Knicks morning news (2018.11.23) gas x dosage for dogs


The problem with Ntilikina right now, other than the fact he’s not playing good offense consistently, is his draft position. His growing pains make him feel like a reach and sometimes we forget he’s a kid. A kid who is still maturing. natural gas jokes It definitely doesn’t help his case that his game isn’t predicated on athleticism like other young star potential players. We see so much of those types of exploits here and it makes watching a player like Ntilikina go through his growing pains really hard.

All that considered..the combination of Hornacek and the way the team was structured has hurt his development. We had Jarrett Jack at the point! Hornacek should have let him take his lumps at one of the guard spots instead of giving him spot responsibility until late in the season. In this, THJ is also a problem. I feel like Ntilikina would be further along if he were able to start at SG with a PG who could take pressure off of him. Fiz had a good idea at the start of the season, but Timmy got in the way. gaston yla agrupacion santa fe As the scorer, he was destined to have the ball more than Ntilikina. And this is why THJ needs to be moved. I really believe that if we have a starting backcourt of Burke and Ntilikina for the rest of the season, it would do so much for the development of Ntilikina’s game.

I don’t wanna make excuses for the kid, because the fact is he just needs to play better. gaz 67b for sale But we really haven’t done him any favors as a lottery pick. We KNEW we weren’t going anywhere, but neglected to give our lottery pick consistent development minutes at a position he was drafted to play. And if you don’t give him minutes there, SG next to a PG that can handle himself is the next best thing. Thus far, Ntilikina has gotten neither.

Yeah, I’m done with it personally. He hasn’t shown anything different this year, there’s good defensive moments to like and terrible overall moments to hate like the entirety of last season was, so really there’s nothing else left to discuss. o goshi Some people choose to believe that he still has potential for whatever reason, others are prioritizing the evidence so far which is that he hasn’t and is probable that won’t ever, and there’s really not much of anything interesting to discuss after that. I like the kid and I like to have defensive minded players and I think it’s not impossible that he develops and that’s pretty much it.

Mitch, on the other hand… he really excites me as a prospect because the path to development seems fairly clear: it’s expected that he’ll get stronger and better in terms of conditioning, it’s expected that he will become more comfortable with the pace of the game and with positioning / timings now that he’s playing and training in a real environment and the athleticism and production are already there.

The fact that Fultz’s offensive numbers are better than Frank’s despite not being able to raise his arm above his shoulder pretty much tells you all you need to know about Frank’s offense. As for his defense I think everybody agrees he’s at least good on that end- how good is up for debate. His fg% allowed is very average- very good at defending 2 pointers, bad at defending threes. For all his length he doesn’t get a lot of steals or even deflections, he’s a crappy rebounder and commits way too many fouls (especially completely needless 30 feet away from the basket ones). That said, I agree the stats don’t capture what he’s good at- he’s a terrific on the ball defender. Eliminate the stupid fouls and I think he’d be at the Aminu/Mbah a Moute level on that end. Really good but not game-changing the way a good rim protector (Mitch!!) is. gasbuddy I don’t think anyone believes that he won’t improve or that he should be benched but there are a bunch of us who think he’s a pretty bad player right now.