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raising min wage only makes the poor more poor. We will see the results of this in Seattle. They just raised their min wage. Watch the fast food burger prices greatly increase along with their Starbuck’s coffee. Prices in Seattle will greatly increase to cover the higher employee cost. This increase in prices will only drive customers away to near by towns to get the same items at much cheaper prices. The loss in Business will create lower tax revenue and will end up costing the low income employees some jobs.

If raising min wage worked, why stop at $15 or $25 per hour why not make everyone rich and have a $240 per hour min. In theory everyone would make a half million per year. Just watch Seattle and see. You will start seeing the dollar menu at McDonaolds disappear. in fact watch the quarter pounder go up in price to $10-$15 each. What is the people on Social Security do when that happens? you will need to increase their payments to allow them to survive. Do you think the Unions will not ask for more money because unskilled workers will be making more than the skilled works? And so it will go on and on, driving up everyones wages and only causing inflation across the board. Inflation hurts the poor more than any other group. Min wage is a bad idea.

– Managers have taken more responsibilities on themselves, instead of hiring more workers. – Businesses have laid off workers, or eliminated their plans to hire more. – Area parking now comes with an added “living-wage surcharge.” – Hotels have cut employee benefits, free food, and overtime.

In all the post-wage increase press coverage, one thing you won’t read about is businesses hiring more people, despite the fact that there have been droves of newly submitted employment applications. The marked increase in these submissions is likely due to people hoping to benefit from the new minimum wage. Problem is, businesses can’t afford to hire workers at this mandated hourly rate, which should have been predictable prior to this passing.

With current unemployment at an all time high, more people need to be entering into the workforce, rather than getting laid off or replaced because employers must pay more while getting no extra work in return for their investment. It would be interesting to see if lowering the wage below what it was to begin with, would allow businesses to pay what labor (the supply) and commerce (the demand) required. Maybe this effort would create more jobs and result in an economic gain? Of course in a progressive place like Seattle, there would never be an opportunity to put this experiment to the test.

Lowering the wage might mean more money for businesses, but what about the employees who are struggling to pay food and rent? They might be barely able to afford the basic necessities for stand living conditions as it is. Paying people less than what minimum wage currently is, isn’t going to go a long way in helping them pay for rent, gas, food, electricity, water, insurance, or any other costs or utilities. More likely, you don’t care at all about employees, because what you really hope would happen or care about far as what would happen if businesses could actually pay their employees less, is that you yourself would have more paid vacation time, retirement, and other cash to spend on yourself. It is clear, we aren’t exactly living in a cooperative society where everyone helps out one another, we are living in a divided society where individuals are made to feel that they have to fend for themselves. However, I would rather live in a country where people aren’t so strict with their standards of work ethic, and where people would willingly help me find a job, if I found myself without a job and out on the street. You hear a lot of nasty things being said against liberals and poor people in this country today, but in my opinion the people being nasty have no right to say anything in the first place, because no doubt they at least have jobs, and aren’t having to worry about such little things, as for instance, when your next meal might come. You conservatives also have health insurance no doubt, that is good for you, because that means that you also don’t have to feel afraid of what might happen if you become seriously ill. You have it good, so stop making things so bad for people who don’t have it as good. People should come together, and help those in need. It seems that the only crime that liberals have committed as far as conservatives are concerned, is that we care too much. If only more people committed "crimes" like these.

Some people probably don’t have any better job opportunities, than a life working at McDonalds. I would like to see some statistics, that show just how much money McDonalds takes in every year, because I am betting that their are plenty of cuts that could be made (either in what food they offer, or in some other area), that could help them raise minimum wage in a way that doesn’t result in raising prices or in firing employees. Some people do have a harder time with math and figuring out numbers, but bad people like you apparently just don’t care. In your mind, that kid who relies on the register is nothing more than a bum, and you would have no problem firing him and putting him/her on the street no doubt. I on the other hand, believe in being more understanding, encouraging, and sympathetic with people, and I believe that by treating people with more respect and competence, that eventually even the kid at the register would find the courage, self-confidence, and eventually the aptitude to be able to do the math in his head. All it takes is kindness, and the reason why this country is lagging behind educationally and filled with more unemployed, is because there are unfortunately more people who would rather insult and run people down in order to make them feel bad about themselves, than there are people who say nice things that encourage people, and therefore provides them with good self-confidence and a strong work ethic as a result. Running people down only makes people feel lethargic and depressed, and if they are teased and put-down in school, then they often grow up with social and mental health issues. People like you housemouse, are the ones who are really destroying this country from the inside out.

No, welfare and food stamps keep people from becoming homeless, and keeps them on their feet so they can look for a job. Welfare isn’t meant to be permanent, and I have no problem with keeping programs in place that prevent people from being on the street. The real problem, is that employers themselves are too strict with their hiring standards, because they won’t hire people who don’t have good references, or who don’t have all that much experience. People need to start feeling more sympathy for poor and homeless people, because a life living on the street alone and friendless is a sad way to go. If, conservatives are really good people as they would have you believe, who truly believe in the bibles teachings, and who honestly believe in doing the right thing, then they should make an effort to start being nicer and more encouraging to poor people, or anyone who seems like an outcast. People who seem incompetent at first, might become more competent in time if they are given the chance. The philosophy and moral doctrine that all people should have, should be to never give up on or abandon anyone who hasn’t committed a serious crime. Here’s to the "Obama Doctrine"! Cheers. By the way Pogo, you seem like kind of a bad person, because you are basically considering poor people to be animals who are living in a zoo. People like you, are what is really wrong in this country.