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Just last year, hackers targeted the IRS to obtain access to 700,000 accounts, and the agency suffered an even more embarrassing black eye this year after its new anti-identity theft tool proved vulnerable to hackers. Gas up asheville That’s on top of a breach reported by the tax preparation company TaxAct, as well as Intuit’s warnings last year about a rise in fraudulent filings of state tax returns.

Hatch has a three-part agenda for the hearing, which will feature testimony from IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: How is the IRS verifying taxpayers’ identities to make sure thieves aren’t exploiting that process? How is the agency spending money to improve cybersecurity? And how can the IRS, state revenue collectors and private tax preparers collaborate to safeguard sensitive information?

Ranking member Ron Wyden’s rhetoric in his opening statement is more dire. A gaseous mixture contains “In my view, taxpayers have been failed by the agencies, the companies, and the policymakers here in Congress they rely on to protect them,” Wyden will say. Gas vs diesel cars “And it’s my judgment that you can’t have an honest discussion about protecting taxpayer information without including the vulnerabilities from e-file providers, as well as crooked return preparers who operate in the shadows and steal from customers.”

— ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING: Koskinen is also scheduled to appear before Congress on Thursday to talk cyber, as a witness before a House science subcommittee. M gasbuddy Speaker Paul Ryan’s blog says the hearing with Koskinen comes “amid growing concerns that his agency is woefully unprepared to protect taxpayer data from cyberattacks.” Ryan has taken quite the interest recently in the IRS’s computer defenses, given that his blog discussed the topic less than two weeks ago, too.

— FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DHS: “Tax season is prime time for cyber crime,” the Department of Homeland Security warned Monday as part of its awareness campaign “Stop. Electricity voltage in china Think. Q gas station cleveland ohio Connect.” It piggybacks on some of the IRS’s own warnings about a 400 percent surge in malware and phishing incidents from email schemes. Wd gaster theme The department suggests looking out for unsolicited emails, phony websites pretending to be affiliated with the FBI and other scammers.

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400 MILLION AND COUNTING — Symantec released its annual catalog of security trends today, and among the disquieting details is a statement that data breaches exposed at least 423 million identities in 2015 — a 23 percent jump that the company suspects doesn’t even reflect the actual total. Gasbuddy app Symantec puts the true number at more like a half-billion, reasoning that “more and more organizations chose not to reveal the full extent of the breaches they experienced.” Other highlights: a record number of zero-day vulnerabilities discovered, on average one each week; more than three-quarters of all websites with unpatched security flaws; a 35 percent increase in ransomware; and Symantec’s discovery of 430 pieces of unique malware in 2015, compared with a mere 2 million in 2009.

Bill Wright, director of government affairs for Symantec, told MC he was especially struck by the fact that 2015 experienced a record nine “mega-breaches,” defined as the exposure of 10 million records or more, and by a trend that isn’t easily defined by numbers: how cybercrime is looking more like a regular job. Electricity symbols worksheet “The cybercriminals have really evolved; there’s a professionalization of what they do,” he said. Kansas gas service bill pay “The very advanced criminal attack groups are now every bit as good as the nation-state actors. La gasolina daddy yankee mp3 They have a highly skilled technical staff, and operate with extreme efficiency. Electricity around the world They now have normal business hours — taking weekends off and holidays.” For the full report, go here.

NRC CYBER BASIS DOC COMING TODAY — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is set to release a final “regulatory basis” this morning that will frame new cybersecurity requirements for facilities that fabricate nuclear fuel, according to a Federal Register notice. Electricity history in india Regulators took comments on a draft version of the regulatory basis, which lays the foundation for developing a rule, in September. Gasoline p The final basis will be posted here; however, the NRC won’t take comments again until its proposed rule is released. Electricity merit badge worksheet Part of the requirements in the draft would force facilities that handle significant quantities of uranium and plutonium to maintain a cybersecurity program that provides “high assurance” that certain digital computer and communication systems are protected. U gas hampton The rulemaking effort also seeks to codify existing cybersecurity requirements imposed after the terrorist attacks of Sept. Electricity receiver definition 11, 2001.

BURR: DRAFT ENCRYPTION BILL ‘CERTAIN’ THIS WEEK — Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr told MC that his draft encryption bill with ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein is “certain to be” released this week. Youtube gas laws Burr didn’t know whether the White House has reviewed the draft, which Feinstein gave chief of staff Denis McDonough last week, but “I would find it tough to believe that they went all weekend and Friday and didn’t.” (McDonough was reported to be personally briefing President Back Obama on the draft.) Burr said he wasn’t taken aback by the torrent of criticism that privacy and technology proponents heaped on the draft that leaked last week, which would compel technology companies to help law enforcement unscramble encrypted data when presented with a court order. Electricity lab activities “What it tells me is that they’re using the same tired argument, because this bill basically says nobody is exempt from the rule of law,” Burr said. Electricity and magnetism online games “I think that’s where 99.9 percent of the American people are.”

— Feinstein, meanwhile, showed exasperation with reporters’ constant questions, refusing to comment on when the draft would be released and whether the White House had reviewed it. Gas out game commercial “Why is this of interest?” she asked.

ARE BACKDOORS SLAVERY OR NAH? — Should Apple be able to cite the constitutional amendment that abolished slavery the next time the FBI demands that the company help unlock an iPhone? Rep. Electricity omd Ted Poe alluded to that question Monday during an event at Rice University in Houston, asking a panel of largely privacy and tech company officials whether the 13th Amendment’s involuntary servitude clause has “any play” in the encryption debate with “the government forcing a business at their expense to do something proactive.” The Burr-Feinstein draft “is an effort to sort of lay the way for that 13th Amendment issue,” responded Mike Godwin, general counsel of the libertarian R Street Institute. 935 gas block “We do believe that we have the freedom to choose what labor we do.” The draft would compensate parties required to assist the government’s quest for data. Current electricity definition physics “Indentured servants were paid too sometimes, but that turns out not to be consistent with the system,” Godwin said. Electricity 2015 A full video of the Rice event is posted on Poe’s Facebook page.

HOUSE REFINES EMAIL PRIVACY BILL — House Judiciary Committee staff circulated the latest version of Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s proposed tweaks to the Email Privacy Act on Monday afternoon in hopes of securing an easy markup on Wednesday, according to our friends at Morning Tech. No electricity jokes The new version of the manager’s amendment doesn’t make major changes, but includes wonky tweaks to make Goodlatte’s proposal slightly more palatable for privacy groups. Gas mask art The privacy groups working on the measure are OK with the general contours of what Goodlatte has proposed, sources told MT, but they haven’t given their official thumbs-up yet. Electricity gif More as it comes today.

RECENTLY ON PRO CYBERSECURITY — A departing employee accidentally downloaded information on 44,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Online electricity bill payment customers, The Washington Post reported, prompting an inquiry from House science Chairman Lamar Smith. Gas zone pricing … The Internet Association, which represents tech giants like Google and Facebook, also doesn’t like the leaked draft of the Burr-Feinstein bill.

— The European Union’s data cops will meet this week to decide the fate of an agreement to enable companies to move data across the Atlantic. M gastrocnemius medialis POLITICO Europe.

— Raytheon polled students and coaches competing in this year’s National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition about the best and worst parts of cyber films.

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