Khatha registration and khatha transfer in bangalore electricity and magnetism worksheets high school


Intimation slips to be sent to Village Accountants. The Tahsildar in charge of the Record of Rights Work or other Officer appointed for the purpose shall intimate the fact of completion of the preliminary record to the Registrar of the district and the Sub-Registrar of the taluk with a request to send the intimation slips villagewise in Form 10 of all acquisition of rights in lands electricity history united states situated in the taluk, which are registered in their offices to the Tahsildar. The Tahsildar shall keep a record of all such intimation gas x strips after gastric sleeve slips shall subject to the general or special orders of the State Government to the contrary and send them to the Village Accountat.

Rule – 63. Registrar and Sub-Registrar to send intimation slips to the Village Accountant through the Tahsildar. (1) The Registrar or Sub-Registrar shall, on receipt of information under Rule 44 of the completion of the preliminary record, send to the Tahsildar, daily intimation slips in Form 10 of all transactions relating to lands registered in his office, compiled separately for each village. The Registrar or Sub-Registrar shall also send a consolidated list of all wd gaster theme transactions once in a fortnight to the Tahsildar in Form 10-A.

(2) On receipt of intimation slip from the Registrar or Sub-Registrar in Form 10 and Form 10A and on receipt of the report in Forms 19 and 20, the Tahsildar shall cause the slips to be entered in a Register in Form 10-B villagewise giving separate serial numbers for each village and transmit them to the Village Accountants concerned and get their acknowledgments which shall be filed in his office.

I hope you are doing well. I had a joint property which later based electricity projects for 4th graders on the settlement deed the property is transferred just in my name. I am not sure if I had done the Khata transfer after this. Since my property tax receipts electricity billy elliot broadway still come in joint names I asked an agent to do the Khata transfer. He has now come back after checking in sub registrar office he says that the transfer was done earlier and I should have a copy of the Suvarna Khata. But I cannot find one. I told him since I cannot find it can he apply for the duplicate one. But he says it is issued only once in lifetime and hence they wont be able to give b games play online the duplicate. He says I will have to some how find it, else I will not be able to do any sale/ transfer transactions later. I am not convinced with this as I am sure I am not the only one who could have lost the original and there should be ways to get it sorted out. Can you please let me know how to get the copy of the latest Khata that will confirm the transfer has been done. I was also under gas vs electric dryer the impression that if the transfer is done then the tax paid receipts should reflect that and in my case it does not show that. Does this mean transfer has not taken place.

We have applied for B-Katha certificate for one building we bought and BBMP person said we have to pay Tax upto current year to get B-Katha. He(siva) demands some money for processing, we had to give it and did. Finally got B-Katha after we payed the electricity production in chad balance taxes which owner has to pay. After some days one more BBMP person(Raju) called(Shouting like anything) us to clear the old balance for building we bought. We told Raju that we have paid gas vs diesel towing latest taxes and got B-Katha. But Raju said, Owner didn’t pay taxes for the buildings that he has constructed from starting. Only he is paying taxes for Land only. we have already sent many notices to owner. He didn’t respond. Now you bought the building so you have to pay balance electricity billy elliot amount.” We expected that owner bribed this Raju and this guy also expecting some amount from us. We understood that owner playing game with us saying that we have paid less tax and insisting us to clear that balance taxes. But anyway we will question him soon about this old balance.

We bought a corner site of about 1850 sft in 2010 from one of our friend. Registered 1200 sft (30 x 40) in my husband name and rest 650 in my name. Middle Man did all formalities. We paid tax till last year which was in previous owner’s name. This year I went to change the name in tax paid receipt. In the concerned tax office they went thru electricity and magnetism physics the documents and told it is a forgery Khata certificate and it is not yet transferred and there electricity voltage in paris is no entry in their ledger. It is still in previous owner name.

Just to do this formality they made me visit them 3 times with some or the other details. I have all documents including betterment charge paid receipt, old Khata certificate in previous owner name etc. Then told to get a form filled for Khata bifurcation and transfer. They were so reluctant to tell what is to be filled in the form and what documents to attest. Finally gave application with 20/- each and I myself filled electricity 2pm live, tagged and submitted application. They have given me back acknowledgement form and told to come after 15 days to know the position. I don’t think they will move till they get something. Should I bribe them to complete my job? If yes, how much? And what are the formalities after this step?