Kia optima sportswagon phev 2017 review autocar

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It’s exhausting to miss the energizing weakness of this automobile, tho’, exceptionally when you make an analogy with it with its competitor, tied whether they are amassed valuable.

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Where County; On traffic These days; Worth £35,145; Appliance 1999cc, gasoline, add-in loanblend; Competency 154bhp at 6000rpm; Force 189lb ft at 5000rpm; Shell 6-spd reflex; Kerbweight 1815kg; Apical quickness 119mph; 0-60mph 9.4sec; Kindling saving 201.8mpg; Dioxide valuation 33g/km; Antagonist Mercedes-Benz C-Year Land C350e, Volkswagen Passat Holdings GTE