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On my next trip here in 2 weeks I plan to sty somewhere close by that comedy club and it may end up being my evening entertainment both nights. Also I am entertaining the idea of getting up on stage for an open mic night at some point. I LOVE stand up comedy and have been told many times I should try it out. So planning on going electricity history timeline to a few open mic nights and comedian development nights and talking to some people about how to actually build a set.

It’s funny on here I am pretty serious, I have never been one to be very sarcastic or anything in text because it is taken wrong too often. That and I am so damn inappropriate I can’t have record of the things that run through my head or out of my mouth in person unless in the the context of an obvious joke. I work at one of the top 25 law firms in the world, and it is relatively conservative as far as law firms go. So I have always been careful of my online presence. So I have 2 very different communication styles. I write the way I was taught to write in school, but in person I am very animated, inappropriate and basically that guy who is always willing to take that joke to the next step everyone was afraid to go to for the big laugh. That electricity and circuits test, and i really have no shame when it comes to humor. Sometimes the worse the better. If it made you both cringe and laugh then that is a win win!!!!I envy your possibilities when it comes to going out and having fun. Here its desperate. The downside when living off the grid.

Well, I don’t normally drink Scotch but my buddy loves it. He is also 320-365 at any given point in the year. Just a MONSTER of a man. He will poor 3-4 fingers in a glass when i walk in his house and then electricity voltage in canada tops me off when he tops himself off. However he has be by 110+ lbs and LOVES scotch so there have been a time or two where I ended up very drunk by not paying attention to how often he topped my drink off. When that happened it was like a hangover on steroids!!!

I will have to weigh myself in the morning and see. I didn’t have a scale around while out. Hell I am actually not even sure where my scale might be so it may not be in the morning electricity invented or discovered. The entire house is in disarray right now with moving everything around from room to room while the floors are being done. So it might be under a pile of stuff somewhere.

My legs are actually sore from that workout and my medial glute on my right side, as well as my quadriceps lateralus being toasted from not really working it at all in the boot. Only the medial gets much attention with the boot because there is no true planting of the feet and I have to keep the booted foot rotated out so the stress all goes to the inside on when walking right now.I feel you. I only drink neat or on ice. I’ve only been drunk once, and I didn’t much care for it.

I was a Choir Boy compared to you!!You know it is funny seeing all of that you would think I was probably an unruly law breaker who probably did other nefarious activities grade 9 electricity unit test answers. However that was pretty much the extent of what I did. I almost always took those things in the safety of my home in an environment I could control. I am not saying I was a responsible user, but smart enough to know i needed to be able to control my environment so those things were often done at home. We would have a group of us and NO ONE was allowed to drive once we dropped. We grabbed a few gallons of OJ, rented some trippy movies, and sometimes even set up strobes, or turned the lights of and used candles and such just to really give the acid gas bloating back pain something to make hallucinating a bit easier.

I also have to say that I do not regret the experiences at all. I learned a lot about myself during some of those trippy times. I used to take 2-3 a night sitting at home watching trippy or even scary movies waiting for the x- wife to get home… sometimes I would go into major deep thought / meditation periods for like an hour letting my mind take me on whatever ride it wanted to.

Went to the gym and smashed an full body the other day. Hoping I can make it in again tonight but my contractor called and said he wants to come by when i get off work to discuss something. So much fun. So might be tomorrow before I get another lift in. Still getting 2-3 sessions in and working everything at least once. Will start working on some gas and supply shreveport more forward momentum probably next week. I think most of the chaos in the house will be dying down at that point and the schedule will loosen up.

As far as my conditioning goes, I feel like I am maintaining pretty well. I am sitting at 202 right now and still have my abs in. Not quite is defined as they were sub 200 but this is the season of building electricity 101 pdf the home, not the body so if I can maintain around here until I can turn things on a bit more then I will. I might try to take some pics if I get around to it this weekend but it wouldn’t be a progress shot so much as a checking to see if I need to make an adjustment before things get out of hand.

So much fun! Last night as I am just about to walk out the door to go to the comedy club I have been planning to go while I was here I get a call from my wife. She is pissed off! Someone on the crew had gone through the cabinet under the sink and taken something she had hidden there eon gas card top up. So instead of going out and enjoying a comedy show I had to do some major long distance ass chewing and getting someone fired…

By the time I had all that handled I missed the start of the comedy show and really wasn’t in the mood to go be jovial anyway. The concierge recommended a place to eat to me when I checked in called Ranch 616, man that place was amazing. I asked the Bartender for a good recommendation of Rye Whisky and a large piece of meat large enough for a very hungry man… She recommended the ribeye and said it was served on top of 2 beef enchiladas, and that if I was hungry that was the one gas out to get. So I went with her recommendations.

Shortly there after this BEAUTIFUL 1.5 INCH THICK MONSTER OF A RIBEYE COMES OUT. I am not kidding this thing should have come out to a symphony playing in the back ground. I looked at it and just thought to myself WOW that is a big and beautiful steak!!!! Then I cut into it… WTF!?!?! One of the best steaks I have had in my life and was only $40 with all the sides… This easily topped some of the steaks I have had at very high dollar steak houses. I would have to put this steak into my top 5 ever… Just a total surprise!!!! Add to that the enchiladas that were under it were amazing too. Nice chunks of real steak in them instead of ground beef. Just all electricity word search pdf around one of the better meals I have had in a while.

Had a little fun there too, there was a couple on the last night of their vacation trying to live it up at the bar and they chatted with me. Oh yeah then I thought the bar tender was flirting with me but then it became more obvious. She told me I just love how you asked me what you should eat. I was like Huh? Then she says yeah, how you said you wanted me to recommend a hunk of meat for a hunk of a man. I smiled and said well that isn’t exactly what i said but I like how you said it better. Always nice when electricity how it works someone injects a subconscious compliment into a conversation.

And I thought, only where I live I have to watch every move a service guy does…Unfortunately no, and it was a guy I was pretty sure had stole a joint off my tray in my bedroom the other day. He stole the bong this time. I am assuming that he must have thought we would not bring it up due to the nature of what he stole, but I don’t care. I called his boss post haste. He got the bp gas prices ny guy on the phone, and the guy was super eager to pay me back whatever it costed even though He did not take anything, he promises!!!! So his boss is giving us 40 out of whatever his check was going to be, and he no longer has a job… Just a stupid decision…

Worse though is now JoAnn feels violated and rightfully so, which make me feel bad that I am not there to make her feel more secure in the situation. At least I know he is not coming back to the house again. I think once the floors and windows are done I am going to change out all the locks in the house so I know only trusted people or my family has a key.