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My coworker in the cube next to me just got one of those operations. I can’t remember which. He’s dropping weight like crazy. I’ve overheard a lot of his conversations and evidently a lot of people do gain weight back after a couple years. I’ve seen some people keep it off successfully though.

My best bud is an ICU doctor. He had a patient that had the surgery and not only never lost weight but she continued to gain. Come to find out, after interrogating her, her evening routine consisted of going to Sams on the way home from work where she’d buy a bucket of jelly. Then she’d go home and and sit on the couch and just eat jelly spoon by spoon slowly over the course of the night. She eventually had so many weight related issues that she ended up in ICU.

I have been trying to cut carbs out of my diet and exercise more. Unfortunately, sitting behind a desk all day is awful when it comes to weight loss. Work will not spring for a stand-up desk and the cube does not have enough room to fab something. I wanted to sit on a yoga ball to at least work on my core during the day but some uncoordinated fucktard fell off hers and management has deemed them to be dangerous.

I love how every person in here automatically assumes that every obese person is that way because all they do is over eat and never gets off the couch. Yes there are some that are that way. There are also others who’s body’s do not process food the same as others, have medical conditions that cause weight issues and no matter what they try the minute they loose weight, it returns. Studies have shown that as you gain weight your body becomes accustomed to being a certain size and even leveling off of a strict diet will allow your body to rapidly return to its previous size. A naturally skinny person can binge every once in a while and have no ill affects to their weight. When someone who has lost considerable amounts of weight does the same thing they balloon up. It takes years for a body to adjust to being obese. It takes far longer for the same body to revert back to becoming accustomed to being thinner. This is why so many people that loose weight end up reverting back to the size they were before. They join in on what ever the current weight loss bandwagon is, loose some weight and start feeling great so they back off, even a little, and bam there goes all their progress. After doing this multiple times they become disillusioned and give up all together or resort to drastic measures like gastric surgery. People who have the surgeries have a better success rate at keeping the weight off providing they follow the eating plans. Sticking to the plan and loosing the weight is the easy part. Maintaining the weight after the loss is where many fail.

I have known/met people on all ends of the spectrum. Some have had the surgery and it truly helped them whether with diabetes or weight. Most I have talked to who had a surgery had to lose some weight and show discipline for 6 months or so if it is just an eating problem. I think this is a good way to determine who is a good candidate with the will power to be successful.

I have known plenty of people who are just lazy and make excuses. Many of these struggle to cope with aging and slower metabolism. They just want to eat how they always have and blame it on some medical problem that doesn’t really exist. I worked with a lady for 10 years that was a little thick from 2 kids when I first started, but still very attractive. She slowly gained another 20-30 lbs for several years (around the age of 40). She started going to the doctor insisting it was thyroid or something. She went to all kinds of doctors and they ran every test imaginable and couldn’t find anything wrong. She still to this day claims the doctors are idiots and can’t diagnose a simple thyroid problem. A few years ago (after years of badgering the doctors) she was told that she had developed hypoglycemia (or something like that) from her weight. She began being much more disciplined in her eating, but just never made time to work out. Admittedly her circumstances made it hard to make time for it. She lost a little weight and flatlined, but I think she has never come to grips with aging and slower metabolism. Now she has this hypoglycemia problem that compounds her issues. If she had come to terms with what was going on sooner and tried to eat better or do something about she would likely be far better off today.

I would say on average more than 50% of the overweight people I know just need to stop eating and get a little activity. Some of them don’t understand what activity is. Sales people/teachers who are on their feet all day "I am always moving and I get XXXX amount of steps a day" and crap excuses like that. Some truly have a medical condition whether self inflicted or just bad luck. I do tend to find myself judgmental about people are fat. Probably more than I should. Much of that is because I see what they are eating, drinking, or buying at the grocery store and it’s really hard to have sympathy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a chicken fried steak, ice cream, etc. I just don’t eat them all the time and tend to eat good portions of quality food most of the time. Once I really started paying attention to what I eat 10+ years ago I really can tell when I eat fried food or other garbage. I think for most if they could just eat better for a few months and get some activity they would realize how that other junk makes them feel and make better decisions.