Kinesiology and me part two electricity units to kwh


In Part One, I wrote about how the condition affected me and I touched upon how Kinesiology. Many people are still yet to discover this wonderful therapy, which is based on ancient Chinese medicine. I implore anyone suffering with M.E to ask WHY they are suffering, as well as treating the horrendous symptoms. Kinesiology treats the cause and the symptoms in one. For the record, I would rename M.E ‘Muddled Energies’ if I could.

When my parents first took me to see Tina, who was then a newly trained Touch for Health Kinesiology therapist, she asked us to complete a full consultation form, giving details about my health history and current symptoms. It’s safe to say my symptoms required multiple pages! Once completed, Tina explained the process and that it was a gentle, over the clothes treatment. I was 11 years old. I was sceptical. I had tried every other avenue and nothing was helping me to recover, so my parents were willing to try anything.

I got on the couch and Tina started ‘muscle testing’ using my right arm, asking ‘my arm’ questions. I didn’t need to answer these questions verbally, my arm would resist or not resist in yes or no responses. It seemed a bit strange and I tried my best to hold my arm stiff to test the strange method but I couldn’t override it!

Tina was looking for energy imbalances in the body and by testing muscle response, she could find them and find how to correct them. Muscle testing is able to find imbalances in the body, much as an electricity circuit wouldn’t work if something on the circuit was broken.

Sometimes Tina would tap areas around my body, mostly my spine or head. These taps weren’t ever painful, just tender. Occasionally, I would need to think of a word or emotion while Tina held points, before she retested the muscle until the imbalance was corrected.

I was at the age of starting secondary school (I missed three years of school due to M.E) so Tina worked on emotions a lot, as this is a key area of imbalance in prepubescents. I had a number of treatments; about one per month for almost a year. After each treatment, I felt better for a short while but gradually my energy would dip again. I was improving no doubt (bye wheelchair, hello part-time school) but I couldn’t sustain the high levels of improvement before the next treatment.

By the end of the year, I noticed huge improvements such as: regaining weight; being able to sleep at night; not needing to nap in the day very often; being able to tolerate daylight; higher concentration; no longer needing a wheelchair… The list goes on. Importantly, I regained my confidence and enthusiasm for life. I believed I could and would get better. However, Tina was not happy that I wasn’t maintaining the improvements over time without needing a treatment (she wanted me to be able to self regulate myself like healthy bodies do most of the time).

She was concerned that something externally was draining me when I was at home, so we tried something even more strange sounding: Geopathic Stress. Luckily, there was a couple in Somerset specialising in it (to give an idea, ley lines are energy lines running in the earth. Building work for example can turn these energy lines negative).

Even though it sounded far fetched, we trusted Tina. She had given me my life back when all else had failed. For a donation, we sent a hand drawn home sketch to the couple with our address and they worked their, well, magic. We didn’t even have to wait to hear back from them with a report, we felt the changes ourselves. For those interested though, we have four ley lines running through my childhood home and all of them had turned negative. The changes we felt were amazing. I could maintain my recovery and I got better and stayed better and my older brother suddenly decided to paint his black bedroom white. Even the chickens started laying eggs again (they gave up laying years ago).

I have since studied Kinesiology, so I understand it well, nearly twenty years on. At the time however, I didn’t understand how it worked but it still worked! You need an open mind and you need to know that you CAN RECOVER FROM M.E. It may be a long road to recovery but it’s recovery and it feels so sweet. I’ve been clear of M.E for 14 years now.