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Happy December 1st! I always love the beginning of a new month, especially December! With Christmas coming up and the new year, I always feel super excited and motivated to end the year on a high note. gas 93 octane Like the past two years, I am bringing back #KaylaBlogsHoliday as a hashtag and place to share your favorite holiday-style pics on Instagram! Like I’ve done in 2016 and 2017, I will share some of my favorites on the blog and now that Instagram stories are a thing, I’ll share some more pics throughout the month on my stories as well so make sure you use the hashtag!

Today Ryan and I watched OU play Texas in the Big 12 championship and we were so excited they won! We also went to see The Grinch earlier and are now home and binge-watching Friends 😉 In a few weeks I’ll be done my fall placement and my fall semester classes and Ryan and I will be heading to Punta Cana with my mom, dad, and brother for my dad’s 50th birthday on December 21st! I am so excited to, again, have an opportunity to leave the cold behind for a little while. If you didn’t know already, winter is NOT my favorite season, haha. I am also sending out Christmas cards again this year! If you want one, head to my Instagram and send me a DM! We only bought a few ~fancy~ personalized Christmas cards from Minted but I’m planning to head to Target and get some more so I can make sure every one of you who wants a card can get one!

At the end of August, Ryan and I took a trip to Miami for 5 days. I wanted to go somewhere fun to end the summer and Miami did not disappoint. Ryan and I had never been there before so we tried to see and do a wide variety of things. Disclaimer: we aren’t huge drinkers/partiers so we didn’t stay in South Beach very much. We tried to do as much as we could in the 5 days we were there, but Ryan was still working. electricity questions grade 6 Some days we had a late start because Ryan had to be on some conference calls. I still think we saw a lot of awesome things in 5 days! Our Airbnb.

We started out walking around the Wynwood neighborhood. ogasco abu dhabi It was super trendy and cute and we loved walking around! Obviously, Miami is super super hot (even more so in the dead of summer + very humid!) so, admittedly, we didn’t do too much walking. We had a rental car that we drove around the whole time we were there. The highlights of Wynwood were Wynwood Walls, Wynwood Yard, and the Wynwood Marketplace. Wynwood Walls is a huge outdoor art gallery. There’s a small indoor portion too that has A/C if you need a break from the heat! There were tons of really awesome murals and it was 100% free to walk around. Wynwood Yard is an outdoor food truck market. hp gas online booking phone number There’s a bar there and live music occasionally as well. We went in the middle of the afternoon at an odd time. It wasn’t quite lunch but not yet dinnertime, so we were some of the only people there. gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers It was really good though and I recommend checking it out! Lots of really interesting food trucks and a great stop for lunch or late-night vibes. Wynwood Marketplace is just what it sounds like! An outdoor market located in the Wynwood neighborhood.

Ya girl is back with a new life update post! I’ve had a really fun last few months of summer and have started something HUGE for the fall so let’s chat about it! These posts contain life updates, books I’ve read since the last chit chat post, TV shows and movies I’ve been watching, podcasts I’ve been listening to, and recent purchases! Let me know what you’ve been watching/reading/listening to in the comments! I love hearing what you’re up to.

• Finished up the summer in the clinic at UD. gas yoga I have officially “graduated” from the Speech-Language-Hearing clinic at UD! It’s bittersweet, to say the least. I got to know so many amazing clients and families and worked with incredible mentors. It’s weird to officially be out in the “real world” doing therapy now which brings me to my next big update…

• I’m in elementary school! That’s right, I just started my fall semester placement in an elementary school in Wilmington, DE. I started last Tuesday and it has been great so far! I have yet to meet most of the speech students I’ll be working with but today was the first day of school which was SUPER exciting! I’m there Monday-Thursday during the school hours 8:20-3:50.

• I started my fall semester classes. My Friday’s are packed but it’s not terrible! I have Foundations III in the morning from 9-12 where we talk about our capstone projects, Seminar in the afternoon from 3-4 with our clinical director to go over what’s happening in our placements, and Aural Rehab at night from 4-6ish. I told ya it’s packed! It’s a long day but the classes themselves don’t seem like they’ll be too time consuming which is amazing.

• I tried my first boxing and pilates classes! Y’all know I love spin and am 100% addicted, but I had to try out boxing and pilates just to see. They both were a lot harder than I expected but it was a lot of fun to switch up my workout. I have to tell ya though, spin will always have my heart! Nothing beats being in the dark room with the music bumpin’.