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Dixon and Construction Compliance Manager Joe Schwab said the company is looking to utilize up to five acres of brownfields property to pump freshwater from the Allegheny River and then transport it to fracking sites either in Armstrong or Butler County. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade But, more discussions need to occur since PennEnergy officials are now considering utilizing Fifth Avenue or Hill Street.

Dixon said the proposal would not impact the Ford City Trail, but Schwab was thinking of utilizing Fifth Street and Hill Street to access Route 422 – something Borough Council President Carol Fenyes disagreed with.

Resident Vicki Schaub also opposed Schwab’s idea for “quite-a-few trucks” to drive through town during fracking operations. Electrical supply company near me She said she has photographed sinking roadways and sidewalks due to the truck traffic – repairs Borough residents then have to fix.

“When we originally talked with (PennEnergy), they indicated (utilizing) the Veterans Bridge only, but (last night), they talked about Hill Street or Fifth Avenue – that’s totally different,” Fenyes said. E payment electricity bill maharashtra “I live on Fifth Avenue – I know what the coal trucks do. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key Your whole house shakes.”

Council Vice-President Tyson Klukan proposed the use of Second Avenue, but said more discussions need to take place – the latter of which a majority of council members agreed with.

The site would also be permitted via a Department of Environmental Protection water management plan to allow the removal of water conditioned upon following health and safety guidelines.

In addition to the water pumps, up to a half-dozen rack tanks approximately 40 foot long are proposed to sit alongside the river as part of the agreement.

After more than an hour of discussion and negotiation with PennEnergy Resources Land Manager Zach Dixon and Attorney Nathaniel Parker, the five Borough Council members agreed PennEnergy can utilize up to seven acres of the brownfields near the Ford City Veterans Bridge if Ford City is compensated $125,000 per year with a five-year agreement and then future extensions if both parties come to an mutual agreement.

Earlier in the negotiations, Dixon said $150,000 per year would be in-excess what PennEnergy “values” the potential site and he had managerial support to agree up to $50,000 per year.

Council Vice-President Tyson Klukan clarified that the six-figure compensation is more than double what PennEnergy first offered Ford City a few months ago – in $12,000 per year – and that land usage deals would be made every five years if necessary rather than every 10 years.

“(The public negotiation) was something (Council) thought was transparent, but also you’re putting the facts on the table and the numbers on the table,” Klukan said. Gas pump heaven “It was a long and healthy conversation.

Ford City Borough Council also agreed PennEnergy should pay more of a signing bonus for the land usage – $15,000 up from the proposed $10,000. Q gas station Construction can take up to three years, but upfront bonus payments would continue.

Council President Carol Fenyes was still concerned what near-constant truck traffic along 2nd or 5th Avenues could mean for homeowners or infrastructure downtown. F gas regulations 2015 Parker estimated it could be upwards of 600 truck loads per day – due to four months PennEnergy does not extract water.

Dixon cautioned council members that whether Ford City Borough signed the agreement or not, truck traffic could come via the state highway from another gas well site or municipality.

“There’s no doubt it will be a lot of trucks,” Dixon said. Gas house pike frederick md “It’s not going to be constant – it’s going to be intermittent activity, increasing in intensity during certain times.”

In Ford City’s counter agreement, PennEnergy would also have to consent to monthly discussions, an indemnity agreement and increased ways to address safety concerns –including fencing and lighting the site and bonding roads.

“(Safety parameters) are agreeable to PennEnergy, largely in-line with our business practices already and we’re happy to accommodate all of those,” Dixon said.

“It’s just like any project or agreement – you can speculate until the cows come home, but until things get grooving and moving and put together, there are all those unknowns that come up,” Bowser said.

Dixon said any final agreement is based on the opinion on company President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Muse. Electricity nightcore lyrics PennEnergy hoped to begin operations next year.

Jeff Miller with Snyder Associated Companies brought up concerns about the dredging moratorium current in effect for this part of the Allegheny River. Gas tax in new jersey Steimle said that construction is a permitted activity in the water and therefore does not come under the same rules as business activity that was previously conducted by Snyder company, Glacial Sand and Gravel.

“It’s not any different; it’s just a different industry,” Miller told Doherty. Electricity quiz ks3 He also questioned if Rye could financially support the Allegheny River Development Corporation, who fund-raises to keep the locks operational for recreational boating each year. Gas prices going up or down Steimle was not able to discuss any agreements at this point since the planning is exploratory.

Kittanning First Ward Council persons Betsy Wilt and David Croyle expressed concerns with running power lines down Water Street and crossing Market.

“We’ve spent millions of dollars on Market Street. Electricity and magnetism notes We’ve done a complete revitalization project that buried all of those (utility) lines. Gaz 67 dakar I would like to see how you are going to go from that location without going over Market Street to carry those lines with the capacity you are talking about,” Croyle said.

Croyle also said he would like to see an agreement between Rye and the borough to provide funding that would make it advantageous for the community to support the project.

Steimle encouraged the public to file comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by writing to them at 888 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20426 and reference docket P-14522. Gas and water Comments may be filed electronically by visiting: .

Beginning in January, West Penn Power (which has a maintenance office in East Franklin Township) will again inspect about 2,600 wooden utility poles in Kittanning for signs of wear, insect infestation or damage from motor vehicle accidents as part of the company’s annual inspection program.

As a result of the inspections, the company expects to replace or repair 370 wooden utility poles this year, which would stretch about three miles if laid end to end.

A standard 40-foot wooden distribution pole typically is expected to last more than 50 years. Electricity worksheets grade 6 The most common utility pole is made from a Southern Yellow Pine tree and

West Penn Power President David W. Gas mask ark McDonald said the inspection and replacement program is designed to help enhance service reliability for local customers.

“While certainly durable, these poles are subject to damage from severe weather, falling trees, and traffic accidents. Gas monkey monster truck body West Penn Power’s utility poles are vital to the

delivery of electricity to homes and businesses in our service area. Electricity lessons grade 6 Over time, some poles need to be replaced or repaired to help ensure reliable operations,” McDonald said in a news release.

Typically, specialized contractors perform the pole inspections. Impact of electricity in the 1920s As part of the process, a visual inspection is completed, along with checking the pole to determine if the interior is sound. Gasket t 1995 Poles also can be reinforced rather than replaced. Electricity synonyms One of the most common reinforcement techniques is to snug a C-shaped steel beam against the pole, jackhammer the beam into the ground, and secure it to the pole with tight, metal bands.

All wood poles throughout the 24-county West Penn Power service territory are inspected on a 12-year cycle. Gastronomia y cia Inspections began in January and continued through the summer, with pole replacements and repairs scheduled to be completed during the fall.