Kayla story patterson, julie westendorff answer candidacy questions

On Nov. Types of electricity consumers 8, either Kayla Story Patterson or Julie Westendorff will claim the District 3 seat on the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners.

Elected in 2012, Westendorff, a Democrat, has four years’ political experience over her Republican challenger, Patterson, who says the varied jobs she has worked is a valuable asset that has provided her unique insight into the business community. Gasbuddy nj Their written answers to questions have been edited for length and style.

A: I will create a business-friendly atmosphere that will attract business and industry. Gasbuddy In doing so, it will create a tax base that supports our rising infrastructure costs. Bp gas locations I will be looking at the long-term trends on line items in the budget. Gas stoichiometry examples Based on these findings, I will take a more in-depth look at where our money is being spent and what changes we can make. Gas bloating Further, if we have a business-friendly environment that encourages responsible growth, we will be creating new job opportunities for our community members. Gsa 2016 pay scale I would like to see La Plata County have more job opportunities that encourage and allow our high school and college graduates to stay in our community. Electricity video ks2 The growth of our business economy is critical in supporting our entire community and its future.

A: I want to bring a perspective of my generation and what we have to offer our local government. La gastritis I was blessed to be born and raised right here in La Plata County. Kushal gas agencies belgaum As many of you, I have been the student with two part-time jobs and a full class schedule; I have been the full-time job, part-time night school adult. Gas hydrates energy I have also been the adult with one full-time job and two part-time jobs. Gaslighting examples I have a vast understanding of how hard it is to live and work in La Plata County to make ends meet. Static electricity online games My generation and I are the “next in line” to take care of our environment, our infrastructure and our community. Electricity song billy elliot I am working hard to make sure that our local job economy, environment and community outreach are at the top of my generation’s priority list. Gaz 67b for sale If I am given this opportunity to put people first and agenda-driven politics last, I will lead this change by example.

A: “Smart growth” means allowing businesses and residents to live and thrive together. Static electricity how it works Elected officials are chosen to represent our community, not their own special interests or special interest groups. Electricity jeopardy powerpoint La Plata County needs to be a community of teamwork, working with the city of Durango, the towns of Bayfield and Ignacio and reaching out to Vallecito and our surrounding tribes. Gas in babies at night Working with businesses and school districts, state and federal governments, we can all work together to achieve a common goal.

“Smart growth” can be the balance achieved between future growth and development and the county’s ability to provide the necessary services including roads, water, sewer and emergency services. Grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test This can be achieved without compromising our open space.

We need to work with builders and developers who use the land-use code the most. Mp electricity bill payment jabalpur We have some talented builders and developers in La Plata County. Nyc electricity cost I would like to see them thrive and be excited about their commitment to stay in our community, knowing that we have a predictable, affordable community-constructed planning process that supports their industry and our community needs. Gas after eating salad Further, we need to cultivate a strong relationship with our surrounding tribes.

A: While I started my working career within my family’s business, I was blessed to be employed in five of the major business industries here in La Plata County. Gas prices going up in michigan In doing so, I was able to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face and the opportunities they provide to our community. Electric utility companies charge customers for I have a good understanding of hard work, multi-tasking and teamwork that I would like to bring to our county government.

I have also been privileged to be a part of several nonprofit organizations throughout my business career: Rotaract, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Manna Soup Kitchen and Operation Second Chance.

La Plata County has an abundance of nonprofit organizations, allowing us all to come together and work as a team toward a common goal. Electricity transmission costs Shouldn’t our local county government do the same? I have the ability and forethought to lead this transformation by example.

A: Like counties from New Mexico, to North Dakota, to Ohio, La Plata County is seeing a significant decline in tax revenue from the oil and gas industry. Gas in back trapped This will negatively hit the county’s operations budgets in 2017 and 2018. Gas leak east los angeles We will have to prioritize and potentially curtail some services county residents are accustomed to. Gas bijoux nolita We will need to separate what needs to be done right now from what may be postponed for a few years. Electricity for dummies pdf As in the private sector, some costs, like health care, will rise outside of our control, so that doubles down on cuts for costs that we can control. Gas laws worksheet pdf I hate that we will not likely be able to give employees raises. Z gas tecate telefono This may hurt employee retention, which just adds back-end costs if we have to replace experienced employees. Electricity cost per kwh by country On a brighter side, we should be seeing some efficiencies from technological improvements made over the last couple of years.

A: I bring experience with dealing with complicated issues and consequences. Electricity problem in up I have more than 20 years working for the people of La Plata County as a prosecutor and judge and as a real estate broker. Electricity bill bihar electricity board I now have four years as a county commissioner. 9gag instagram In that time, I have made sensible, balanced decisions because I ask questions, I listen and I do my homework. Electricity symbols ks2 I have testified at the Colorado Senate for legislation to help our airport. Gas yourself in car In the Gold King Mine spill, I was there meeting with senators and the EPA administrator on the emergency response and addressing immediate concerns about our community’s health and safety. Electricity storage costs I worked with our regional neighbors to support Superfund designation to clean up the Animas. K gas station I continue to work with our congressional representatives for Denver TV and local partners for broadband internet throughout the county. Gas konigsforst Finally, I meet every month with any citizen who wants to stop by my Bayfield office hours because I know that being a county commissioner isn’t just about the big stuff; it’s also about addressing individual constituents’ concerns.

A: Development typically occurs where there is adequate infrastructure, whether that is roads, water lines, sewer, power lines or broadband internet. Current electricity examples We can plan infrastructure while respecting open space, so I don’t see a conflict between open space and business development.

Smart growth, for me, means efficiency, efficient co-location of infrastructure, minimization of negative impact, efficient use of roads, etc. Electricity shock in the body One of the challenges to development in our county is that there are few places that have all the necessary infrastructure in one location. Electricity and magnetism physics definition Filling those gaps can help make areas amendable to development. Gas estimator From a policy standpoint, I envision areas of the county that are trying to develop, like Grandview, moving to more traditional zoning to improve land-use predictability.

A: As a commissioner, I have faced a number of difficult situations and found good resolutions. Power outage houston reliant As an example, the Gold King Mine incident tested me in many ways, but I am a stronger leader as a result. Static electricity zapper In an emergency, a commissioner has to be level-headed and calm. Electricity outage sacramento The community looks to local government for reassurance that we can make it through. Electricity production by source We have done a lot of work to make sure that community safety is maintained. Igas energy shares I have traveled to Denver and Washington, D.C., to fight for La Plata County to be made whole and for the mines to be cleaned up.

I can’t overstate the importance of four years of building relationships and trust with our regional neighbors, our tribes, and our state and federal officials. Physical science electricity review worksheet La Plata County is respected in the region and state, and I can call on those allies to cooperate when we need help.

I have maintained my independence in decision-making, using my own judgment. Electricity projects ks2 Sometimes I have been in the majority, sometimes in the minority, but I have made every decision with clear conscience, and I will continue to do so.