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Kangaskhan is a large, bipedal creature with a thick tail. It has a brown hide with several raised patches, and a cream-colored belly. On top of its head is a black patch, and it has large cream-colored ears and red eyes. Its snout is short and rounded with two pointed teeth protruding from its upper jaw. There are epaulette-like growths over its shoulders and a row of spikes down its back. It has three clawed digits on each hand and foot. In the pouch on its belly, it carries a baby Kangaskhan. Unlike its parent, the baby is light purple and has smooth skin. Kangaskhan is a female-only species with no male counterpart.

As Mega Kangaskhan, the mother Kangaskhan appears unchanged. However, the baby temporarily grows into a child and gains some new features. There are now raised patches on its knees similar to those seen on its mother. These patches also appear aligned horizontally along its belly. Small, spiked growths appear underneath its ears. The child is feisty, hates to lose and will boldly challenge its opponents to protect its mother. [1] The mother’s happiness over its child’s growth is the source of its additional strength. However, it feels uneasy about the child’s future, as it is only skilled at fighting and nothing else, and is reminded of the day the child leaves her.

Kangaskhan is a nurturing Pokémon that protects its young at all costs. The baby leaves the pouch only rarely until it is three years old. In order to avoid crushing the baby, Kangaskhan sleeps standing up. If the mother feels the environment is safe, it will allow its young out to play. However, it will violently attack anything that it sees as a threat to its young. Regardless of how badly injured it becomes, the mother will not cease fighting until its young is safe. Although it was nearly hunted to extinction, Kangaskhan can be found in savannahs and other grasslands. In the anime

In Take a Chance on Chansey in a flashback of Agatha’s, Professor Oak is seen with a Kangaskhan, nicknamed Kanga, on his team from their league battle over two decades ago, and uses her to fight the bitter woman’s Gengar, winning the match after hours. He still has her by the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, and she is beaten both by the Team Rocket member Orm and Guile Hideout along with most of his other Pokémon, including his newly evolved Fearow. She has not been seen since.

In the second special chapter of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga, Mars has a Kangaskhan which she uses against Deoxys. Kangaskhan succeeded in critically wounding it. After using Outrage on Deoxys, she became confused and started to attack everything around her due to the side effect of Outrage. She also smashed her own Poké Ball while on rampage. Kangaskhan was eventually defeated by Deoxys in Attack Forme.

NA: What happens when Kangaskhan, the Parent Pokémon, Mega Evolves? The baby in its pouch jumps out and joins in the battle! All grown up, that baby is ready to protect its mother! "It’s just a baby!" you might say, but look into those eyes – there is a ferocity there that will be tough to beat. Here comes a one-two combo from mom and baby!

PAL: You may feel underwhelmed the first time you see the Parent Pokémon Mega Evolve. "What, the kid just jumped out of the pouch? Is that it?" But take a closer look at its face – the child’s brimming with a fierce determination to protect its mother. With this brave new partner, Mega Kangaskhan gains the ability to attack twice in one turn! Game data NPC appearances