Kentucky basketball john calipari press conference after arkansas game lexington herald leader electricity schoolhouse rock


JOHN CALIPARI: I was happy for him. First half he wasn’t very good. As a matter of fact he wanted out. I said you’re not coming out. Figure it out. Stay in the game. Second half he was good. He had three one-handed rebounds. He’s drifted that way, which cost him three rebounds, but he had 15. He could have had 18. I mean he just reached with one hand and it got away. One of them they got the ball on the static electricity jokes baseline out. But he just, it’s going to take him time to work through this. He has to work through it. Not anybody else. He’s got to figure it out. No mud wrestling. You’re not good at it. You get thrown to the floor, you look bad, you look awkward. When he moves his feet and uses his length and reaches and goes and releases from being in a mud wrestling match and just goes and gets balls he’s pretty good.

EJ (Montgomery) struggled today so it was good that Nick played. Let me say this before gas 1940 we get started. Arkansas deserved to win the game. We fought in the second half and did enough to win the game. But you got to give them credit, because those kids, I mean they shot 50 percent from the three. Now you have to understand the last five games they have shot about 25 percent from the three. So they came in here and played. They also defended, they also fought, they drove the ball, they went to the rim. We just happened to make a run in the second half and beat them. But they deserved to win this game. But I’m happy for my team.

JOHN CALIPARI: Well, you do know he gave up like b games 2 25 points today. In threes. He gave up like the first 11. So he had a great swagger going on defense. I walked out, I said I can’t, we can’t win frictional electricity examples if you’re getting scored on every time. He said, well, let somebody else guard the guy. That’s OK. Then you’ll come out. You’re not going to play another position. You come out. But he made baskets when things broke down. We looked like we had never played against zone. I mean it was like we’re passing it and shooting the ball with four seconds to go in the zone. And again, let me say this, we have all those freshmen out there and we haven’t played against zone that much. Second half I thought we were much better. I couldn’t get them to drive the ball. They think you’re shooting three, they’re in zone so we’ll shoot threes. Drive the ball. And when they did that we got better. But he played well. He was 9-of-10 from the floor. He only shot 10 balls. I didn’t know. I didn’t know he had 29. I’m looking at this for the first time. Wow. 9-of-10. Probably should have shot more balls electricity ground explained, huh?

JOHN CALIPARI: Well, he and Immanuel (Quickley), and it’s funny, Keldon (Johnson) at the end of the game will make it and for some reason during the game he misses shots, but in the end of a game he makes them. So we have a bunch of those. And I tell you another guy that electricity for kids doesn’t miss at the end of a game, Ashton (Hagans). If you look at us the last two minutes in any close game, we’re shooting a big-time percentage.

JOHN CALIPARI: We were late on everything. We weren’t seeing gaps. We weren’t prepared for the next play. Loose with the ball. EJ went after two balls with one hand to start the game. One hand. And it got away from him, which they all do. And so you start that way and you start with turnovers and it kind of, we kind of did it. For us to be able to play the way we did in the second half, and we still got down 15, I believe, 14 or 15. And then come back and play like we did the rest of the game with emotion. The crowd got into the game and really helped us. Thank goodness we were at home. If we were on the road they probably would have beat us by 25.

JOHN CALIPARI: Well, the thing that 2 chainz smoking on that gas bothered me was that he missed five free throws. That was last year. That wasn’t this year. That was last year. That’s what he did. Most of it was, again, the intensity of play. When we needed baskets from him, I went to him. Late in that game, versus the zone we were throwing it in, he made a great pass to Nick, he made the jump hook to the middle. The drive where they called a walk gas 99 cents, I thought he got bumped or pushed. I wanted to get him to the line, I wanted him to make those shots. But he’s fine. He fought. He got two blocks, so — but I’m happy for Nick, 15 rebounds and three blocks. Wow. How about that.

JOHN CALIPARI: I would tell you right now on the season, all season because we drive the ball and because we post the ball, I want you to hear this, folks, we make way more than the other team shoots. We make more free throws than the other teams even shoot. So if it was officiating 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh they have been doing it all year. Because that’s what we do. Why do we do it? Because we’re not shooting threes. We are driving the ball, we’re posting the ball, we get a lot of stuff at the rim. That’s what we do. It’s how we play.

JOHN CALIPARI: The only thing I told them gas key staking, if they play like that first half they will be down 20 in an NCAA Tournament game and you won’t be able to come back because as you make a run the other team is a good enough team, that’s why they’re in the tournament, they will make another run at you and you’ll still be down 18. You’ll make a run and get it to 11, think you’re in it, they will make two threes, you’re down 17, it’s the ball game, and your season ends. So how we started the game, again electricity worksheets ks1, it’s just, we can’t be that team, especially when the other teams are going to play like Arkansas played. They’re going to come in and play well.

JOHN CALIPARI: Well there was a couple where he should have made passes and we told him. They collapsed on defense. But what we were trying to get him to do in the zone is catch the ball near the middle or catch it anywhere from 15 feet and just drive it to the middle of the zone. Because either someone’s going to get open or that floater that he can make, he shoots, and then we have two guys near the rim that can rebound a miss. So that’s what we started doing in the second half. So we were putting him in positions to do it. There were probably, I’m going to guess two of those he should have passed. But the rest of them were pretty good shots.

JOHN CALIPARI: Yeah. It’s obvious that we didn’t think that — you know, and I’ll be honest with you, maybe I was that way. Look, they will go where I’ll take them. They’re going to go, they’re going to feed off of me and maybe it was me too. Maybe I looked at this gas bubbles in colon and said, we got a breather here before — yeah, we had a breather, down 11 at half, down 15, it was, yeah, it was a real breather. So again, I really, like coaching these young kids, they’re looking for me, tell us what to do, tell us where we’re going, tell us how to do this. And they responded. Now we didn’t play well in the first half, but we’re good enough that we could do it in the second half. And again, do we, we have a guy not playing. Do we have a guy not playing? Oh, Reid (Travis) is not playing. Is he not playing?

JOHN CALIPARI: Well the biggest electricity dance moms episode thing Tyler was doing is he couldn’t guard him. So the kid electricity youtube billy elliot had 11 of their first 13. And if he would have had — if he would have stayed on him, Tyler, he probably would have had — what’s the record in here? 41? What’s the record? He probably would have had a nice 46 if Tyler had stayed on him. So we had to switch and then Ashton didn’t want to come out, like, I’m good. And then we said, why don’t you let Immanuel guard him for a minute, give you a breather. He said, no, I got him, let me guard him. So I don’t know what he scored the rest of the game, but he had 11 in the first three, four minutes.