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For years (23+) I have been working out hard with weights. Six of those are after a dual transplant. Having blood work (labs) will help you and your doctor with some of the details on supplements such as protein. There are so many factors that will determine how much protein and how often you workout. Then the type of weight training and intensity of the workout will also have an impact on blood sugar, creatinine levels, Bun, and your overall diet. I am lucky to have a Russian Olympic Power lifting and Fitness Coach, a University of Texas Athletic Trainer, and a female power lifter as close friends and co-workers. My wife is a nurse so I feel all the combined knowledge and experience has helped me to be in the top 1% of healthy Kidney/Pancreas transplant recipients in the US, so say two separate teams of doctors. As with any change in your life, take it slow and be mythological in your understanding of labs and how your body responds to the weight training. There is much more that I have learned from trial and error. Move forward and know how you treat your body will reflect how the anti-rejection medications affect your progress. Remember the day(s) after the transplant? Did you feel better than on dialysis? Well, feeling your muscles grow and move as you go through your daily routine is just as awesome. Living with a transplant is one thing, conquering it is far better.

I have had my kidney transplant for over 13 years now. Though I have competed pretransplant at the national level in another sport, it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I began to train seriously in bodybuilding. I do use protein and other suppliments and watch my blood work for variances because of this. Remember though, protein powder is just a suppliment and whole food should ALWAYS be your main source of nutrients. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any info done inparticular on suppliments and kidney transplant patients so there definitely is a lot of "experimentation" going on with me. It’s the whole trial and error thing. I don’t mind really. I most definitely agree with Transplantfit when he said,"Living with a transplant is one thing, conquering it is far better." One of the worst feelings that I have felt in my life was that of being held hostage by my own body. I’ve taken back control and feel as though I’ve conquerd the world. Not only am I stronger then I have ever been in my life (#180 max currently in bench at 140lbs isn’t to shabby for a woman.)but, I’m bigger and leaner as well. I’d love to communicate more with you guys on this.

Oh….met "Flex" Wheeler at the Olympia Expo last year. He does still train and is sponsored by EFX suppliment company. Got pics of him signing his autograph on my belly right above my transplant scar. He seemed like a pretty cool dude and was willing to talk with me about supps and meds for quite a while. Awesome experience!!

awesome I love the quote "Living with a transplant is one thing, conquering it is far better" I had my Kidney Transplant Dec 20th 2009..I started working out again 3 months after transplant slowly..iFeb 2012 I had gall bladder surgery ..had a set back on working out due to being weak and sick..nausea finally went away 19 months later..which was 9 months ago I still feel it but its not 24/ I started doing FB AB challenges I got addicted to them..than had 2 bad chest colds Mar and April so missed 2 months of it there..but Iam back at it again..oh while being sick for 19 months i lost a lot of weight 50lbs and you all know what that means with no work out ..anyway I am feeling really good toning up I also ride my bicycle everywhere and I have been thinking of joining the gym to get buff..I checked my daily protein intake and its at the right amount according to KASHI Go Lean calculator…If I go ahead with this I will start in Sept or Oct…I’m glad I found this forum please for the people that are going to test out protein shakes to post which are the best for us..I really don’t want to lose my Sunshine ..U can also email me I don’t mind and would love to get advice from the body builders as well.. THX