harrison County in the town of Kincheloe, named for one of its first settlers and the creek of the same name that runs through the eastern part of the district. gas mask ark Sitting on top of a hill in the center of the village, Pleasant Hill has a long tradition of ministry to the tight-knit people of Kincheloe since its founding in 1845. The small church exemplifies how to minister to the children of a community all year long and is showing that God still speaks to us in our world today.

The tragedy made her think about how her church was serving the community. Those thoughts are still vivid in her mind today, 10 years later. “I wondered if anyone had ever invited this young man to church,” she pondered. “I wondered if the church did enough for the kids in our community.” She prayed hard about it and came to the conclusion that, no matter how much the church engaged people in the community, it could always do more.

Before becoming VBS coordinator in 2015, Jennifer took her children to Vacation Bible Schools in three different cities, gathering ideas and looking for inspiration. Intentional prayer for guidance, learning to listen when God speaks, and enlisting volunteers was next on her agenda. “My prayer has always been and will continue to be for God to help us to be the fishers of men that he wants us to be,” she stated proudly.

With more than 137 registered in the summer of 2018, the church faced a new obstacle. Oil and gas activity was booming, and the narrow, winding roads were not accustomed to the heavy equipment and constant truck traffic. It made for a potentially dangerous situation. gas x strips after gastric sleeve The church again prayed for God’s intervention. A few days before VBS began, one of the companies working in the area offered to pay for a police officer to direct traffic and watch over the activities each night during VBS hours. Yet again, prayers were answered.

As a small church in a rural community, Pleasant Hill has faced many obstacles throughout its history. The current church building was built in 1905 and has had few upgrades over the past 113 years. gas mask tattoo There are no classrooms and no fellowship hall for events. Members acknowledge that their facilities are outdated. “Frankly, our well water stinks,” Jennifer joked.

Like many congregations in the West Virginia Conference, Pleasant Hill has shared a pastor on a multi-point charge for many years. gas variables pogil key Because of its remoteness to its sister church and not having a pastoral presence every Sunday, the church readily identifies itself as lay-led. Jennifer noted that, “Although the minister is an important part of the church, the church does not revolve around the minister.”

Pastor Destry, a Licensed Local Pastor who has been assigned to Pleasant Hill and New Bethel churches for the past 10 years, agrees. He also knows from where the energy and passion comes. “We are experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in never-before-seen ways and are experiencing the fruits of healing, lives being changed, and captives being set free,” he said. “Our growing, thriving congregation is full of new ideas that are reaching outside the walls of the church into the lives of the youth in the area.”

During a time when many churches have moved away from a formal Sunday School program, Pleasant Hill centers its Sunday worship on more than just traditional services and orders of worship. “Because we didn’t always have a preacher every week, we have always had an active Sunday School program,” Jennifer explained. “We find that Sunday School is one reason why young families are coming to our church. We have developed a good program that is age specific and biblically sound for all ages.”

The congregation hesitates to accept praise for its successes. But members are extremely proud of what God is doing in their community and how their ministry has gone outside the church to change people’s lives, including their own. According to Jennifer, they are “just a group of imperfect people who are following the call of God’s ministry” in their lives.

“Has our church grown?” Jennifer summarized. “Yes, we’ve grown, but we still have empty pews. grade 9 electricity test questions Is it worth all this effort even if you don’t see the kids again until the next event? Absolutely! We are planting seeds that may not be harvested in our church, but we must take advantage of every opportunity, and it truly only takes a spark to get a fire going. Even the smallest light can shine bright for Jesus…even in Kincheloe.”