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It is a fallacy. We all have lived through the same times together, different personal experiences have shaped our understanding of those same events, so we see things differently, plain and simple. The same event can be seen from many sides and just as many different conclusions can be drawn.

However to the defense of all Eastern Europeans, their ways of doing is often argumentative to start with, and they relax later on. To them, I found, intelligence needs argumentation, like critical thinking, but presented in an argumentative manner. This is a proof, for them, of intelligence and involvment.

They will always test you as well – do you truly know what you are talking about. I have seen Eastern Europeans talking to me in Spanish in an elevator because I had told them I had lived in Mexico at an early age (and their Spanish was pitiful, but when they saw I could answer, they gained respect – I was not liying nor exagerating).

Turks (half eastern Europeans mentality, half Asian), would inflate the truth quite a lot and deflate problems quite a lot. You would not believe how often I have been told to put much more than the strict reality (as Canadians would do) because they will cut half of it anyhow. And I ended up seeing the truth in this, so I could not promote projects being Canadian, but once I started doing like the Turks, everything developed nicely. And yes, they would also test me, like Eastern Europeans, with specialised knowledge quite deficient at times (I was the specialist, not them lolllll).

Western Europeans (maybe not truly the French) and Americans and Canadians are not that way at all, on the contrary, arguments always have to be measured and presented in a layed back manner (when seen from a latin or eastern European point of view, it is layed back).

I have seen many members throughout time being chased away from Avalon very British/American forum because of lack of understanding for the cultural differences and ways to present/analyse that are different, lack of understanding from forum members as well as from members from other cultures. I remember recuperating a Russian member who was argumentative through pms explaining him the Anglo Saxon ways of argmenting and presenting, with the cultural biais that it entails. Once he understood, he took the right approach.

I think that next time around, a little pm on Avalon being British/American in its approach and an explanation on the British/American ways or writing, argumenting, presenting, applied to the forum, would help quite a lot for those cultures (in fact, for anyone coming from non Anglo Saxon cultures – French Canadian being North Americans do not need to be told, they already react like North Americans).

She proclaims that her free speech and rights are being abused. But although I have not researched YOUTUBE ownership, I assume it is a private company. People seem to often act as if they have a right to use a private company‘s platform regardless of what they say as if it is guaranteed in the Constitution. A private company is allowing the public to post videos, making money supposedly from advertisements. But there is no government guaranteed "right" to do so.

There is no law granting YOUTUBE the only right to produce a platform for the public to post videos. Any other company that thinks they could make a profit by doing so has every legal right to do so. Therefore, YOUTUBE is not a monopoly whatsoever.

My understanding: A monopoly is when a private company has all or about all the market in a given domain of expertise or sales and by its sheer market power and shares is in fact stopping any potential worthwhile competition from taking hold in the same market. And this is irrelevant regarding constitutional rights or regarding privacy rights of enterprises.

Bill, there seems to be a general group-think here that I was not aware of. People seem to pretty much agree on everything. So when I present my views, Paul and others think I am being adamant. I do not accept the agreed upon meme or paradigm. I accept that I am the red nosed reindeer in this community. I honestly don’t want to disturb the group hug in any way. So I refrain from posting again except in response to someone who has to have the last word and has to use wild conspiracy theory memes to do so. I assumed this was an open minded community but so far it is a community walking in lock step to a group of assumptions about reality that I don’t share. But as I said in my application, I came here to post a well-meaning tribute to Art Bell because I thought he deserved it. Perhaps having done so, I should bow politely and leave now. Buh bye.

I strongly disagree. You label those that present an alternative viewpoint as conspiracy-wielding loons, when if you actually sit down and read and inwardly digest the material that’s on offer here you will find that far from being conspiracies, they are very much evidence-based. If you only talk to people whom you think agree with you, you might just as well stick your head way down between your legs and whistle to your self.