Kasautii zindagii kay 2 december 7, 2018 written update full episode with anurag in hospital, will prerna not find out about naveen babu’s marriage latestly z gas cd juarez telefono


Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Naveen Babu waiting by the road side for Anurag’s (Parth Samthaan) car to come. Madhuri comes to meet Naveen in her car and thinks why she’s feeling so low today. She wonders to herself and thinks it could be because it’s first time they’re plotting someone’s murder. She calls Naveen, but he doesn’t answer as he wants to concentrate only on Anurag’s arrival.

Anurag is busy video chatting with Prerna (Erica Fernandes) and discussing about her marriage, which is tomorrow. He asks her not to worry and assures that everything will be fine. electricity year 4 Prerna tells Anurag that she’s worried for him and requests him to not do any such thing which will lead to more problems. Anurag asks her to not worry about him and teases her that her relatives will suspect that something is going between them. He says that he wants to ask her something, which he has been thinking about when they were dancing together. He asks what was it that was on her mind and why were her eyes moist. gas jet compressor He tells her that he wants to know why was she crying. He inquires if something wrong or if she wanted to say something. He asks her to tell it to him now. He tells her to confess now as it would be too late when he gets to her house. He teases her that every time they meet they only get busy fighting. While they are talking to each other, Naveen sees Anurag’s car from far and asks his man to get ready. He hopes that this will be Anurag’s last day and the happily ever after of him and his jaan.

Prerna is trying to tell Anurag what she was feeling that day, but she is not confident and can’t explain it to him. gas finder rochester ny Anurag tells I will tell you one of my secrets which no one knows, first you say then I will say. Just then while they were taking a turn a biker comes in between and stops the car. On seeing this Naveen starts his vehicle and comes straight in their direction and ramps their car which falls upside down. Prerna is on video chat so she sees it and shouts and runs outside to reach out to Anurag. At the accident spot Naveen passes by and tells his man to go and see whether Anurag is dead or alive, just as he was going to get down people gather and tell them both to come down from their vehicle but Naveen pushes them and runs from the site. Also see: Here’s when Hina Khan will resume KZK 2 shoot

People are trying to take out Anurag and Sid from the car as petrol is leaking and it can burst any time. Both are out with peoples help, but suddenly Anurag realizes he has left the marriage certificate, which is the only proof against Naveen and goes back to get it. So he goes to the car and brings the certificate when he comes out of the car and walks a little ahead, the car bursts and he falls down suddenly. Here in Prerna’s house she is running like crazy, her dupatta catches fire, but she is not bothered. r gas constant kj Her mom, sister run behind her, but she is unstoppable . Prerna tries to stop a auto so that she can reach Anurag, but no one stops so she runs like mad here and there. Finally she stops an auto and asks him to drive fast.

In Anurag’s house, Mohini is feeling as if he is calling her and something is wrong. She asks everyone where is Anurag please find him as I am feeling something is wrong with Anurag, he is in pain. Moley tries to console her, but she is not ready for it. She goes upstairs to see whether he is there or not. gas 78 industries Madhuri is eagerly waiting for Naveen to listen the good news and sees he is upset and in tension, she asks what is the matter? He says, I think people have saved him, my plan has failed. He tells I will go to the spot, but Madhuri stops him and says I will go there and see whether he is dead or alive and if he is alive I will put him in my car and keep him there till he dies, you don’t worry and go back to Mohini Villa else they may suspect you. Naveen is not in a position to go back, he says he wants to see if Anurag is dead or alive. But she makes him understand and asks him to return. Anurag is being taken to the hospital by the people, doctor’s take him inside the operation theater.