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The experience, the fauna and the sight seeing was just stunning but what is more important to me was… Let me start with my arrival… Tarif was more than helpful accommodating our late arrival to the lodge and securing a late transport. He also suggested a place for dinner which was amazing! Our guide Robinson was just simply amazing! He made me feel like part of the crew and during down time we exchanged stories. The staff… They will make sure that you are well fed and taken care of. This is the only trip where I gained weight! You will be served electricity definition science 3 impressive meals, including the delicious tasting fish Tambaqui. Gero, the owner… When I met him the first thing he said to me was If you’re happy, I’m happy. He is a simple, humble and very charismatic person. Not your just a handshake kind of guy, more like a hug and feel like family guy. We told jokes with Toucan who works at the bar next to the entrance to the lodge and is a fan of Vasco da Gama. At my departure from the lodge I couldn’t avoid to feel sad, this is a place where they make you feel welcome, they plan their activities according to your taste, making you feel part of a team. Also, I was lucky enough to meet Gero’s family and friends, since they where also there for Independence Day holiday. The experience tropico 5 electricity, the fauna and the sight seeing was just stunning but what is more important to me was Gero and his staff, his family and friends. Hope to see them soon! More Show less

Our trip with Gero Tours could not have been better. From the moment we left Manaus, to our reluctant return five days later, we had the most incredible experience. Our guide, Sean, was phenomenal – so friendly, welcoming and funny, but also very informative. I was nervous about the sustainability of bringing gringoes into such a fragile environment, but both Sean and our Captain were very clear about Gero Tours emphasis on minimising their environmental impact, and maximising the benefits they can offer to the local community. We were able to swim in the Wedding of the Waters, and at numerous other points throughout our five day excursion – including a swim with a beer as we watched the sunset one day. We saw everything from tarantulas, to boas, to sloths and parrots. We tried (and failed) to canoe ourselves around the flooded forest, and tried to catch ourselves a piranha supper (catching only three tiny fish in total – we had chicken instead). On our final night, we slept out in the jungle in hammocks, and went out and stargazed on the boat in the middle of the night. The tour couldn’t have been more well-organised, and was also such electricity word search j farkas answers good value for money. It was the complete highlight of my six weeks in South America, and if we could have, I think we would have all moved there permanently. I’m sure all the guides are fantastic, but Sean went above and beyond to make our trip incredible, and we are all so so grateful. The memories will be with us forever. Obrigada Gero Tours!!

I would like to start off by saying that this was a fantastic experience that went really smoothly. The guides all spoke fantastic English and were really experienced. If you love nature, then this is an absolute must and from people that I talked with this was definitely the best company based in Manaus for the tour. We arrived in Manaus and the tour company had sent someone to pick us up even though our flight arrived late in the evening, they were on time and they took us to our hotel in Manaus. Day 1 – We were then picked up in the morning to go to the office and pay. Just to mention that you don’t have to pay in advance and that you pay when you get there. We then traveled across the meetings electricity physics formulas of the water and went further into the amazon. The transport was a VW Camper which you will see across the whole of Brazil, but we thought that this was cool 🙂 We went piranha fishing in the afternoon and then went out at night to catch and hold a cayman. Just to mention at this point that the area of the amazon that you will visit is flooded in June when we went and you will spend most of your time on a boat. Day 2 – We went bird watching, we saw birds such as toucans, macaws, parrots, and other rare birds. We also got to see a few sloths and got to hold one. Day 3 – We went for a trek into the Jungle. Here we got to see a tarantula, many ants, and other insects. I ate a lava out of a nut, touched an ants nest and learned a lot about the health benefits of many plants that you find in the Jungle. On the evening, we took the boat and camped in the jungle. This electricity word search answers was a fantastic experience and would say if you have any doubts you are only there once and you should do it for the ability to say that you camped under the stars and with nature and if not that you should do it for the chicken that we cooked on the camp fire. This was a lot better than any k electric bill chicken I have ever tasted and no I don’t just go to Nandos. Day 4 – we went out and got to see a pink dolphin and went looking for a snake. We got to see one in the trees, but we couldn’t get it down as it was too high. We also got to visit the locals and learned about how they have adapted to life. The locals are not natives and you have to pre-arrange with the company to see the natives as they will need a permit from the government. Day 5 – We got to see the big tree, went for a swim and went out on the boat to try and find an anaconda again. This itinerary is not exact as it has been over a month since I have got back now. I would recommend to visit the Amazon for 4 nights and 5 days and if you have the time stay for an extra day do so as you will miss it. The accommodation was great and they provide you with mosquito nets. We took malaria tablets, but no one else there was. There have been no recorded malaria cases in all of the years that Gero tours have been running. The mosquito season starts from the end of May and will get worse and is better from the end of August/start of September. One last point to note is to ask for Sammy. They will know who you mean and he will bring many laughs and his adventurous and no fear personality to the group and you will have an amazing time. As I say definitely visit the Amazon and I will likely go back one day as it was out of this electricity clipart world. If you only get an email with a few lines saying they confirm don’t worry, this gas efficient cars under 5000 is what they do and they will definitely turn up. I hope that you get the chance to visit this wonderful part of the world and I would go with Gero again if I was to go to the same place.

I don’t know where to start to explain just how amazing this tour was! My partner and I did the 2 night, 3 day Arara tour. From start to end it was an incredible, unforgettable experience. Our guide Shaun was amazing!!!!!!! He was so friendly and VERY knowledgable about everything in the jungle. Nothing was ever a problem and he was always smiling. We did so many activities – saw the meeting of the waters, giant water lilies, canoed through the flooded forest, trekked in the jungle, saw lots of wildlife, held a caiman, watched the sunset/sunrise, swam in the lake, saw pink dolphins, ate piranha, met the villagers and learnt a lot about their way of life. The views at this place are phenomenal. No photos could ever do it justice. The whole place is so relaxing and tranquil. The jungle lodge was way better than we expected too. We booked a private lodge and had our own bathroom, fan, electricity etc We also had the opportunity to stay in a hammock in the jungle for one night….definitely recommended – what an experience!! The guides were awesome, there’s nothing those guys cannot do. A couple of tips… 1) take plenty of clothes – the jungle electricity in indian villages is very humid. A shower and a change of clothes makes you feel a lot better. 2) BUG SPRAY! Especially if you camp in the jungle. We used a spray with 50% deet and still got eaten alive! In summary this was the best experience of our lives, we were so sad to leave and regretted not booking a longer trip. We would highly recommend Gero Tours.

We found Gero tours in the lonely planet book and also through trip advisor. We booked our tour before we left the UK by email and whatsapp messages with Gero and his colleagues. We did the 3 day 2 night tour and orlando electricity providers throughly enjoyed it. Gero tours made sure that we were looked after in terms of getting around Manaus. They picked us up from airport, took us to their office to pay, took us to our hotel and then did the same once we were back from the jungle. Our jungle tour was fantastic. Our guide was Samir Ghandi who was absolutely brilliant. A genuinely nice guy who’s one aim is to pass on his knowledge of the Amazon onto others and share his experiences with you. He has so many stories to share. He even found a jungle cure for my partners athletes foot!!! We stayed in a private room at the lodge. The lodge was good and the food was good too. Our only complaint was that our room had a horrible smell of stagnant water. Overall the tour and activities were fantastic and Samir was by far the best guide you could ever have in the Amazon!!! We would thoroughly recommend the tour to anyone!