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I’m reading a book about this case. I’m surprised that I didn’t already know about this ,as I live only about 45minutes away from Corvallis. This whole story is just Awful, my deepest sympathies go out to David Sheehan, who seemed to be the only constant safe person this poor, sweet little girl had . He seems to be a wonderful father as well as just a generally nice man. I too lost a child at a very young age ( tho- my son was born with a Brain tumor and died of a seizure) and I’m a way I can identifies with that loss, however I can’t imagine having to hear about the brutality that little Karly had to endure…….. my heart aches for her loving father. As for Sarah Sheehan , I’m a bit nauseated by her. Knowing how she profited off of her daughter’s tragic murder, and that she was out on the town the day, and prior days leading up to the murder. How she won an award from Glamour magazine, due to her "efforts" in creating Karlys Angels, a foundation to help and give resources to single struggling mothers. I’m not surprised I was unable to find the web site, as i imagine all the donated monies went to Sarah Sheehans gambling addiction. Anyway, I really wanted to express my heart felt condolences to David Sheehan and his family and to those who knew and loved little Karly Sheehan.

I just saw this heart breaking story on t.v., and my heart goes out to the father David…in my opinion, not only did the system fail this beautiful little girl, the mother, oh the mother, I can’t find the words for the women!! She was no mother…not only does she seem to be under the influence of something, but the common sense this women lacks is amazing, or she could be just plain lying…she kept talking about how she was the victim, how she was emotionally abused, how she suffered..I kept growing more and more frustrated and angry at this woman, seriously wondering what the heck david saw in her in the first place…and I see pics of her with celebrities, creating a foundation about single mothers who are abused and who have lost their kids, which would be great if I didn’t think this woman was lying …she knew what was going on, she had to know, and I don’t care how abusive this man was, nothing would of stopped me from checking on my daughter..and the 911 call, that bothered me as well…there was a death of a baby in my family yrs ago, my sisters baby, she died of a illness, a 911 call was made and it didn’t take almost a minute and a half to actually give the dispatcher her address, plus my own daughter who had a seizure from diabetes, that scared the life out of me, again took a split second to get the address out…I know it’s scary and hard, especially for a parent, but u would think you would want the parametrics there asap, why did it take so long for her to give that address…I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, but I think she is covering her own butt, I think she is mentally ill in someway, and probably under some drug influence, I studied this in college, and she fits it to a tee…in my opinion she should of been held accountable of child neglect & abuse, cause when it comes down to it, she put her daughter into the care of this man over and over again, and she had to have know, she had to have seen the bruises, my God even the birth father seen them and others, so the mother is the one who ended her daughters life by simply not caring about her daughter and leaving her with the man who beat her like this poor baby was a grown man every time they were alone together…the mother should be in jail!!!!