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Zinc Refinery uses a conventional production process, i.e: roasting-leaching-purificationelectrowinning with minor modifications. natural electricity examples Originally constructed in the 1960’s as an extension of the since decommissioned old Zinc Refinery, the plant has gradually expanded reaching the production of 190’000 tpa of zinc in saleable products (zinc metal, zinc-aluminum alloy, zinc sulphate). The Refinery processes sulphide zinc concentrates from Maleyevsky mine, assaying 53.5% Zn on average, and from 3 rd party suppliers. The concentrates are treated in oxygen-enriched fluid bed roasters. The roaster off-gases are captured and converted into sulphuric acid in a single contact acid plant, while zinc calcine from the roasting process is leached with spent electrolyte. Copper and cadmium are removed from the resultant zinc solution used for zinc cathodes production at the Zinc Refinery.

Zinc is extracted from zinc residue pyrometallurgically in Waelz kilns or from fumes after treatment of Lead Smelter zinc-bearing slags in the slag fuming plant, depending on precious metal content in zinc concentrates. Zinc oxide after lead, chlorine, arsenic and antimony removal is leached off and treated in the calcine leaching circuit. electricity grid code In the tankhouse zinc precipitates from zinc solution onto the cathode plates. Zinc cathodes are melted in the induction furnace into zinc ingots or used to produce alloys and shipped to end users.

Since 2012 ISASMELT ТМ process is used for lead concentrate smelting. ISASMELT ТМ process utilizes a fixed refractory-lined furnace and a submerged lance. chapter 7 electricity and magnetism Concentrates, fuel and fluxes are continuously charged into the furnace. Oxygen-enriched air is supplied through the submerged lance creating highly agitated bath. grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test The advantage of this process is a combination of several process stages in one plant, more efficient removal of minor volatile elements, flexible feed treatment and high specific productivity combined with low capital and operating expenditures. More extensive treatment of recoverable materials and minimized transportation of middlings both locally and abroad are important indicators of process efficiency. ISASMELT ТМ process is extremely fuel-saving. Moreover, it generates secondary energy resources (steam) for in-plant use. gas 76 Main products of ISA-furnace are lead slag and process and hygiene gases which are 100% utilized.

Silvery zinc crust from de-silvering process during lead refining is treated electrothermically with production of silver-containing lead. Silvercontaining lead and copper electrolyte slimes are then treated in cupel furnaces to produce Dore metal. electricity estimated bills Dore metal is electrolytically refined with the production of refined silver. Refined gold is produced using Kazzinc’s inhouse technology in two process flow sheets: electrolytic refining of non-refined gold anodes and chemical dissolution of non-refined gold followed by selective precipitation of pure gold. Refined gold and silver are produced in the form of bullion (99.99% Au andAg).

Constructed by Kazzinc in 2011, the Copper Plant shares the site with the Lead Smelter and Zinc Refinery. As a result a unique process flow was introduced to achieve maximum possible integrated recovery of valuable components from the feed into value-added products. The process flow sheet combines an innovative smelting technology with well-organized processes and includes the following process stages:

Copper and gold concentrates, residues and copper-bearing reverts are smelted in ISASMELTТМ furnace with production of gold- and silver-bearing matte. Dust and slag produced in ISASMELTТМ process are transported to Kazzinc concentrators for recovery of valuable components. Dedusted gas is sent for utilization of sulphur dioxide at the new Acid Plant. Copper anodes after refining are sent to the tankhouse for production of refined copper with purity corresponding to M1K and M00K brands (copper grade of 99,97 and 99,99 % respectively). gas weed strain Goldand silver-bearing copper electrolyte slimes are treated at the Precious Metals Refinery.