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I had a slip fall in 2004 and a total knee replacement in 2006 this ended my Fed LEO employment. The prep and operation was pain free but after the drugs wore off the pain settled in. I was total bed restricted for two days after the op at the hospital and then using a walker with no more than 50% on leg with the replacement. After 4 days I was transferred to a rehab hospital. As it was an OWCP case I basin the two hospitals 14 days combined and after my release I was scheduled for PT 3x a week for 2 months. The worst part of the pain factor was in PT with the nastiest part was peddling the bike…thought the 8 lb baby Jesus came to get me. While in PT my range of motion only got as high as 86 until my DR said that range was not good enough. He then put me on an aggressive PT plan due to scar tissue build up. He said if my range did not get higher than 90-94 he would have to put me back in for a procedure to correct that range of motion. While in the aggressive PT mode the PT broke the scar tissue which gave me higher range of motion. Did it hurt well…think about a woman having a baby and during your labor they stretched you other part to where it stretched over your head and they said now push…it hurt like all hell. Now that was in 2006, as of now in 2018 I can not kneel on that knee due to pain in my area od skin on that knee. Is there pain in the replaced knee no as there are no nerve endings in the fake knee but in the leg above the thai, in the calf area heck yes. Is it real bad yes and know from days of dull soreness to throwing issues and charlie horses and other weird feelings yes. Can I run or jog like I did before the fall no. Will I get the other knee replaced only if I’m told I’ll never walk again if I dod not have it done…hell no. I even can tell you how cold it will be by the way the cold affects my knee as the cold will go right down my shin into my ankle and foot. Now take my wife and her total knee replacement In and out and only out one day before she started her PT. Did her PT for 8 weeks 3x a week.She ended up with nerve damage and will be on pain management and pain killers forever. We had different doctors as well. So it’s a crap shoot. My suggestion is hold off until you can no longer take the pain and have one done. Worry about the second after the first and understand it will take about one year to recover to two years and in the end you will still have pain but a more tolerable pain. It ain’t an easy surgery and PT will almost kill you so hold off as long as you can. Remember the total replacement might last you 15 maybe 20 years and then you can think about it all over again! For me it was the worst thing that I ever did but I had to at least try to stop the constant pain. Some folks have and easy time of it and decide to do the other knee and that one gives them more pain than what they had before while other brave souls get them done at the same time…for get that crap! Just MHO..good luck Marine. Besides I was in the USAF and you know what they say about that…ha! Good luck! < K9Piper <