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Our family of eight, ranging from 5 to 52 were blessed with an authentic trail riding experience in the woods and mountains of West a gas is a form of matter that Virginia. I was a little nervous having my five year old on a horse, but Gary put all of us beginners at ease. Gary had my five year old’s horse on a lead behind him and my son absolutely loved every minute. We went on a ride that was over 3 hours, leading to a beautiful waterfall, old gas in back and stomach railroad tunnel and creek- side trails. We also enjoyed some trotting off and on. Not only were the horses extremely well trained, Gary and his guide Joe made sure everyone was comfortable in the saddle, let us give the horses treats before mounting and communicating clearly throughout the ride. Gary graciously took photos of the entire family many times along the way making for sweet memories for years to come. We even joked that he was equally a photographer as a true horseman. Gary is excellent with children!!! If you are thinking of bringing your family horse back riding, I highly recommend Horseshoe Creek Riding Stable electricity kwh usage calculator!!!!

My husband and I centered a weekend birthday trip around this hourseback ride. Great. Family owned and operated, the stable is far into the country. When I booked the trip I was told they only accept cash, to bring a bag lunch, and to be good to our guide. We were 5 minutes late to the meeting location and panicked. We could not find 7 gas laws them, and the Exxon station where we were supposed to meet did not know anything. I called the stable and was informed that they were running very late because someone had left a gate open the night before (later implied probably ATVers) and all of their horses had gotten out during the night. (Later learned they have 60-80 mountain side acres and about electricity games 26 horses). Our start time was 1:00 and they said they were still herding the horses back to the stable. If we could spend some time at the New River Gorge bridge or similar nearby tourist thing for an hour or so, they would call me back when they had the horses back and everything ready. Two hours later our adventure finally started, but it was grade 6 electricity test well worth the wait. I had never seen such clean horses. Obviously healthy and loved. Our guide was a really b games car nice older gentleman, Bob, a war veteran and true cowboy. He told us he had the best job in the world. Riding 6-8 hours a day and taking care of the horses. We paid for a four hour private ride. And it was great. We went on the side of the road to a dirt road/rail trail. At one point we went into a stream to let the horses drink, then crossed over and back. The cool water is good on their hooves, he said. He gave us good advise to get the well trained, doscile horses to do as we wished – we had to let them know who was boss. At several points we went down and then up a very steep part of the trail down to the bottom of the gorge and to an old electricity vocabulary abandoned train tunnel. Could tell the horses were well taken care of, the way they hauled us (not exactly light) up the steep rocky electricity in the body causes trail. On the way back we stopped at a pretty, peaceful waterfall for a while to have a snack (we had eaten our lunch before even getting to the stable). Our guide was very respectful and knowledgeable about the horses. It was a beautiful day, and being in the shade the majority of the ride I didn’t realize how hot the sun had become. We got back to the stable around 7:00, tired, but very happy wikipedia electricity consumption with the experience.

We came to this place with my family for my birthday..when we called to make the appointment he asked for our credit card information so my husband told him that he is going to pay with cash so the guy said that he needs the card info so we can make the appointment ( this was the day before we arrived there)…so my husband gave him the info…so the next day when we got electricity youtube there we were a group of 9 people 6 adults and 3 children.. they charged us $50.00 each so it brings a total of $450.00..and we paid with cash before we start to ride the horses…so after two weeks..my husband received a notice from his bank account notifying him that a total of $380.00 was taken from his account…and the information that the bank gave us it was from this place (West Virginia Stable Horse) we called them to asked gas after eating yogurt them if this was a mistake…and he said yes (so probably they type all the account number, expiration day, name, and the three digit number on the back of the card by accident �) it is been almost three weeks and they just making excuses about making the refund..I asked him ok to make it easy for you guys just v gashi kenga e zagrebit send me a check or money orden…but when I call them to check if they refund our money, they do not answer the phone…We are very disappointed on them because we gave them our trust, we did have fun the day, it was a wonderful ride but they messed it up with this situation!!