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This Summit Cove is in a great location with a tremendous view and lots of space. Unfortunately when we first walked into the house we were greeted with stained carpets. This was quite disturbing with two crawling babies and 6 other children who enjoy "floor time". The stains were throughout the house. I personally got on my hands and knees and scrubbed a few spots out just to see how easily the stains would come out. They did and easily. I did call the property manager who was gracious and offered to come out and spot clean but advised that it would be wet 4 to 6 hours. We didn’t have 4-6 hours to be away from the house and it really did need more than just spot cleaning.

The kitchen is well equipped for large groups which our was, however the organization of it left much to be desired. Knives were in a drawer that could easily be accessed by toddlers. Pots and pans were in four different places and many other kitchen necessities were strangely located or hidden.

three different dining tables was also great. The chairs however need to be checked. I personally was sitting in one that literally collapsed and fell apart when I leaned back on it. (I know I’m overweight but not THAT much). I was stunned but not hurt. FYI, the pieces were left in the garage.

There was an abundance of towels and blankets which was much appreciated.Water pressure in the master bath and two others was very low. (We were not using multiple showers at the same time either.) Updating the shower in the master bath would be highly recommended.

This is a great house with some wonderful touches and spaces but it needs both updating (definitely new carpets) from the owners and better attention to details from the property managers to make it a terrific home. Frustrating because it wouldn’t have taken much.

We do apologize for the condition of the old carpet. The previous group left it in pretty bad condition so we scheduled a clean as soon as we discovered the problem. But it takes a day to dry and this family was arriving the same day, which would make it unusable their first day. Unfortunately, the clean had to be delayed until they left when we had a gap between rentals. Still it was a significant inconvenience for the incoming guests and we very much regret the situation with which they were faced.

OTHER ITEMS addressed: As soon as we saw this review, the microwave was replaced and the hot tub was repainted. The hot tub rash issue depends entirely on the condition of the water during the guest’s stay, since the water is frequently drained and refilled after a guest departure. Truthfully, water quality during a specific stay is primarily dependent on how the guests themselves have maintained the tub, since getting in with suntan lotion or other products of that kind can adversely affect water balance. This tub is maintained by a professional service at considerable expense, so a complaint of this kind is extremely rare (we have about 15 hot tubs and this is the first “rash” issue we’ve seen in years).

What happens with these negative reviews is that a particular item “triggers” the guest, in this case the condition of the carpet (which is clearly a legitimate complaint). Having started a negative review, the tendency is then to embellish a bit on other items. The other items identified (broken chair, microwave, hot tub, kitchen knife drawer) have never been mentioned by any previous guests (40 bookings at this house each year/5 years=200 groups). We’ve taken remedial action on those items anyway, but the point is that the one big complaint tends to distort a guest’s overall assessment.

Had we received the owner’s approval to replace the carpet last fall when we made that recommendation to her, I think this guest would have been very pleased with the property and, like other guests, would have commented favorably on the house.