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• This game started really promising with a goal from Evgeny Kuznetsov only 17 seconds into the first period. His goal is the second fastest postseason goal scored in Capitals history. Mike Gartner holds the record with a strike 15 seconds in against the New York Islanders on April 8, 1987.

• Braden Holtby stopped 22 of the Pens 25 shots. I thought Holts was absolutely superhuman through 40 minutes, but the team really needed a save or two on the goals he gave up in the third. Quick succession goals like that are game killers, especially if they seem stoppable.

• The Caps received basically 20 seconds of power play time in this game compared to a Pens unit that at least got one full man advantage in. With that said, I find it very hard to blame the officiating in this one, outside of that ridiculous too many men on the ice non-call.

• Brooks Orpik led all Caps players in five-on-five shot attempt percentage (76 percent) and scoring chance for percentage (77.8 percent). Orpik and his partner Christian Djoos surprisingly had their best on-ice results when deployed aginst Sidney Crosby‘s line.

I would just like to say that I have been an avid fan of RMNB for a couple of seasons now and I love how they dive into other aspects of the Capitals and really make it interesting. Reading things on RMNB was honestly an escape for me because the articles were generally positive and upbeat. I COMPLETELY understand why everyone is so bitter as I am too and I acknowledge that RMNB is a place for us to vent and express our opinions on the Caps. Now before I say anymore, I am not a completely ignorant fool that thinks the world is and should be all sunshine and ranbows but the amount of hatred and anger on this site has become almost too much to bear. Coming from Caps and Pens fans alike. There is a difference between playful banter and threats. I absolutely dislike the Pens but I wish no ill will on their fans. Is it annoying when they gloat on our site? YES. Does it piss me off that they take our steps? OFC! But responding with threats is not ok. Chill out! It’s only hockey. I absolutely want to win the cup and see the pens lose in the playoffs, but we have to remember all things considered this is just hockey a game that was designed to be FUN!

I live in Australia, back in the dark ages I was a rangers fan (late 70’s, early 80s). I lost my access to games and fell out of hockey fandom. About 3 years ago, it was the year we had the winter classic I think, I had access to Games again so I was shopping for a team. I watched a lot of games, vascilated between a lot of teams, but in the end it was no contest. Every team seems to have one asshole, someone who only his mother could love. The caps? To a man they are the classiest, biggest hearted, family that I found. More to the point the fans are full of class too. Do we pull any of that chanting crap? Small pockets do I’m sure, but it’s nothing like i see from other teams, maybe because I’m not on the ground so to speak, but I’ve never seen bad sportsmanship in my red family.

They want to win a cup. We want them to win a cup. I’m sure they want to win a cup for us, and if it happens that’s great, can’t we just be happy that we have such an awesome team and a friendly fan Base? Look at it as 12 games we get to watch that others don’t.

They get calls all the time too; again, note the call against Willy which was borderline (to be more than fair, it really was just incidental contact), while the clear interference committed by the Pens at around the 6 min mark into the 2nd period went uncalled. The high-stick shortly before which would’ve resulted in a Caps’ PP went uncalled (I think Kuz was the one hit), while the “high-stick” by Stephenson clearly missed, was clearly an embellishment, but got called. Witness the too-many-men on the Pens that didn’t get called.

You can blame the Caps for letting a 2-0 goal slip away, and I’m not saying they’re blameless, but that’s a 5 PP swing there; given how good the Caps looked on their 20 sec PP, how potent their PP has been for years, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which the Caps at least get to OT in a 3-3 game. And if they then lose, then they lose; it’s on them.

The thing about the Pens is, they’ve never had to fight uphill against the refs, they get the benefit of the doubt in every series they play in. And then they get lauded for beating adversity, just like what happened when the Heat “beat” the Mavs in the NBA Finals; the narrative after the fact became that the Mavs imploded, and the Heat “deserved” the win because *they* didn’t implode, which is a stupid, stupid thing to think and say: of course they didn’t implode, you don’t lose your shit when everything goes your way.

Being a Caps’ fan, on the other side of the spectrum, it’s frustrating to see them get the calls yet whine about everything (and their whining results in *more* calls, while any time the Caps’ coach goes to the media to mention anything, it never seems to help).

Plus, Crosby’s dirty as shit. Dirty in terms of getting away with everything (tripping Wilson in game 1 after Wilson checked him, and getting away with it, not just the refs not calling it but also the announcers don’t even mention that he tripped Willy, they just act like it’s a back-and-forth), as well as dirty in that I haven’t seen any player slew-foot others more than Crosby, throw dangerous slashes, all that underhanded Marchand shit that Marchand gets called out for, Crosby does with a lot less fanfare.