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Urea and creatinine are waste products of the protein metabolism and are normally excreted with the urine. However, in the critical event of an existence conflict, the organism recycles the retained substances into protein to provide the organism with nutrition. Why? Because, in biological terms, the conflict of being thrust out of the water environment means next to the danger of drying out also a threat of starvation, particularly of dying from protein deficiency. gas mask tattoo For this emergency situation Nature created yet another survival program, which is to convert toxins such as urea and creatinine into food to help the organism to overcome the crisis. ELEVATED UREA AND CREATININE LEVELS are therefore not diseases ( “uremia”) or malfunctions ( “ kidney insufficiency ”), as claimed by conventional medicine, but serve a biological purpose. The retention of urea and creatinine is in addition to storing water an innate response in case water and protein are not available for a longer period of time.

Cytostatics are highly poisonous drugs that inhibit cellular growth. In conventional medicine they are employed to “kill cancer cells”. Based on the knowledge of the Five Biological Laws and the understanding that the cell proliferation (“cancer”) has a biological purpose in the conflict-active phase and a restorative function in the healing phase healing phase, chemo drugs, including methotrexate, severely disrupt the natural course of a Biological Special Program (“disease”). e electricity bill payment Next to their toxicity, cytostatics have a highly stimulating effect. Hence, with an active existence conflict, often triggered by the cancer diagnosis itself, tumors enlarge drastically due to the increased water retention. Ironically, this is then interpreted as a “fast growing” and “aggressive” cancer. The low urine output (at this point called “ kidney insufficiency”) also prevents toxins from being sufficiently eliminated. wd gaster Moreover, chemo treatments weaken the elasticity of the brain tissue that undergoes healing. Eventually, the brain tissue ruptures causing death. Cytostatics suppress the production of blood cells which is devastating in the treatment of leukemia.

DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTION OF THE KIDNEY PARENCHYMA: The kidney parenchyma forms the bulk of the kidney. Composed of millions of nephrons, its main function is to filter blood and produce urine. Each nephron consists of a glomerulus, which is a capillary network surrounded by a membrane called the Bowman’s capsule. It is the blood pressure within the small blood vessels and the Bowman’s capsule that regulates urine formation (after life had moved on land, the production of urine was no longer regulated through the intestine but instead through the blood circulation and the kidneys). j gastroenterol As blood passes through the glomeruli, water and metabolic wastes are filtered through the capillary walls. However, most of the filtrate is reabsorbed by the kidney collecting tubules and returned to the blood, leaving about 1.5 to 2 liters of urine for elimination. The rate at which the kidneys filter blood is called the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). The kidney parenchyma originates from the new mesoderm and is therefore controlled from the cerebral medulla.

A territorial marking conflict refers to an intrusion into one’s place (home, property), including the extended territory (neighborhood, village, city, country). Work-related marking conflicts are provoked, for example, through fights over a position or when a competitor moves into the professional terrain. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Relationship-related marking conflicts concern members of the domain (spouse, children, parents, relatives, roommates, classmates, friends, visitors, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, supervisors) who are “crossing the line” or meddling in one’s business. Feeling controlled by a spouse, partner, or parent can evoke a marking conflict. An invasion of one’s private sphere also includes disrespect for one’s belongings. A man can suffer a territorial marking conflict, when another male is interested in his female or when his wife or girlfriend sleeps with someone else. Unwanted sex or sexual abuse can be perceived as an invasion of one’s intimate space. An assault against one’s beliefs, racist remarks, or harassment of any kind could prompt a marking conflict. Children experience the conflict at school, kindergarten, daycare, or on the playground, also, when a new sibling is born, when they have to share the room with a family member, or when they fight over a toy. Pets suffer marking conflicts when other animals (or humans) occupy their territory or when they are relocated.

DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTION OF THE BLADDER MUCOSA AND URETHRA: The bladder and urethra make up the lower urinary tract. electricity deregulation in california In females, the bladder lies just behind the uterus; the urethra is positioned near the front wall of the vagina. In males, the urethra extends to the end of the penis and carries urine as well as semen during ejaculation; at the neck of the bladder, the urethra is surrounded by the prostate. The bladder is a hollow muscular organ where urine received from the renal pelvis and ureters is temporarily stored. Urine exits the bladder through the urethra. The inner wall of the urethra is endowed with smooth and striated muscles. bp gas prices columbus ohio Like the intestinal muscles that move the “food morsel” along the intestinal canal through peristaltic motion, the smooth muscle of the urethra facilitate the flow and elimination of the “urine morsel”. The lining of the bladder and urethra consists of squamous epithelium, originates from the ectoderm and is therefore controlled from the cerebral cortex.

Urethral gonorrhea is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra with discharge due to the activity of bacteria ( neisseria gonorrhoeae) during the healing process. If chlamydia trachomatis bacteria are involved, this causes a so-called “chlamydia infection”; chlamydia bacteria are also involved in urethritis (chlamydia in the mouth relates to an oral conflict; in the rectum or anus to an identity conflict). Contrary to standard beliefs, gonorrhea or chlamydia cannot be sexually transmitted since the symptoms are already healing symptoms, explicitly, of a (territorial) marking conflict regarding the sexual space (see also sexual separation conflict and genital herpes). If the symptoms are less severe, the condition might be diagnosed as urethritis or cystitis. What is euphemistically termed “honeymoon cystitis” is caused by frequent and prolonged sexual intercourse. NOTE: In men, the urethra is also used for ejaculation. electricity usage calculator kwh Hence, the Biological Special Program of the urethra corresponds also to an ejaculation conflict (see also ejaculatory ducts ) as in “not being able, not being allowed, or not wanting to ejaculate”, for example, premature ejaculation.